The Oscars and Httyd

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So, I was watching The Oscars this past Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were several httyd references. When one of the presenters came out, they played Romantic Flight from the Httyd movie soundtrack. And, in a hero montage, they showed several clips of httyd! Anyone else notice this?



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I refuse to watch that biased awards ceremony. However, I will admit that I too was surprised to hear about this. It's about four years late though. Dragon needs more love. I'm really hoping HTTYD2 gets the credit it deserves when the time comes.


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OH YES I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! i was litterarly screaming my head off. (my whole family agrees that i am WAY to obbsessed with HTTYD......) i hope HTTYD2 win an Oscar or something.



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When exactly the showed that?


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Treehousemagic, Im so glad

Treehousemagic, Im so glad someone else saw it too! :) I was geeking out! lol.   Mudslide, I usually dont watch the Oscars either, due to the crude and innappropriate material sometimes discussed. However, I had heard that this show would be more classy then crude, and decided to watch it. I must say, it was a good show.  I do agree with the fact that httyd doesn't get enough love. And I do hope that httyd 2 will win an oscar :D

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OMG really?! I watched bits

OMG really?! I watched bits and pieces, but that's amazing! Is there any way you could tell me which parts HTTYD was shown some love? :)