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Here's a tutorial for anyone with a PC on taking screenshots and posting them (screenshots to help).


Step 1: Go into the game.

Self-explanatory step.



Step 2: Take Pictures

Get into position, and take your picture (press FN + PrtSc. May be different per computer. If this is different, please let me know and I'll try to help. Only press FN if Prt Sc is in small letters. If its in big letters, you just need to press that).




Step 3: Open Paint.

At the bottom right hand corner is a round button. A search bar will come up, type in "paint" if you don't have a shortcut on your desktop or can't see it when the menu comes up. Click on it and paint will open.






Step 4: Paste 

Do this by pressing Ctrl and V.





Step 5: Saving

Save the picture by going to the spot circled below. 



It will show a drop menu. Put your mouser over Save As by DON'T click. Another menu will appear, choose JPEG and save it as whatever you want.




Step 6: Image Editing

Go to google and google Gimp.





Click on the first link below and then when you're on the page click downloads.




When you're at thie page click download GIMP 2.8.14.



I've already downloaded it, so just do what you do when downloading anything.



Step 7: GIMP 

When you're done, open GimP. When it opens go to File -> Open. 


Find your file and open it.




Once the picture is up find the toolbox (that's this thing here; it says toolbox at the top).....




...select the crop button (this here).




Click and dragon your mouse over the portion of the picture you want to keep. You'll know you selected the right tool when it looks like this.




Now press enter and this will happen




Step 8: Save

Go to File -> Export. Click on Export As.



See the .xcf? Change everything AFTER the period to JPEG (e.g. Before: Picture.xcf; After: Picture.jpeg). Press Export.





If you want to change the name to keep the uncropped photo rename it; if not just press "yes" when it asks you if you want to overwrite. Then press export when the next dialogue comes up. Now up above where the name of your picture, it is now called "untitled." If you wish to save this, simply go to file Save As and save your photo.




Step 9: Post your picture online 

Find a website to put your photo, I use Imgur so we will go there. Press upload which is circled below (make sure first you are signed in, if you aren't, make an account).




Click Browse Computer and find your photo. Then press Start Upload to upload your photo.




Put your mouse over your name and choose albums from the drop menu.




Next click the album you wish to put your photo in (to make a new album, click new album above the albums beside the words "this is your public profile..." Now, click "Add or remove images."




Go to non-album images, and click your picture you want to add. Once you click it will be outlined in orange and a orange check will be on the picture like below. Click save.




Step 10: Posting it on SoD

Go to your photo on imgur and click on it. Hover your mouse over the symbol on the top left hand corner.




You picture looks like below now. Click on the link (what's highlighted in blue) and right click. Press copy (if you can't do that right click. Holding the right click, highlight it over the words).




When you're posting, above in the toolbox is a picture as you see below.




Click it and you will see URL. Paste the copied link there (right click -> paste). Under Width change the number of its above 500. Change it.




Press Ok.







And there you go!


I know some of these instructions may be difficult to understand hence why I was detailed sometimes. So if you have questions that just ask. I'll answer and provide screenshots.




Do you want art like this of your viking?




Or maybe dragons like these?

You can throw a request my way on my request thread!



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where do we find the FN

where do we find the FN because i look on the bottom of the keyboard i dont have FN


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and what is FN means

and what is FN means

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-insert subject here-

Would be very good but...

This is very long and very complicated for those who are beginners in the department. Every tutorial is to the point, using the shortest route to the endresult.


Just some advice:

  • Not everyone has an FN key. That is mainly for laptops. PCs dont need or have one. They can just press prtsc without anything else.
  • If you paste to Paint, you dont really need a key combination (key combinations can make it far more complicated for beginners, so try to avoid combinations in tutorials at all cost where you can) just click on 'paste' in Paint.
  • You can already crop the image in Paint too without needing Gimp. That is an unnecessary step for poor beginners. Dont forget that they never did this before and adding a completely new program they will need to learn how to handle will make the tutorial more complicated than it is.


Hope this helped.

I'd love to help you and make one without needing Gimp, and only cropping with Paint, but my PC's language is Hungarian and for some reason I cannot change the language ultimately so Paint would be english too.

I might fumble around a bit more and see what I can do.


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oh thank you Ragkt and i can

oh thank you Ragkt and i can take screen shot