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alright, dear devs

i think we can all agree that the mostrous nightmare has one of the WORST model and animation in sod. it is one of the main dragons in the httyd universe, and is extremely popular

recently, you updated toothlesses model so why not do the monstrous nightmare next?

its flying is just....horrible, terrible, gross

also i would like to add that you should make their eyes look like how they look in the movies

as you can see, in the movies their eyes are more oval which looks way better than they look in the series

unfortunately, the sod monstrous nightmare has the same eyes as in the series, which looks very weird and doesn't fit at all


monstrous nightmares being one of my favourite dragons, i hate using them in sod just because of the model

so basically, devs, please please update the monstrous nightmare model, it is extremely outdated and ugly and no one wants to use it


me and many others will be eternally grateful

and to others on the forum, feel free to sign this petition if you agree with me :D




lets begin

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

This and the typhoomerang. I think what bothers me the most is that neither dragon opens its wings all the way in gliding flight. A monstrous nightmare's wings are very much like the sentinal's wings. Just with the membrain around the arm being thinner and the fingers being longer in proportion as a result. The SOD version glides as if stuck in some kind of diving animation.

The typhoomerange meanwhile has wings that are basically a parachute. But currently they look like cardboard exept in very spesific parts of their animations.



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Tbh I always thought they looked calm and relaxed because they were finally letting down their gaurd around us (us being their rider only) because they knew we could be trusted so they started showing us their non visious side but yeah they definitely need an update


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Rune the Viking
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Looking calm and relaxed is one thing and changing the entire shape of the eyes is another thing 

but yeah I get your point :)

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subject disappeared like the deathsong armour


  Between the Monstrous Nightmare, Typhoomerang and also Timberjack for me, the animations could really use a touch-up...

could mention more but let's not go there.....


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hobzmad. the end.


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Any update is good, so I'm

Any update is good, so I'm not opposing this and they have it long coming. That being said my one concern of the update animation is that I don't want the walking animation to be similar to the newer dragons we got, like Zipplewraith. As janky-looking as it looks, the old walking animation is more natural compare to Zipplewraith weightless one. Hopefully, they can find a middle ground to update it but also keep it monsterous nightmare-like iritate agressive walking instead of smooth everything out. Smooth doesn't always equal good animation.


Also for the good points of reference; Since New Toothless is referencing his latest iteration instead of his younger one (as much as I prefer that). I think using Hookfang's hidden world rendering model as a reference would make sense too. It answers the other person point of what relax monsterous nightmare expression can look like in movie form

Other other point of ref being look at other game Monsterous nightmare animation. One thing to keep in mind is that monsterous nightmare flying animation is unique due to its anatomy. the one currently in SOD is bad but I don't think we can just slap good flying animation from other dragon on to it either.  The shoulder, the fold sections and the way the end spread outwardly like a cardboard are all unique to monsterous nightmare in the movie. Perhaps we could refernce the animation from other game?

(From httyd 2 game)

(The most recent game (Titan uprising) models)



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Y E P !
You touched on a very important point here: not every update is for the better.
just look at Flightmare, whose animations are simply WORSE than before, extremely generic and lacking in fidelity... not to mention Stormcutter which has changed so little that it doesn't even seem to have changed, or Razorwhip which also doesn't look anything like the series... and that's what would probably happen to Monstrous Nightmare right now
there are a lot of dragons that are in a worse situation than M.Nightmare like Quaken, Siquifier, Typhoomerang, Smokebreath and Tide Glider and, if we join with already updated dragons that need improvement, it can include Stormcutter, Flightmare and Razorwhip here too , and we can still include new dragons that just don't work like Bonestormer, Golden Dragon and Abomibumble, but I don't see any repercussions on these others...
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I mean i hard disagree on

I mean i hard disagree on your opinion on flightmare, razorwhop and stormcutter animation and i think monsterous nightmare update would be nice. But my point of caution for new animation still stand.

