Please Fix Dragon Tactics!!

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Everytime I finish a dragon tactics game, it either loads forever, or it crashes. It's getting annoying since tactics is tedious as it is! Please fix!

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You're not the only one.

I've experienced this too. Although, I do get my rewards for the ones I just play for fun. Not sure if I should be getting rewards for freeing Skulder (as requested by Gobber) as I am not a member, working on a membered quest. There's a lack of quests for non-members. What can I do? (and if someone can teach me how to make a thread/topic all by itself, please let me know how, Thanks)


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Quest Issues

Same here. And I need them to finish a quest, I keep having to battle again and again but it never registers and doesn't let me finish the part of the quest.. so I can't keep going.


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