Playing Loki's Mirage

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Here my path to complete "fast" Loki's Mirage... do you have a better path to share? :D


Ps: i don't remember if users can post videos, if this goes aganist the rules please tell me and i'll remove the video's URL.

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At the beginning, there's a

At the beginning, there's a ledge you can walk across instead of going over the bridge with the terrors. The waterfalls, go left, then keep going straight. And as for the tiny things that drop, just keep jumping. It's easy. When you get to the Quaken, you can wait under the ledge, then jump over the edge, and run to the hole in the ground, and drop.  When you get to the gears room, just jump all the way to the top right, as far as you can. You'll fall in the water, and it'll respawn you near the last part of the gears- skipping almost all of it.


 It cuts down about two to four minutes of time.