A peculiar farm glitch

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So today I noticed that if you

> plant a series of crops

> attempt to water them all very quickly

> hit your adventurer's journal (the big brown book at the top right of your screen) while your viking is watering

> go to the customization tab

> close out of the journal

You should be holding the watering can. As long as you don't move, you can watch your viking strike a pose with the watering jug x) This also applies to the scythe - if you try to harvest your crops very quickly.


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Don't be afraid to befriend her or challenge her to a race!


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Personality: Despite the usual connotation of being loudmouthed, Chaotic is actually a rather shy and introverted dragon. However, when around friends and family, Chaotic is bubbly, bright, enthusiastic, and.... lazy. Him and Verdia get along VERY well, probably because they share similar interests: sleep. Chaotic likes playing Eel Roast more than racing - Yvette's also trying to learn which style of flying best suits him, since he's so different than Verdia. After some time, they've finally got it working, and Chaotic and Yvette are now fierce racers! After the day ends, Yvette can look forward to snuggling up with Chae in his stable, safe from danger.


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Represents: The sea and the sun                                                                                                                        

Personality: The youngest of Yvette's three companions, Rymirae is also undoubtly the most passionate. She's hard working and dramatic at everything she does, throwing her everything into the current task. Right now, she's practicing her gliding, and knows that she's be flying in no time. This passion can also cause some outbursts, but overall Rae can be a fantastic companion. Yvette is so overjoyed and excited to have a new member of her family! Everything is still in the works - though both Yvette and Rae are already close-knit, they have a lot to learn about one another.






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I would suggest not to do

I would suggest not to do anything on your farm very quickly.  The game cannot handle it. This glitch might seem funny because it is temporary, and reverts to normal when you move, but you can get stuck with something unwanted very easily in the farm.

I didn't know this until recently, when I planted seeds too quickly and a seed bag got stuck on the farm spot. There is no way to remove it.

Other people are stuck with underground animals, fused sheep, multiple seed bags like mine, or multiple wells.


So best way is to be careful, one action at a time, make everything slowly in the farm.