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Sorry but I completely disagree...
I mean, Flightmare's animation is literally Windshear's animation in Call of the Death Song before the new animations's a base model animation, generic, applicable to any dragon, it wasn't even made for it ...if you compare the animations (mainly flight) of these dragons in movies/series you would see that they just don't the case of Flightmare, even a recycled Skrill animation would have worked better, and there is also the aggravating factor of his color mask be insanely disappointing...
with Flightmare it was the same thing as Toothless, everyone asked for new animation/model but SoD just reused less used model and animation that they already had in hand
Razorwhip literally only has the idle animation as really faithful and that refers to the dragon, the rest is almost a modified copy of the Flightmare animations, so they are generic too... .. could easily take the animations out of it and put it on another dragon that would also "work"
with Stormcutter the idea was different but with a result as disappointing as the others...we were hoping for something that showed more of the 4 different wings but what we got was a more articulate adaptation of the old Toothless the end, even Deadly Galeslash looks more like a Stormcutter than Stormcutter itself lol
there were very few dragons where the new animations were good and/or less generic and lacking in personality...I just can't imagine Monstrous Nightmare working
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I don't want to go on too

I don't want to go on too much tangent on a monsterous nightmare animation thread but...

i don't know if we're refering for the same stuff becuase to tell you the truth I've never paid much attention to the flying so I don't know what's wrong with it as much as you do and I won't argue with you that there're stuff that can be improve (Flightmare color, Stormcutter size etc.) but for most of the flightmare animation I feel the need to defense its accuracy. I have sympathy for people who envision their flightmare as bubbly bouncy and happy then have the rug pull under them but the truth is that Night fury animation just doesn't fit Flightmare. Flightmare is a crawler not a bouncer.  They are agressive timid, lizard-like and animalistic with low/close to ground built .Its stand with hunch back and front limb wide apart like a wild dog, that's its power stance; agressive and defensive. Flightmare idle is the reference of what it did in the series where it throw it head back and raise the tail up like a roar. If those result in the dragon being generic and lack personality then that's just because the flightmares are. They're  wild like many other dragons. and this is coming from someone who had flightmare in their top 5 dragons btw. Flightmare doesn't even share animation with other dragons technically. It's all original. SOD gave it a completely new that refer to and is accurate to the actual dragons. that alone is a vast improvement to the copy past old toothless animation.

Dragon clouds? | Mythology &amp; Cultures Amino

Razorwhip is the same, it has its original animation. It still bounce when it runs but it's clearly different animation from toothless and flightmare. That species is timid and like flightmare they're not as expressive species compare to night fury. They are more calm and animal-like, like many other dragons which is why it's generic to you. Redoing all the animation the hard way without referencing any other dragon but only refering to its own and it still'd look generic because that's what they are.

How many way can a four leg long neck less expressive wild dragon can walk and stand? Was that idle animation that directly refer to the show not enough? It's not like deathgripper who has distinct piencer. Plus giving it too much expressive animation and it will no longer be razorwhip. Razorwhips are calm dragons. I'd rather has it have generic but original animation and look natural/faithful to the dragons than have it be another toothless clone.

Stormcutter- idk much about other animation but again, the idle animation is a direct reference to the show. I surprise no one talk about it more and I was very happy when I saw it the first time. It has head turning signature like stormcutter. It roar like stormcutter did in the movie. It even barf out fish like in the movie--


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Don't worry, this is all still about the Monstrous Nightmare I gave examples that new models/animations don't always work, and sometimes it's better to continue with an "ok" than to risk a "meh" later. And well...Flightmare is not 100% original animation...
as I mentioned, Windshear had the Flightmare animations in Call of the Death Song (more precisely in the quest where we freed her from the amber) before the new animations were a thing. It roared upwards flapping its wings and sat exactly like Flightmare now... at the time I took several screenshots because I had noticed the difference in animations between Razorwhip in-game and Windshear's animations in the expansion, but now I've lost the screenshots...
Flightmare is anything but has very precise characteristics in the series, you can see that its wings articulate exactly in the middle like Skrill (unlike the goofy wings that look like wet paper in the game) and it always comes back for a pose upright in the air, almost humanoid.... this gives the ghost/banshee impression it has, unlike (as you mentioned) just a lizard like in the game. I think that's the main problem with it: the flight animations, which in the game looks just like an ordinary, slightly humpbacked flying lizard instead of something more intimidating and human-like like in the series... the walking animations I even emphasize because really we don't have many images of it being on the ground, but still they are pretty meh...couple that with the completely lifeless color mask of solid colors that we have on it and that's it...a great dragon with wasted potential

