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So, hi.



I know I'm barely ever active on the forums, but here's the thing. I love Seasonal events just like the next Viking, but I really actually miss the good old expansion packs and I think it would be really cool if they were brought back. I know there is a reason why Events basically replaced them, but in my opinion expansions were simply a better in-game experience.


   I was always short on gems when an expansion would be released and I remember how hyped I was when I finally unlocked Icestorm Island back in 2016 after months of gathering gems. Maybe it's because I was way younger and it was the very first expansion pack I unlocked but it felt like a really good adventure. The quests were long, abundant and well structured and actually gave me a sense of accomplishment when I finished them. The activities within each quest were more various (call me a nerd but I loved making experiments in the lab, for instance) and I think it's such a pity how that modus operandi slowly declined with each new expansion.

   There're so many possibilities that haven't been explored plot-wise that I think, even though I'm probably sounding like I'm underrating the amount of effort it takes to do so, that it would be pretty easy to come up with an engaging set of quests to build up a new expansion's storyline. Berserker Island or the land of the Wingmaidens/Defenders of the Wing are just a few immediate examples of new settings that come to mind and I believe I remember seeing many players asking for expansions involving those tribes in the past, so it would be nice if those could eventually be explored with an adequate plot each.





   I know that in the end the purpose of an expansion is not that different from events, it's still all about getting an élite dragon, after all -but, personally, I like to do so at my own pace.

   In the end I think it would be a good compromise if we could have events alternating with an expansion or two a year, although I can see why that sounds a bit difficult to accomplish.


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I definitely agree with this and 100% support this. I miss expansions soooooo much. I loved seeing what each new expansion would contain. I loved doing the quests and seeing the storyline. They always made me feel like a part of the HTTYD world because I was going on this incredible adventure along with the rest of the characters. I've actually suggested a compromise similar to your's before. My suggestion is that they have 2 events a year, 1 near the beginning of the year and 1 near the end, and then release an expansion during the summer. I think this is a very fair compromise. Both sides win. People who prefer events would still get 2 events a year, while those of us who really, really miss expansions could still have expansions. I honestly think this would be more than doable for the SoD team seeing as how they give us 3 events a year and this year we had 4(I'm counting Snoggletog because it's coming soon). They should be more than capable of doing 2 events a year and releasing an expansion during the summer.


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Could this be a spoon of surrender?!

Nice to see ya, HP!

I completely agree with you, expansions were really great to fuel my Inner Fangirl and let's be honest, that sounds much better than just grinding compulsively for events currency without any real reason out of getting a dragon that will eventually be released in a few months anyway for anyone to buy. At least from what concerns the oldest expansions up to Battle for the Edge, because after that one I felt the quality kinda drastically drop in both the storyline and execution. I think I took a good couple of days minimum to finish the Icestorm Island pack and like I said, it felt infinitely more fulfilling than for example the Curse of the Hobgobbler, which by contrast felt rushed and kinda "meh" overall.

Plus, expansions could be a good vehicle to keep adding "traditional" dragons to the game without being outshined or pushed aside by the more cool-looking hybrids. Ever since the hybrids were introduced (with all the different opinions they brought up) we barely got any of the dragons that were highly popular in demand before their addition. I'll become an old grandma before I get to see any of the dragons that were proposed in old polls in the last few years xD

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Thanks! Nice to see you too! :)


I personally liked all the expansions, even Curse of the Hobgobbler, which did feel rushed as there were only 7 quests and I felt the maze was way too hard.


I agree, it seems like we'll never get some of the dragons that people have been asking for. There's several from the 2nd movie and RTTE that people have been asking for for years and we still have yet to see them. Since they did add a couple from RTTE recently I'm hoping that means at some point we'll see the remaining ones from the 2nd movie and RTTE added to the game.

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Could this be a spoon of surrender?!

Of course, even a rushed expansion is better than no expansion at all (except maybe when it costs as much if not more than a regular expansion, imo) xD

I for one enjoyed that maze, except the first time I ran through the Fireworm part. Frustrating as heck, but I could tell there was some real effort there in the whole thing's conception so I really really hope to see similar patterns in the future!


The second movie's dragons are just *chef's kiss*. That movie has the most variety and creativity when it's about dragons, I love it. I hope they will consider especially the Windgnasher and the Snifflehunch to be added eventually. I don't know why, but there's something about their designs that really makes me wish we had dragons in real life xD



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Bring me some pie!!!

I agree 100% !!! This year I really miss the expansions. Idc about that NL one. I found it pretty lame tbh....still played it though. I just want the original expansions excitement! Everyone would post ss of their journey and the new dragons! I always save 1000 gems just for the next expansion! But if they got rid of those type of expansions what's the point of saving my gems for so long?
Even though I finish the expansion in two days other players take their time like you. Having to where you have 25 days to finish the event is stupid and stressful. Players are begging for age ups on the NL. SoD wouldn't get this complaint if they just did an expansion because the expansion would still be in the store.



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Could this be a spoon of surrender?!

Hi there!

Yeah, as someone who wished she could erase the whole Hidden World plot from the HTTYD timeline I also didn't particularly enjoy the dedicated expansion. I never knew what's so special about owning a dragon you can't customize or rename and has as only merit that of being related to Toothless, but I'm happy for those who do love those dragons anyway.

I can safely say I'm like, the human embodyment of anxiety, so I can confirm the first events that were released did feel stressful big time, and I speak as someone who works from home and has a lot of free time on her hands. Luckily the amount of currency required to collect the final reward has been lowered so I must say things are easier ever since last year's Snoggletog.

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A Couple Things to Say

First, I agree about expansions.  They were a real blast, and I too quite miss them...  Even though I've only been around for the release of 1½.  (That half being the Hidden World expansion, as I was still locked out of my account when it dropped.  Painful times, trying to dodge spoilers and desperately wanting to play the game but being unable to...  Although it was that period that led me to discover Battle for Wesnoth, so not all bad...  but I digress.)  I wouldn't quite say "they got rid of those type of expansions"; I direct you to a thread I posted in the middle of Sumarhildr.  What's the point of saving your gems for so long?   I assume that was meant to be a rhetorical question, but I'll answer anyway.  Gems are always useful, and even if expansions don't happen, 1000g would go a fair way toward event completion. :)

As to Dusk Fury age-ups, I personally am quite glad of how they're doing things.  It helps to maintain the exclusivity, giving those who put effort into Sumarhildr some continuing reward.  Though admittedly, I'd almost certainly be on the other side if I hadn't been able to complete the event...


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Could this be a spoon of surrender?!

Ahoy there! I was completely unaware of the thread you mentioned, but even with my embarrassing delay in getting caught up on things it's still nice to see some feedback from the moderators! I gave it just a quick read but I'll make sure to check out on it again when my brain is a bit fresher!

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I agree. The game becomes boring without expansions, and mostly because of this, I've considered multiple times of dropping the game completely. And as of right now, I'm not as active on it as I used to be when I had something to do (expansions, mostly).

I think the idea of getting a new expansion every summer, along with two events, is a good idea. Hec.k, they could only do an event for Holloween and Christmas and then have an expansion at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, if they do decide on adding expansions, I hope they are good quality as well (though, I guess I would not mind something of low quality, as long as they have something).


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