Place # Issue, and Gettin' Beat at Level 18

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Okay, so I'm experiencing some issues with Thunderrun Racing.  My Nadder is level eighteen (soon to be nineteen), and I'm barely scrimping by level 11 Nadders.  Also, the number above my head says first place, but when I get to the finish line, I'm almost always a fraction of a second behind the person.  I don't like the discrepancy, and I don't understand the problem with my Nadder getting so chomped.  Normally I can keep ahead of dragons, but lately even when I constantly pump the spacebar, I can hardly keep in front of the person (or even with them, since I always finish a fraction of a second later).


So, the place number issue is the real bug (but on the side, what's with the crazy hazy racing?  Everything goes so slow in Wooly and Fortune, but Frozen Worriors is awesome for speed!  And, am I missing some racing technique?)


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I feel ya. I don't feel

I feel ya. I don't feel faster than lower level Nightmares, and have been beaten by lower level dragons and have beaten higher level dragons. I've raced a level 20 Nadder and they don't seem faster than me, we're pretty much the same and have raced many times, and have beaten each other before. 


I raced a level 18 Nadder today, might have been you? I don't remember if I beat you or not. I don't keep track of that haha.


The only dragon that doesn't matter the level is the Zippleback. They're so overpowered, any level can beat me or most people in general.


But I've been experiencing the "fraction of a second" thing too. I'll pretty much be at the finish line, even crossing it at first place, but after crossing I turn into a #2 and get the +5 trophies for second place. I dunno if it's a bug or they happened to just jump ahead of me right when I cross...but it seems to happen quite often.


And yeah the trophy thing is a bug. When I win, it often shows me at +5 but I wind up getting the correct +10 trophies. Once I got second place in a 4-player race and it showed me as 4th place and -1 trophies!




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Level 20 Nadder? Might've been me because recently I got beat by a Nightmare :/

(Avoiding double post)

And yeah,I noticed that for Woolly Canyon and Fortune Falls,the speed for Nadders seem to be real slow even after pressing the boost

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Hi, everyone. The "jumping"

Hi, everyone. The "jumping" issue where players will place ahead of you as you're crossing the finish line is a known bug our team is working on. We'll keep you updated on our progress and may ask questions to help with our investigation. Thanks!