About Razorwhip, I'm sure in the series they walk more like some kind of crawl instead of gallops like a horse we have in the game...other than (maybe I'm wrong) but its sitting animation is not exactly the same as in Flightmare /Windshear? bruh....
about Stormcutter, as I mentioned, it has the same problem as Bonestormer that it is sometimes completely forgettable the fact that it has 4 wings in the game... it just doesn't show, unlike Galeslash which (especially in flight) opens all 4 wings formed the characteristic X-flight of the Stormcutter in the movie. Not to mention the size which, while understandable, is still disappointing...
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(not reply directly to avoid

(not reply directly to avoid thining the thread)

This is the clearest refernce I could find for flightmare crawling animation, the upper one of mine with the hunters wasn't so clear


I feel like we have a very different take and preference on dragons in general (in like for hybrids and spin off dragons too) because I still couldn't see the human feature/guality you're talking about in flightmare at all.  Flightmare will always be the deepsea chimera fish/angry lizard dog to me and I like it because of that The most I can see is it having the realistic weight when hover much like quaken, in which case I kinda see it but i do still think it's trivia and is something that's not exclusive to flightmare.

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Well, as I said, the real problem here is the flight animations.
The position in the air that I mentioned being humanoid is just to illustrate that, while flying, Flightmare always returns to an upright position which makes it look more "ghostly" than a simple flying lizard. This became explicit in his development, because despite being a dragon and being misunderstood, he still carries a reason for being the target of myths.
This is his trademark. He was never seen flying any other way and that's why in SoD it didn't work. Even RoB got the message here: upright stance, heavy tail down and facing forward, not a hunchbacked stance looking down like the SoD does...
it's almost the same thing as a Humbanger simply having animations of a regular Whispering Death. Would it work? of course yes.
Would that create an appropriate image for the dragon? of course not.
That's the fidelity problem that bothers. Nothing here resembles Flightmare flying. Just because it works doesn't mean it's good. With that, the animation was indeed somewhat out of date as all the other dragons have animations that leave a trademark on the species while Flightmare remains a basic flying lizard. It's not an improvement over the old animation, both are wrong in the same way although one is better articulated than the other.

And that's not the only visual problem on this dragon. His color mask, as I already mentioned, is just plain dull, it's not very faithful to the base material like everything about the dragon is not very faithful. And I'm not talking about just one skin like it used to be, this should be's more of a dragon trademark that simply doesn't exist.

It's a SIMPLE thing: the Color mask already has small invisible marks on the body, just fill them with the 3rd color of customization (Details) and that's it! already improved 80% of the dragon's appearance!

And even if they say this can be difficult, just remember our dear friend Titan Thunderdrum. Why? JUST WHY DON'T THEY DO IT FOR FLIGHTMARE? It is simply copying an idea that is already ready! don't need to do anything new, yet they DON'T

Instead of doing these things, they simply put on a blue overlay that ends the customization, or replace glow with smoke that also never existed, increasingly making the dragon worse. Well then, whenever they mention updates I cite Flightmare as an example of how things get WORSE. Do you think that one day they will value the poor creature and fix it? no, they won't... and if they do, they'll invent something that doesn't exist to make it worse! ^^
and all this I only talked about Flightmare. I prefer to abstain on Stormcutter because the thread can get even longer...
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Hypergoof also got me

Hypergoof also got me researching typhoomerang as well, sadly only other game typhhomerang is feature in flying is wild skies and well the reason i didn't refer to wild skies when talking to monsterous nightmare is because i don't think wild skies animation is that good either

I think unlike monsterous nightmare, typhoomerang kinda fly normally so I'm not as oppose to slaping regular flying animation to it that much. Like Hypergoof has said, the problem with Typhoomerang wing not fully spread out is quite noticable. and I think for the dragon as large as typhoomerang, maybe it's not as problematic to go for the smooth slow-mo approach as oppose to the eratic flapping that might otherwise look natural on dragon like monsterous nightmares


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I'll sign. I feel all 4 main dragons are due for an update, the models from 2013 have their "charm" but don't hold up compared to modern standards. The Monsterous nightmare is one of my least favourite dragons in game due to how clunky, slippery and down right bad it is, which is a shame since it's the main dragon of a major character in the franchise (Snotlout). I hope that sod updates these dragons within the next year or in time for the 10th anniversary. These 4 dragons are one of the first things new players see and play a major part in wether the player chooses to continue playing the game past the tutorial or not.


