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I tried to log in to the forum today since I was logged out at random, but it didn't accept my password. 

My password wasn't wrong. I changed it not too long ago and saved it into my password manager as well as my browser, yet it wouldn't accept it at all.


I've changed it again now, but I think this must be the third time this happened over the span of a longer period. No one accessed my account as far as I know, because that would mean my e-mail account's compromised which it isn't. I double-checked just to be sure.


Anyone else facing similar issues? Is the site just super wonky or is this just a regular thing that happens sometimes...?




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I haven't experienced this bu tthat sounds really annoying-- I hope you find a way to get it fixed! ^^


Hi there! username is Pending Dragon, but please call me Pending, Pendragon or Pen! I'm a major forum ghoster/stalker and have been playing the game for over two years. If you are a fellow ghoster reading this, then you should come out and join the community! It's great fun!

Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks! I'm really wondering whether it's a website thing or just an issue on my side. I don't mind changing my password once in a while but [thinking face emoji]

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I think i have had somthing like this happen to me but i cant remeber what i did. sorry



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