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What we need in SoD, is an island that only friends/clan can join by invite only!






1. You don't have to worry about others who might be cyber-stalking you, joining you!

I don't know about anyone else, but I have had someone stalk me twice, and the safety of an island where you have control, sounds much better!


2. If you are only wanting to hang out with a few friends, or want to be alone, that's the perfect place!!!

Plus if you want to hold clan meetings, with only your clan, you can!

You would have the power to invite ONLY who you want to the island!


3. It would be nice to have it as a completely private server, where no one can read the chat.

I know that would be harder to do, but not impossible.



Another Idea



What if only our huts, farms, and possibly even stables, were made for invite only?

I love my hut, and farm, but it's a little unsettling that anyone can go to it.

Like, that's literally trespassing on someone else's property!

(^I get that it's a game, but you know what I mean.^)

What if it was made that we can invite friends to our dragon stables, and had a private chat in the stables, farm and hut? 
Every time there's an event with a maze, if I'm in my stables, it's connected to the maze chat.


Plus, if you do it with already existing areas (farm, hut, and stables) it would probably be easier than creating a whole new island, which is still doable, but harder I'm guessing, since that would probably take more coding and designing.



Please share your thoughts and ideas with this, and if we get enough people, hopefully the SoD team will make it a reality!





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Ancient Onions and Potatoes stole my Subject

I love this idea. I would also like a thing with it where it says "[Viking name] on friends list would like to join you. Would you like them to join your conversation? Yes or No." There is this one person who stalks my friends in my clan continuously. So an Island or anywhere else Farm, hut, stables, etc where you can talk privately would be amazing. It would also probably prevent some cyber bullying.


Thank JadeeBug13 for helping me post images. The Ancient Encounter

Here's my mini-story, hope you enjoy! Big thanks to Magma8417 for helping me with this!

~The Ancient Encounter~

There was once a Viking named Sky, and one day she was flying around. Until she came across this strange island, and decided to land there to explore. She came around to find an underground... Ruin? It looked as if it was a cenote. So she entered this weird place, with curiousity.Then, she found a bridge. So Sky decided to cross this bridge, looking around seeing how beautiful this place was, as it's unlike anything she's seen before.She crossed the bridge to where she saw a giant statue. Before entering, she had chosen to look at this wall, but instead got into a cage! There and then, Sky saw an Ancient-looking wearing gold armor... and had wings! This Ancient person was standing on a pedestal, almost like a statue. Sky stared at this person in worry. She was thinking going to this place was a mistake. The Ancient person walked up to the cage and stared at Sky. As the Ancient Person said "I'll let you go under ONE condition." Sky just started, with nothing to say. The Ancient person yet again spoke, saying "Don't touch anything and never return!" Sky nodded in shock. The Ancient let Sky free. Sky gave the Ancient an Intense stare for a few seconds, leaving. Never to return again.

The End! Thank you for taking your time to read this, I very much  appreciate it! Headmaster.. let's say I'm getting Revenge.

Well, lets just say I was cbed when I did this. 

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Well RenaxRouge Kept visiting and stalking us. We decided to do this. We spent minutes laughing and laughing. Would you laugh too?

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There's a side you're not considering

And it would also be a place where some players would do things like ERP, badmouth others behind their backs leading to things like planned simultaneous group harrassment of an individual, or hack.  Suffice it to say I'm against this idea.  The fact that there is no such thing as a private chat/island in the game (probably) helps to stall these kinds of things before they get too far off the ground.


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I understand what you

I understand what you mean.

But people would go and bad mouth others pretty much anywhere.

I personally don't go badmouthing others, but a completely private chat would be safest from someone being put into it.

If they advanced the chat to where you can't say certain phrases like "I think [Viking Name] is rude and ugly!", or at least have it be that it would take out the rude words with it looking like this: "I think [Viking name] is **** and ****!" It would be much better. True they would say what they want, but no one can actually know what it means.

But that's my opinion.


But it's mostly supposed to be a safe haven for others, because I'm tired of trying to hang out with my brother on there, and people constantly bullying others.

Plus as everyone says quite often on here, they're getting stalked by someone and can never get rid of the stalker.

I can relate to them on that feeling, so I think a place where you can go by invite only would make it safer.


In my opinion, SoD has become a pretty toxic game, and trying to make it be that you can hang out with a few friends without people bothering/stalking you, would help make it a little less toxic.


I definitely am glad though that you shared your opinion, because it's always important to see the flaws and improvements for ideas. 

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Tbh it’s a good idea, but I don’t think it would work well

An area for only friends and invitees would be nice, but honestly I just think people would use it to talk about others behind their backs, and in the end, SoD would just become more toxic. I know this because I've seen people talk about others behind their backs when they think they aren't there, and even if they aren't, the truth eventually comes out.


To put it simply, I don't think this would do much to end SoD's toxicity, what would possibly help would be if the devs actually started to ban the bullies and backstabbers.


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As you probably know, my name is Gala Windi (either for short) and I'm very sociable.. most of the time lol. I'm very experienced in all forms of competition in SoD, and most things in general. If an event is going on, I won't be seen often because I'll be doing event stuff. I have workarounds for almost every major glitch, so if you have a problem I may be able to help you. My close friends are those in Legendary Carpe Diem Warriors, and a few others who I'm frequently seen with. I'm working on a huge SoD project, with tons of OC's based off friends and other players, artwork, maps, and stories, and it's constantly being updated. My unrealistic dream is animating it to be a webseries or something. I also play Rise of Berk and Titan Uprising, so my project combines stuff from those games as well.




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Bring me some pie!

People are going to talk bad about you till the day you di.e. People talk bad about me.



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Making a Point Here

I'm sharing this, because I feel like a few others are missing the point of this a little.

SoD also already has a private chat system for friends only, and you can talk bad to people on there.

In my opinion it's a little pointless to say that it shouldn't be a thing, because of people talking bad behind others' backs already. (Plus it can happen on the forums as well.)

The main point of the idea, was so that people can get away from toxicity that they face on a daily basis, and get away from cyber stalkers. 
True people would abuse it, but that's not the point at all.

The point is so that people can go somewhere safe away from others, and be with friends, and can chat freely or RP.

Two other games I play have that too, and in both games, I never heard anyone talk bad about others. And one game is even more toxic than SoD.

What I'm trying to say, is that everywhere people would be rude, and I'm trying to point out that this is for people more like me, who would prefer hanging out with friends, and don't want to be interrupted by others, or feel unsafe with cyber stalkers, can go there to hang out with friends only.

I am not trying to be rude in anyway, I'm just letting you guys know what I mean.

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Bring me some pie!

I agree with this.