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Count my signiture in! These are all very good points! Hookie, my MN (I wanted to name it Firefang, but alas) definately deserves an update on his model


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Monstrous Nightmares, Typhoomerangs, Boneknappers (they have literal square feet), Nadders, Quakens (somehow missing a nose), Gronckle, Zippleback, Whispering Death... need I go on? There are a LOT of dragons who could benefit from a model update.


Petition signed.


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Bring me some pie!

MN looks so sad. Devs should really look at the movies and not the shows like a lot of people said here. It really needs an update. The gronckle looks ok but the eyes should be open instead of looking sad. Nadder needs a little update too especially how we sit on them. We lean forward flying up and gliding. It's weird. But the MN really needs an update out of all the dragons imo. Imagine the titan on that?! Would be siiiiick.
Also the old Toothless animation must be removed from the game. I can't ride on my Woolly Howl and Sand Wraith because of that ridiculous bouncy animation.
SoD, I love the titan silver phantom but can yall please put titans on hold and focus on these old boring looks and ridiculous animations from the older dragons? They need love too!



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Nadder, Monstruous Nightmare, Stormcutter are the ones who I wanted an update. Too rigid and geometric. No fluids seen.
Something that I have thought about and I know you will not agree is... I have to say it... I hope they don't update the SandWraith.
Yes, it has a rigid flight but if you think about it, the SandWraith looks a lot like the Night Fury and a softer design would ruin it in my opinion. I don't know, I totally don't have it but maybe if the fate plays a trick on me hehe... I end up winning one in the Battle Event -_-
Signature in process....
You find yourself in a mysterious and magical world, surrounded by amazing creatures capable of roasting your enemies. A creatures that take you high in the clouds and feel the warmth of the sun closer or creatures that protect you in storms. These creatures, I love to call them DRAGONS.
I love my dragons and respect them.
My mission?
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Hunters beware... because I have dragons and I won't feel fear to use them!
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Agree on sand wraith. One

Agree on sand wraith. One thing im happy about toothless update is now sand wraith and night fury are now clear distinct species. If they promisr they are going to improve sand wraith quality and make them more distinct then im all for it. But i FEAR that they will update it similary to toothless and night light, especially the model.

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I agree with this hands down. The M. Nightmare seriously needs to be updated, along with many of the other dragons that have been in the game as long as Toothless.



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Agree ?

I'll sign tentatively. I say tentatively because I think new models and/or animations for all four main dragons would be nice, as long as they are done properly. However, I don't want them to end up like toothless did. While I don't love the old models atm, I cant say I hate them either. My worry is that if we get updated dragons, the results might be... sub par, to say the least. 


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Signed. I barely use my Nightmare for this reasoalone. Typhoomerangs were also honestly a huge disapointment for me.


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Consider it signed!
I love Monstrous Nightmares, but I never use them in game for that reason. If the model and animations were updated they’d probably be my most used dragon. In fact all of the original dragons (and others that re use their animations) need updating as people have said above :)


New to forum don't really know how it works! I joined SoD on the 15th of July 2015 and am only now making a forum account. :D

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I'm Claire :P I love movies and drawing. She/her

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New models, same animations..?

I think some of the animations for certain dragons should be kept, but with updated models. Like the Nadder for example. It's got a solid animation, but it's so clunky model-wise and has paper thin wings. My man runs like his legs are made out of cardboard, and his wings certainly look the part.

Nightmares and the other main four dragons could use an update, as well as the other starters. Woollys and Sandies could use an update as well, because the Woolly just looks like a San hidewith fur and horns.Typhoomerangs dreadfully need one, and Skrills. Pretty much any old dragon with a decent animation just needs some love model-wise and I think they'd look 100% better.

