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So this had happened a few months ago to me, and I had been gone from the forums for awhile, but I thought I'd just warn everyone to watch out for this player.


I will ask if anyone who might know her or is friends with her, and reads this, please understand that I'm not trying to sound rude, offensive or anything, I'm just trying to help other players who might be more sensitive or younger avoid this situation.


Sometime last summer I think, I was hanging out with a friend, and then another girl joined us, and wanted to be friends with us, but she seemed a little off. 
She kept saying "feels pain in my stomach" and when my friend and I would ask what's wrong, she'd say she was pregnant.

A day or two later, I was hanging out with this girl, and she said "kisses you on your cheek" which I thought was a little gross and unnecessary, but didn't think too much, until she later said I was "cute and smexy", which I did not really want to hear. I told her I wasn't bi or censored, but being a kind person, I'd be her sister, and she was happy. 
A while later she said something else inappropriate in the chat, and I had to say "this is a kids game, please don't say that." And she said "Oh yeah." How would someone forget that they are on a kids game? 

After awhile of being friends with her, I noticed that she was constantly making things only be about her, never seeming to care about me, or my stuff as much, because she was always sharing how she was pregnant, she was a vampire with a demon eye, and all sorts of more gory stuff in the game, and I was getting tired of it, because the way she was treating me, was ruining my mental health. Plus she also would go to my hideout and then invite me there, which I thought was a little creepy, because shouldn't someone ask to go to your hideout, instead of going there themselves, and inviting the owner?
I finally unfriended her, and was happy for about a month, but then she found me again, and tried getting me to friend her, and I tried kindly explaining to her that I only friend people I know IRL, but she wouldn't stop bothering me, so I finally had to tell her the truth, that I had a hard time being around her, because of the gross gory stuff she'd talk about, but she still didn't listen. I finally had to put her on my ignore list, because she was getting out of hand. 

It gets worse for me.

After a while of feeling much better without her constantly bothering me, I was having a good time, until she made another account, and had acted like I didn't know her, and she knew my favorite place to hang out, and when she saw I was talking in the chat, she put "Rosemeralda! Please adopt us!" I didn't know who she was at first, and I said no, because I never was interested in role playing as a parent. 
She then kept begging me, and even started cyber bullying one of my friends. 
Then she decided to befriend two of my best friends in the game, and finally I friended her, but then she told me who she was, and I was pretty mad. She had lied to me, and pretty much sounded like she was cyberstalking me.

I gave her one more chance and friended her, and it was a weird friendship to say the least, but then she told me someone wanted to k.ill me in-game, and they wanted her to help k.ill me, so she said this (Trigger warning for those who may have mental illness) "I want you to k*ll yourself, so that _________ doesn't." She told me to to k-ill myself. 
I had been suffering with depression, and when she said that, I was mad. So was my family. I had to block her again, because she took this weird role play too far. I was dumb and didn't take screenshots, because the developers couldn't do anything without proof in the chat to chat ban her, 

The two accounts she has names are: Quickyugioh and wolfdemons*xycatfoxlove 


She really liked role playing as a demon, undead goddess, vampire, werewolf, pregnant lady, which I don't really think is appropriate role play in a kids game.


Sorry for this being a long post, but I just wanted to warn everyone.


I try hard not to think bad about people, and try to see the best in everyone, so I don't know what this person could be going through, but I just hope that she doesn't tell other people what she told me. Because that kind of behavior shouldn't be done in a kids game. 





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SoD team is on the case

Greetings Rosemeralda,


Our customer service team is now monitering the user you have mentioned above.We at SoD do not condone this kind of behavior and will take swift action if they attempt to reach out to you again. Just know we are on your side, and will work hard to curb this kind of behavior in the future.


sincerest apologies,


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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

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Just stopping by...


I am glad that you did not fall for the the pathetic tricks of this cyber-stalker! Oftentimes, it is best to be suspicious of a "new friend" until they prove themselves.  My many travels around the archipelago have caused me to sneak past this user a few times, and although I didn't know the full extent of what they are doing, I can back you in that they certainly are up to no good.


Keep safe!



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Thanks Pal!

Thanks Kaizer! I'm glad to have some backup with it!

I will say with my experience on SoD, it always seems a bit off, on how people have too easy of a time making new accounts when they are blocked/suspended/or just because, since you can use the same email  for multiple accounts, (I know that for a fact, when I lost my original account, and had to make a new one.) when on other games like Star Stable Online, they try everything they can to prevent that kind of stuff, where you can use an email only once, and you get put in a specific server that you can change if you want. It's a chance that you may not be able to get on a new server, depending on how full it is.

If SoD did that, it definitely would make avoiding cyber stalkers harder to find you, that's for sure!


I hope you have a great morning/day/evening, and keep being the awesome friendly Sneaky Kaizer you are! 

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Big yikes

Oh god

That took a dark turn



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Stay Safe!

Yeah, was definitely scary for me for awhile, because of the chance she'd try to find me again. 
Take care, and stay safe out there!

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That is absolutely disgusting. I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this horrible behavior, Rose. No one should have to tolerate this type of behavior, especially the things that were said. I hope you won't have to deal with that player again. Stay safe and don't listen to that load of garbage, just remember you're important and keep being strong, friend!



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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! You probably don't know how much your kind reply means to me!

I hope you have a wonderful morning/day/evening, and an awesome rest of your week!