Please Be Better With What You Say!

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The thing I want to point out is be careful on what you say on there. 

I'm not talking about the sensor, but how you talk around other people.

One thing I want to ask, is if people could please not talk about death.

I lost a wonderful friend this year, and hearing about death opens up the sores inside of me when people just toss it around casually. 
Some people pretend that they are killing other players, and that is just low for even kids to pretend to make bloody deaths of each other. 
And pleading to let someone kill you on there is not okay. 
People vent about their depressions, and other mental health illnesses (I'm not trying to be insensitive or offensive about anyone's mental health illnesses they have) on the chat sometimes, and I don't like having to see that if I'm somewhere with a friend, and someone is talking about killing themselves. 
First of all, I understand what it's like suffering with mental health illnesses, but I don't share it with online friends out in the public chat. 
I mostly talk to them in private messages sometimes if I'm having a bad day, and just need to get off awhile.

I just want to point out that saying stuff like talking about killing themselves or self harm, can trigger others, or possibly make kids look in that stuff, and can cause them to do it too.

I was trying to get someone to not talk about it on the chat, and her friend told me that I was being unhelpful, and was acting pretty rude to me about it all, and said that their friend was more important than "some nosy kids" seeing their chat. Which I understand, but still, she should've talked to a family member or close friend in real life.

What they could've done, was private message their friend about her depression, instead of possibly triggering others, and getting reported for talking about that.


I am just saying, I lost my very close friend to heart problems, and a few other friends and family died this year, so I am having a tough time, and am tired of people casually talking about death and killing each other, when they don't know who might be around seeing it, and what they are saying could be opening up painful wounds again.

Remember, this stuff can make someone who is going through depression or other mental health illnesses want to kill themselves. 
I'm sorry if this is a disturbing topic, but it needs to be said.


One other thing that I wish that they SOD team would allow, is at least the s u i s i d e hotline number to be put in crises like what I've seen.

It would help people who are talking about killing themselves, if someone could just give them the number to call so that they can get some help, other than talking to online friends. 




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First of all, I'm so sorry for your loss.


I get that people talking about d.eath is kinda inappropriate on SoD, sometimes, when you have a mental health illness (such as depression), it can be quite hard talking to friends. And, counselling is scary to some people, I know many people who don't like the idea of counselling (me included), and sometimes, you need to talk into the vast internet to make yourself feel better. 


What I'm trying to say is this:

While children shouldn't be exposed to things like that, people might feel the need to, because they are scared to talk to people they know IRL. It's a sea-saw of a subject, people, just think before you post anything like that, ask yourself these questions

  • Could anyone be offended by it?
  • Does it involve 'adult' topics?
  • Could this make people feel worse?
  • Why am I posting this?


If the answer to the first three is no, then post it. The last one is a little harder to answer, but it's a good one to ask yourself.


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I agree with thinking before

I agree with thinking before you post. 
It is against the rules to talk on the game about things in real life (though I know that it can be hard, because I love talking about my cat often) and they can chat ban, or even ban you from the game if you talk about what you are doing, and talking about mental health illnesses and wanting to censored. 

Just remember everyone, you don't know who might be watching, and could report you for what you said.

Just think the questions HiccupTheHaddockIV said (thank you for sharing them!) before you say it.

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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart.

I'm gonna be real here, so heads up:

The internet is a cess pool of controversy, profanity, and immorality, and it's slowly regressing due to corporate incomitance among other reasons. This especially applies to children who post lewd things to appear "cool". Unfortunately, many many kids on the internet are beyond reasoning, so there's very little point in lecturing them. (Think the whole Jacksepticeye situation that makes me wish that there's an age restriction on the internet)

I do agree that the topic of... ahem... killing yourself... is a situation that needs to be addressed, and that self-help must be provided to folks who need it, especially those who are suicidal. But I don't exactly give in to people claiming they'll kill themselves to strangers on the internet because sadly, people tend to say that to emotionally manipulate kind people into doing favors for them, and/or attract attention to themselves. As somebody who is suffering with clinical (possibly bipolar) depression, it breaks my heart that there are people out there who uses mental illnesses as a weapon to control others.


On the contrary, I'm sorry that you have to go through that. Times are tough for everybody. The only thing I can recommend right now is limit your time on the internet. Spending time on Instagram, Facebook, and especially Twitter won't help you go through it. Keep the chat turned off if you can, and only speak to people you trust most. People who truely care about you wouldn't want you to suffer. I wish for you the best <3


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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 
I agree that there should be an age restriction. I wasn't allowed to look stuff up until I got my first computer, which was later in life.
I will probably start turning chat off more unless I'm with friends, because people sometimes can be a little weird with the chat (and sometimes inappropriate).


If people start being really gross (like talking about blood and other gory stuff, or inappropriate romance) I ask my friends if we could just go somewhere else away from the other people.


One thing that may be the best for the SOD chat sensor, is having it be set, if someone somehow manages to put suicidel thoughts/actions on there, the system should be able to automatically put something like the Suicide Hotline to call, or a website that shows the hotline. 
It may also get people to not joke or talk about death as much.

I will try to create a ticket and give them the idea, and hope that the SOD team will do it, because nobody should talk about that and suffer on there.


The other sad thing I didn't put on the main part, is that you don't know who might've had a friend/family member hidefrom suicide.
So hearing that, can make it very hard for them to play (especially if it helps them a little to keep their minds off of what happened).


I am again, great full for your advice.


I hope you have a great week, and stay safe out there!

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One more thing.

I do want to say to anyone who reads this thread, to maybe try to help stop people from saying stuff like this on public servers.


If someone is joking about death, or is seriously talking about taking their lives, you can speak up and say "This is not okay to talk about on a public server. If you need to talk, please do it on a private message with close friends." 
You can also try to tell them about the hotline, but with the chat filter being the way it is, you will have to word it very carefully.

I know some people will not listen to this, or just role their eyes and say it's just "role play", but it would be better to just try and say something if they are getting extreme. If all else fails, and they start saying something really uncomfortable or inappropriate, I would recommend reporting them if they are super bad.


I believe that this could help make the game safer for everyone to play.