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Signed! :)

Signed! :)





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Consider it Signed.

I too think the Monstrous Nightmare, among other starter Dragons, needs a good model/animation update. I also think the developers could try using more real life animals as references in addition to the behavior of the dragons in the movies and tv shows. For example, the Monstrous Nightmares current diving animation doesn't really fit its anatomy. Instead of folding its wings the way they currently do in the game, they could instead throw/shift their wings backwards when diving, an animation which would actually be more realistic to their having long, mostly thin wings, and be simpler to animate than the current diving animation. In addition, this diving animaion would also reference real life animals with a similar style of diving, such as modern Seabirds and lagre Pterosaurs.


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Gladly signed.

As TNR just promoted both the Monsterous Nightmare and the Gronkles I would like to see them revamped the most. It may take another year and a half like Toothless did with them not only having to revamp the baby, adult, dragon tactics, hidden world glow and the fireball but also the titan form will take longer than toothless did for sure. 

so dont expect this to be happening anytime soon unfortunately. 

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Gladly signed.

It did it twice pff

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Hello there

Ill just sign here

I agree! The monstrous nightmare needs an animation update, especially the looks. In the films, the monstrous nightmare looks like it can take on the empire himself, but in the game, he looks like some dragon hunter smacked him with eels all the time, I mean, aren't monstrous nightmares supposed to be fierce? In the first film, hiccup did say only the best Vikings go after the monstrous nightmares. The way they fly is weird as well, looks like they are constantly dislocating their wings. The monstrous nightmare is a beautiful dragon, but the SoD animations make you want to get a gronckle instead, a dragon with decent animations. 


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Lady Gaga, baby female thunderdrum

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Coaldron, adult female eruptadon

Seethsizzle, adult female razorwhip

Martyrium, Titan female crimson goregutter

Traphoomerang, adult female typhoomerang

Quetzalcoatlus, Baby male typhoomerang

Blistering Belcher, adult female hotburple

lake skater, adult female tide glider

Wormtail, adult male sweet death

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Toothy, adult male sand wraith

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Glaivedriver, adult male deathgripper

Gasleak, adult male zapplejack

Deadpool, adult male shockjaw

Triceratops, adult female skrillknapper

Blitzeinschlag, adult male stormcutter

Infernier, adult male singetail

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Schwein, adult male buffalord

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I agree


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I agree

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Small bump

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Swoopin' In!

Signing a million times over! Though I'm fine with the series' eye shape. . .but that's more or less because outside of the first film, the Nightmares don't exhibit much emotion in the second and third films. A middle ground would be great! Similar emotion to what we see in the shows but with the same eye shape as the films. ^^


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If they update the Nightmare

If they update the Nightmare my dearest wish is for them to fix the 2 things that bugs me most about it...


First, ITS SADDLE SITS ON ITS HIPS. It looks like a diaper. I had that thought one time, now I can't unsee it. Now all of you can suffer with me hehe. Afaik, there's no other dragon with a saddle spot so far back. It is seriously over the dragon's hips/pelvis. Why can it not sit on the dragon's shoulders like every other dragon?


Second, the spot where its head joins its neck? Yeah if you use contrasting colors, there's a visible seam there. An actual line. It makes the dragon's head look like it was glued onto the body.


(Yes I know in the movies/series the Ruff & Tuff & Snotlout all sit on their dragons' necks. I think that works there bc the dragons are so big, but they're all a little downsized in SOD, so it would look kinda cruel.)


Help my Nightmares are incontinent



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I agree on this update.

I agree on this update. Basically the cuts that the wings make why flying is really weird and the whole animation is rather stiff. But there are few particular dragons I demand on changing. First is Sand Wraith I kinda wish some slight improvement on thid dragon but I also don't really want the cute new look of Toothless. Wooly Howl looks amazing maybe I don't have any notes on this dragon. I like the flightmare as well but new glow texture would do great especially on the titan stage. The skrill should get new lightning animation as well this one seems rather pixalated to me. 


Heya! Since I don't have idea what to put in here im gonna share my dragons that I have.

