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Brought to you by yours truly

I have been playing since 2013, and since then have gathered useful knowledge that I wish to sharee with other players, new or not

So, shall we begin?


Beginning tips

*Don't feel frustrated if the dragon you get at the beginning of the game is not exactly the one you wanted - they all have their own virtues, after all.

*If you're unsure which dragon to choose as your primary starter, taking Valka's test will help a lot - it helped me, at least.

*Explore the School of Dragons. Every corner, every object hides a secret that is worth finding. It's very fun, also.

*Join a clan. It doesn't have to be the #1 clan. That doesn't matter. Believe it or not, being part of a team is motivating.

*Quests! Don't skip any of them, they're useful.

*If you ever feel lost, check the forum or wiki to solve any problems you may find.

*Spend time with your dragon. Playing, racing or even just flying around may be useful to get to know your dragon better.


Dragon bonding

*Ever since the update which lets you have a secondary starter, you will have, at least, two dragons. Try using both of them, and others you may have, in order to figure out which one is best for racing, battles, DT, etc.

*When playing, you can increase your dragon's happiness by petting it - you just have to click and hold and it will perform a rather strange animation, in my opinion, as it increases both happiness and dragon experience points without spending energy. It is quite slow, tho, so remember that.

*Dragon nip is also a very useful way of making a dragon happy without energy spending, and you can grow it yourself in your farm.


The Store

*Bundles are very useful, especially if you're new to the game. Some of them are available for coins, though they will most likely be clothing or something similar.

*Remember, UDT prices are a thing, so you might want to think twice before buying something that costs gems, because it could have a UDT price in coins.

*Limited time items are nice, but you may not need them.


Buying dragons

*Every dragon is different - from skills to stats, you might want to have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

*The Dragon Tactics Advanced Set Bundle is my personal favourite: it contains a stormcutter, a skrill, two titan age-ups plus some weapons and masks - all for 1000 gems. For comparison, a stormcutter egg costs 750 gems in the store, which means that this bundle is much more convenient.

*Check UDT prices!

*Remember that you can get dragons in reward chests.

*Sooner or later, you will need more space. You can buy a Boulder Stable by 3000 coins.



*Reach level 13 as soon as possible - one quest requires you to deliver yak milk, and you can't buy yaks or yak pens until you reach level 13.

*Purchase a composter, it is really useful.

*Complete jobs from the Job Board to gain Farming Experience and coins.



*You can use chicken eggs to catch salmon.

*The Whispering D*ath caves have an underground lake where you can catch fishes which give your dragon several energy points.

*Use different bait and see how it turns out.

*Every fishing spot is different - try to find out which one is best for every ocassion.

*The Wilderness is, probably, one of the best places to go fishing.

*You can catch fish from a gronckle.

*You get a fishing rod from a quest which allows you to catch tougher fish, such as salmon.

*Eels are more useful than you think.


Dragon tactics

*Try to use different dragons.

*Don't be afraid to keep items - they might be useful to you in the future.

*Always check your stats.

*Enemies will notice you after a period of time and go on alert, even if you haven't approached them.

*Your weapon will determine if your element is Ice or Rock. Keep that in mind, because both elements have their own weaknesses/strengths and skills.

*Not every dragon is available for this game.



*Try to use fast-firing dragons, if possible.

*Stats that are important are fire power and fire limit.

*Don't fly into the ship, you will lose points. Fly to the nearest Recharge Station instead.

*You can try to attack the scouting boat from there, but I wouldn't recommend that.



*Clans have their own achievements, too.

*Try to go racing on a regular basis to earn trophies.

*Post on the clan message board to check how are your fellow clanmates doing.

*If you are a clan leader, remember that you can post on the Clan News board to make grand announcements, or anything you want to say.



*Not every dragon is suitable for this game.

*Practice with every dragon to see which one suits you best.

*Toothless may be one of the best dragons for racing, but that shouldn't discourage you.

*Speed isn't the only thing that matters: acceleration, turning ratio and pitch also matter.

*You can use traps to make your opponents go slower.


Expansion packs

*Icestorm Island and Battle for the Edge are available for coins in the store.

*Impossible Island can be purchased for 1000 gems in the store.

*Check how many quest does each expansion pack have.

*The Impossible Island expansion pack gives you a flight suit near the end and unlocks two games which, if completed with three stars in every level each, will reward you with 150 gems each for a grand total of 300 gems.


Less important tips

*You can 'take off' your helmet.

*Don't be afraid to buy fashion items.

*You can get special items with codes.


Let me know if this helped you!



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Comming in!

Speaking of codes those are Lavaeater, Skrillthrill, Cloudcover, and Takeflight

Also, when picking your first dragon, here is what to know


Nightmares: Very fast

Gronkles: you can fish while flying on them with a rod you get on a quest (also you can fish at any fishing spot on that one)

Zipplebacks: Great for dragon tactics

Nadders: good for dragon tactics, and pretty fast.


(P.S. this is the account I use in the forums. My game account doesnt work for some reason with this so I use this one. Scroll for more info)




Psst...Scroll down for promo codes


This is me


My titan Nadder, Spineshot








I also have...

Zippleback: Gassy and Spark

Shockjaw: Thundershock

Gronckle: Rocker

Groncicle: Glacier

Monsterous Nightmare: Flamethrower

Whispering Death: Groundfire

Thunderdrum: Sonic Boom

Prickleboggle: Sundew

Armourwing: Sheild

Tideglider: Wavewalker

Stormcutter: Dinrall




In game:

Where you can find me: First off why do you want to know? Anyway, I am usually one single player, but I go on multi player during battle events and when I feel like it. When on multiplayer I am in the Training Grounds.

Freind Code: ezttu4

Name: XLinkTheHylianX



Not in game:

Age: I'm not telling you

Name: Sorry no

Hobbies: Nop-- oh wait that's fine. Reading, typing (basically anything), drawing, playing SOD or Zelda (I only have Twilight princess)

My fave stuff:



STAR WARS!!!!!!!




(I need to get BOTW soon cause all I have is Twilight Princess. Honestly TP is the best old game I have played so far) (I can't belive the abreviation for that game is TP)







miscellaneous: I collect legos and put them in my "Lego Tactics" game I made (basically Dragon Tactics with legos.)  I collect lightsabers and practice almost every day. I actually know how to build a real "lightsaber."



















Now for those codes:

Lavaeater: Eruptadon egg (yes my dragon is named after the code)

Cloudcover: Stormcutter armour

Takeflight: Skyrunner flightsuit (Don't know if this works anymore since the suit us supposetdly in the store now. I use it before it went into the store.)

SkrillThrill: Lightning skrill armour (no shoulder pads)













See Ya

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Lol if the dragon I get at the beginning of the game is bad then I just delete the account and remake it, same username and all.


You can always look inside the cage when you first make a new Viking and before you begin to battle Grimmel. I try my best to get a Sand Wraith every time because I want to be able to race on my alternate accounts. Although I am pretty content with all of them except for Rumble Horn.

They are too slow to race

Their shot limit is too low to battle

And I am not too sure how they take in dragon tactics but I don't really participate in those unless I am required to for a quest.





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. . .

Rumblehorns are useful for stable missions, however

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rumblehorns are horrible in

rumblehorns are horrible in DT!!!!!!!!



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rumblehorns are horrible in

rumblehorns are horrible in DT!!!!!!!!

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Petting doesn't work

I tried to pet my dragon on multiple devices and it doesn't work.