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Hello School of Dragons Team! 
My name is Lily. I have been attending the school of dragons since it's grand opening, and I really must say, thank you. Animators, system administrators and code writers alike, have done such a wonderful job creating this virtual world, which so many people have enjoyed. I have a few questions and have already e-mailed the support team, but did not receive a reply or instructions on what to do. I hope you can help me. I will give you my account information if you need it.
1. Of Groncicles and Deathsongs. I logged on to School of Dragons on the 13th of December, and found a message stating that I had trained a new Groncicle dragon (See "Cold Evidence" Files). I have had my Icestorm Island expansion pack for almost a year now, and obtained my lovley dragon (Which I must say, GREAT animation) at it's appointed time. The new Groncicle does not show up on the immediate list of dragons you can select from, but does appear in my stables inventory and a stall in my Mystery Stable. As much as I love Groncicles, I have and follow a strict one dragon per species policy. I didn't keep the time on the first Groncicle, but I recieved a second one 17 days later on the 30th of December, 1:45 PM. I tried restarting the app to get rid of the second Groncicle, and next thing I knew it was handing me a Deathsong (See "Dark Melody" File). So, if you wouldn't mind of course, could you fix this for me and delete the extra dragons?
2. Mystery of the Mystery Boxes. I don't remeber when this started happening. I went to open one of my Battle Mystery Boxes and found that it would not open. (See "Boxed Proof1" File) This is not a systemwide error. I've tried every day since this stared, to open my boxes, with no reward for my efforts. Also, somehow I have over one-thousand Event Failure Boxes which appeared when the opening problem started. I don't know if it's linked or not, but if you want to, feel free to take the extra thousand boxes away. The Event Failures are the only extra boxes I have. The same sort of thing also happens when I attempt to buy a blue school ground mystery box. It simply states that the purchase has failed. (See "Boxed Proof2" File)
3. Something Fishy. I think this started happening around the time the boxes started messing up. Whenever I try to fish anywhere, as soon as I catch the fish, this happens! (See "Something Fishy" File) As you can see, the reel goes blank, the drag disappears, and I'm left with a fish wriggling over my head until I go somewhere else. I don't even get the fish, so, I'm out of stuff to feed my dragons and I can't get anything.
4. Not Hungry For Chicken. (See "Not Hungry For Chicken" File) This is another issue resulting in a lack of food for my dragons. My chickens won't eat a thing. Well, not just the chickens, the rest of the animals won't eat either. Stubborn animals. I harvested them just fine, but when I went to feed them, the food button wouldn't go away and the timer wouldn't start. Like I said earlier, I'm all out of food for my dragons. If you could help me, that would be great.
5. ALSO. Could the next new dragon, or whatever dragon comes after the next dragon, be a Windstriker? My sister wants to know, will there be a Thornridge anytime soon?  Also, I've heard rumors of weapons, are they true?
Well, it's been my pleasure to write this letter, and a true honor and privilege to speak to you. All of you do such hard work to keep this program running smoothly, and I for one, commend you for it. Thank you for answering my questions. Bravo, and Good day to all, I bid you farewell.
Lily Jayne Carrier,
May there be dragons for you all.                 P.S. My sister says thanks for Dark Deep.
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Hello everyone, welcome to my signature. I love all things dragon related, and I love the School of Dragons just as much (mostly because it's dragon related). I will post game tips and tricks, some of my fanart, and things concerning the school. I hope my posts will be fun to read, and I hope that you all have a great day.