(not a clan member neither I'm aiming to become one)



New free art is out! PNG and you can customise them really easily! All I would like is a credit! :D
Here's a link to them if youre interested.!AusqKT34M-7xeWFCsH4oMkRmO94?e=MTIfrO



Here is my table with my dragons. All of them and Information that includes the name, species, class, age/stage and the level they are. I could have included the colors but I wasn't sure if they will be supported. XD



My Top 4 Dragons!

Credit goes to the amazing fellow artist Chameishida


Ashura the Titan Sand Wraith (art by me)                               They are all headshots                                                                              

Ambient the Titan Flightmare (art by me)                                                                                                                          





Specs of Dragons
Names Species Class Age/Stage Level 
Ashura Sand Wraith Tidal Titan 50
AmbientLight Flightmare Mystery Titan 50
Fluff Wooly Howl Strike Titan 50
Valkyrie Deathsong Mystery Titan 50
Toothless Night Fury Strike Adult 50
Pouncer Night Light Strike Alpha 50
XEmpress Stormcutter Sharp Titan 31
FireStorm Monstrous Nightmare Stoker Titan 29
Shock Shockjaw Tidal Titan 28
SharpWings Timberjack Sharp Titan 27
Adhira Skirll Strike Titan 26
Grinder W.D Boulder Titan 26
IronBite Armorwing Mystery Adult 26
PlatinumScythe Silver Phantom Stoker Titan 26
Scorpion Triple Stryke Strike Titan 26
SteamShot Scauldron Tidal Titan 25
Singel Singetail Stoker Adult 24
Spark and Boom Hideous Zippleback Mystery Titan 23
Rockfist Gronckle Boulder Titan 23
Winter Snow Wraith Strike Titan 23
Wizard Flame Whipper Stoker Adult 23
Volcano Eruptodon Boulder Adult 22
Shaman Prickleboggle Sharp Adult 21
Stoneheart Elder Sentinel Boulder Adult 21
Ball Hobgobbler Mystery Adult 20
Dart Night Light Strike Alpha 20
Icy Groncicle Boulder Adult 20
Light Fury Light Fury Strike Adult 19
Ocean Seastormer Tidal Adult 19
Soupra Sand Wraith Tidal Adult 19
Duckling Deadly Nadder Tracker Titan 18
Himera Chimeragon Mystery Adult 16
Platinum Razorwhip Sharp Adult 16
Elkion Gruesome Goregripper Boulder Adult 15
Dreamer Dramillion Mystery Adult 14
Shout Thunderdrum Tidal Adult 14
Whirlfire Typhoomerang Stoker Adult 14
RiverStream Sliquifier Tidal Adult 13
Siren Tide Glider Tidal Adult 12
RuffRunner Night Light Strike Adult 10
Steadfast Dreadstrider Mystery Adult 10
Smokleus Smothering Smokebreath Mystery Adult 10
Fireina Fireworm Queen Stoker Teen 7
Striker Deathgripper Strike Teen 6

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Bump! Devs, the Nightmare needs some love. These glorious, furious fire breathers need so much love. Please fix them devs. They desperately need a new model and animations!!

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*Agressively signs petition*

I agree that the monstrous nightmare needs updating however there are even more that needs updating...
*stares at broken sand wraith, typhoomerang and others*





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I'll sign

I think that the cuts that it makes when it flies are a bit overdramatic, and the model always looks like it's constantly dislocating it self just to move. The saddle/rider's placement is too far back and looks like it'll slide off any minute. This dragon - along with the other starter dragons - need a well deserved redesign and some more natural, expressive animations to go with it. Consider this signed.



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smol bump

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Subject? What subject?

All OG dragons are in desperate need of an update. Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Hideous Zippleback. Especially since they are starter dragons and every single player in the game has at least one of them.


Plus, I think this would benefit the SOD team as well. By updating Toothless' model and animation, more people will buy memberships in order to get him. Similarly, by updating the OGs, new players will be more inclined to play the game after finishing the tutorial. Right now, most people take a look at the dragon they got after the tutorial, see that the model isn't very good, and assume that the rest of the game is the same, so they don't bother playing it anymore.


+Bonus: Give the Raincutter a diving animation. It doesn't need an update overall, just add the missing animation.

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Subject? What subject?

Double post, sorry!