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I thought it would be a fun idea to share small tips that you think new or even old players might not know, or cool tricks or fun out of bound locations!
Personally I always like flying in nowhere by going below the lookout

So what are you guys tricks/features/tip or out of bounds that you think people might not know about?


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ooh I have some
ok so I know how to get gem stable quests super fast..
I've gotten 1275 gems just today from stable quests (I like speeding up the quests, I dont reccomended doing that though..)
just reset the stable quests every 10 minutes.. yeah it's that simple. If I'm in another app, I set an alarm thing that gives me a notifacation to go check them and change them again
I reccomend titan thunderdrum for battle, and titan thunderdrum if you're looking for a good titan, because if you have a titan thunderdrum, you can fire from recharge posts and they fire very fast, I get first place almost every battle, and having a titan thunderdrum will help you get more gems in battles, which will help you get more titans and more dragons.
I'll add more if I can think of anything


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A wild post appeared!!!

But requests reset every 15 minutess.

Could you clarify what you mean by every 10?



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I mean stable quest cooldowns
they only take 10 minutes for me

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A wild post appeared!!!

Is it 10 minutes?  I'll have to check. But yeah. I do the same thing.

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The cooldown's definitely 10 minutes. 


I do the same thing too, haha. Except that don't set any timer and just keep the game minimised. I just check and refresh every once in a while.


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Well, I'm not a highly

Well, I'm not a highly experienced viking, but maybe some of them will be useful. :D

  • If I do not spare gems, I use stable quests to level up my Dragon Tactics dragons. And when they return home, I feed them 9 minnows and a chicken egg (idk if 2 chicken eggs would work better). I also switch dragons during battle events when the ships' lifebar is approximately 1000.
  • When I was a newbie, I found farming tedious, even though it's a golden goose. Only when I decorated my farm neatly did I find joy in it. So, if you want gold but you hate farming, you should put more emphasis on the outlook of your farm.
  • I listen to "battle" music during battle events (when I play on my brother's PC). It always boosts my performance.
  • Regarding battle event, a random player has already given advice to the beginners:
    But if you like Trump, just fusillade the ship like a madman.
  • I love being in the little lookout in the top of the Flight Club.
    (Help me, I'm stuck. :( )
  • And when I'm bored, I creepily watch the chat.

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Aloha I am a subject!

Ooo I didn't know you could go into the little lookout! Ima have to try that sometime

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That is a HUGE HAMMER!!

Well, having run around campus for about five months now, beaten all the available non-gem expansions, and gotten some pretty sweet dragons, I must say that dragon tactics is probably my second favorite thing.  I just found out that the higher level Icestorm Island levels, when replayed, give some pretty slick weapons.  So recently I got a volatile ax, a Sharp Skrill blade, a couple fancy maces (I can't remember what they're called at the moment), and the Volatile Mace of Winter (which is about the same size as a baby crimson goregutter) which someone told me is the Bewilderbeast weapon.  So, if you want cooler weapons, I would suggest beating those levels and replaying them over and over again.  


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