Once Again, Validation on some art

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Hey guys! I drew something and want to know what you guys think of it, or how I could improve it. This is my first time trying to do a profile drawing digitally, but I think it turned out alright :3 





Any tips/advise/critisim  on how to do the lips and how to know if  you put the eyes and nose at the right spot? 




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Gah! It squished! I guess go to the link XD

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Forums aren't too kind to arts. They only allow a max of 400 pixels for height, and anything bigger than that shall be subjected to squashing ;_;


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Woah that looks so good! I'm glad you tried something new! I really love the hair, it looks so smooth ^w^

A few things, the nose... I don't really know what's happening but maybe try to lessen the lines :3 uh and also the ear part, it looks a little different from the rest of the area it's in...

Otherwise I think it looks great :D keep practicing and using those references!


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You forgot to connect the small curl of hair that seems like it's meant to hang in front of the ear. It looks like it's growing out of the ear as a result.

Your iris texture is really cool though. Not a lot of people try to draw the actual texture of the iris. (Is texture the right term here? I mean....it's not like you can touch it without hurting somebody but...you know what I mean right?)



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Sorry for so much feedback and critisism

Sorry for so much feedback and citisism!! Please, let me know if it's too much or I'm being too picky!!



Wow this is really good considering it's one of your firsts! 



- Hair texture (yes it's actually really good I love it, even I struggle to get hair to look like this!)

- Shading (You got em in the right spots ;D)

- Eyes (are pretty good, love the texture! I can see improvement but definitely okay for your first time)


Feedback for improvement:

1. Eyes, you would want to have the pupils centred and if you like to have the eyes "look to the side", then shift the whole iris still keeping the pupil in the centre of the iris. Also having a nice uneven oval shape will give a better effect)

e.g. (not my art, credits to Ram Studios Comics)

Image result for eyes drawing



2. The use of layers: Have you tried different layers? and Clipping? These tools are essential and super helpful to know about in the digital world!! It might take a bit of time to understand (it took me about a full month to fully understand clipping! Even today I'm still discovering new things about clipping lol), but it's well and truly worth it. 

Layers: Having multiple layers is helpful, as you can do anything to the bottom layers without messing up the top layers! You would want to have your 'line art' at the top of all layers. This is the foundation of your piece. Then you can have the colours at the bottom. Having a clean line art allows you to use the bucket tool for colouring large pieces of space instead of manually colouring it in! 

e.g. (not my art, credits to Harmony Advanced)

 Image result for how to use different art layers


Clipping: See this is where it gets tricky. Clipping is another tool that allows you to do anything to a certain layer that you choose, and only on that part of drawing.

E.g. If I have already created a line art, and coloured it in with buckets, I can create a clipping layer to only edit the coloured in parts without going over the white background.

This is super helpful to create textures and shadings to skin, clothes, eyes, hair and more.

E.g. (also not my art, credits to alpaca school - https://firealpaca.com/en/topics/What+is+Clipping%3F)

Image result for how to use clipping


P.S. I'm not sure if your program has clipping on it, but I'm pretty sure it should and would!



Once again, please do let me know if I'm being too critisis-y and picky!!


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