The Old Hatchery Glitch--Why is it gone?!

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One of my favorite glitches was in the Hatchery. Yes, WAS. First off, i should probably explain the Old Hatchery Glitch.

There was a spot where (specifically behind the Monstrous Nightmare Egg enclosure) that you could get inside the like three updates long ago Hatchery. It was a small room with a Whispering Death, a Skrill, and some other dragons. 


Now, here's my problem: ITS GONE! Why is that? I loved going to this glitch on my off days, so why is it gone all of a sudden????


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It likely got fixed because it was an error.


I'm not familiar with this particular glitch, if it is one, but glitches are never intentionally created.


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Dang it, just my luck.

Aw, thats sad. I loved that glitch. Just another day of my poor luck. T-T


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I know it was a really nice glitch if the only nice one. 


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That wasn't a glitch. Well maybe the way you in particularly go in was a glitch, but where the hushboggle currently is with its baby used to be a doorway to another room where the skrill, whispering death, and all the other dragons were. You were able to click on them and read a little fact about them and it was just nice little room to check out dragons. They took that out cause they didn't think it was useful anymore, and have since added other stuff, hence why the glitch is gone


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Bring me some pie!

That room has been gone for a year or so now. On my end anyway. I love that room too :( 



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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart

That room still existed? I was sure it was removed ever since they changed the game's beginning introduction storyline about 2 years ago. It could definitely be a bug that you somehow managed to crawl in there, hense why they would remove it.

Likely left behind in the game files. Quite intriguing.


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Damn, I loved that glitch lol. Must have been removed when I was on break from the game-sad




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And so [I am working on a reason for this ok. I can’t fit a whole Fanfiction here XD] when Logo was only 7, Halfmoon sent Logo to assassinate Tundra’s brother, Stray. Stray had been causing chaos around the place and Halfmoon wanted him dead [Still thinking of a proper reason.]. So, Logo went after him at his last known location, Glacier Island. Which is where he saw Tundra. The 2 are nearly identical, except Stray is larger, has a few scars and purple eyes, whereas Tundra’s are green and he has only 1 scar. The easiest way to recognise Stray is the 3 claw mark scars across his tail. Logo took Tundra under cover of night [exactly one night after they adopted Fury. SOMEHOw. There’s not really a reason, maybe it will tie in with why Halfmoon wanted Stray dead- who knows—] and was about to kill him when he was reminded of all his years of abuse. While he was hesitating, Logo [somehow, again, I haven't exactly written this into a story] learnt that Tundra was, in fact, Tundra. Logo, done with this mission as it had failed so bad already, told Tundra not to tell anyone about this and to stay away from civilisation until Halfmoon was dead. He did this not knowing nobody knew who Halfmoon was, as the reason the dragons of his tribe lived in the volcano was because his grandfather [Halfmoon’s father, Fallenstar] had caused too much chaos after an assassin from the Hidden World had killed Fallenstar’s own father, who was the Alpha at that time. Eventually the whole dragon world turned against them and they fled off the map, and by then Halfmoon hadn’t been born. So Tundra agreed despite not knowing who Halfmoon was, and Logo left him be, claiming to his adoptive father that he had killed the Wooly howl.


Glacier found out Tundra was ‘dead’ and was in a state. She was depressed for a long while, then eventually a strange Sand Wraith named Heatstroke agreed to help raise Fury with her. [Heatstroke does not have a backstory yet, but I’m working on it. It will indeed involve Tundra’s brother Stray :>] She decided to go with it, and so for the next 8 years they would raise Fury in peace, teaching her the Dragon language…

8 Years Later.

So this is where again things get spicy :) Hunters had started to create civilisation on Glacier Island, eventually capturing Glacier herself. The Flightmare called for Heatstroke’s help, but only Fury saw the signal.. and ended up only getting captured as well. R.I.P. 

The hunters didn’t entrap her, though. They decided to use her, and turn her into one of them. Eventually they captured Heatstroke too. Slowly, Fury learnt the language of the ‘humans’, and also learnt to hate them. She was forced to work for the hunters for 2 more years, under the bargain of Glacier’s life…

2 years later.

Logo had finally escaped his father’s clutches within the past 10 years. He had been only 7 when he made the ‘assassination’ of Tundra, so is now nearing adulthood. He now has a mate of his own, Motion [I’m working on these two’s story, trust me it’s wholesome as anything] and now that he’s finally free [and has totally not killed his father, Halfmoon just DiEd UnDeR aN uNlIkElY cIrCuMsTaNcE tHaT sUsPiCiOuSlY nObOdY kNoWs oF.. HaHAhAh..] he remembers Tundra. Wondering if he is still alive, and realising now Tundra wouldn’t know who Halfmoon is and is still possibly hiding for his life, he searches the islands for the Wooly Howl. Eventually he finds him, in the company of a group of dragons. At first the dragons throw threats at him, but he explains himself. By this point, he has been searching the islands and seen Glacier and Fury. When Tundra asks where they are, he tells them exactly where they are; in the hunter camp. Tundra, Logo and the mysterious group named the DHR [Dragon Happiness Rights. Mhm, they’re kind of a protest—] launch an attack on the hunters and manage to free All the dragons, and of course Fury, my main oc.


That concludes Fury’s story to where she is now, all the dragons she freed being my dragons in-game [At least on my old account], and the DHR being my more used dragons XD. [Again on my old account. RIP the DHR and the rest (,:]

Tundra [My first titan on my old account before it got deleted] and Glacier [My first dragon, also on my old account] will live forever in my hearts. Anyways, enough of me talking. Time for the art gallery! 



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