Omg, my friend is hacker :0

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Hi guys, maybe it will be little strange, but my friend (from real) is hacker! He show me he have white Toothless (he have no member) and lots of gems! I dont want to add him to my friend list, im not tolerate hackers, but I dont want to report him too! (His still my friend ;)) So will he get banned from game or something? I dont understand why peoples cant stop hacking?! Its just game! Why not play with rules?!

Ok, thanks for reading, bye:)

And sorry for my english if I write something wrong :P

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I'm sorry to say this but yes, REPORT!

Hacking is highly illegal as you are stealing money from the game. REPORT HIM, it does not matter they are your friend in reality or not, they are breaking the law, conning a company out of hundreds of dollars and getting away with an offense. Tell him of the results of hacking and that it is punishable by prison time and in other countries or if it's connect to a terrorist threat, death. It's not a laughing matter and is a very serious crime. If they do not straighten up and deleted the hacked items and everything they recieved from hacking, report them immediately with proof and evidence. Sorry but this isn't something anyone should do, no matter if they are your friend, you report the crime. Again my apologies..


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Ok, I will do this :/

I think youre right, he shouldnt do this, he will be reported. But I dont think Toothless colour change is crime:) Anyway, I wont tell him I will report him, I want to see his face, when he get banned ;D


                            Thanks for help, bye =^.^=

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um.....Rising Darkness that

um.....Rising Darkness that is a bit harsh,i mean, i do not like hacking but that is his/her friend and telling him/her that the results are prison and...........death. dus not help him/her at all,just tell him/her to tell his/her friend to stop hacking


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