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Okay, Your browsing the internet and come across a webstite with an intresting title, but half of it is cout off. So you decide to vist the website and THIS COMES UP!

Did you know that the DreamWorks owner ships Hiccunzel?


He said it at Comic-Con this year. It was kinda funny, because he basically said, "Sorry folks, but that crossover is never gonna happen. But I have to admit that I ship Hiccunzel."
*cradles self*
...My dreams are wrecked...


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I understand, sorta. I mean, people can ship multiple ships containing a specific person :þ A lot of them do!


Plus, Hiccstrid is a canon ship, and Hiccunzel is just a gag ship for the funsies I think.


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This has to be fake. It has to. I am the biggest Hiccstrid shipper on the face of this planet. Any other ships with those two make me so mad I could just blow up.


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Well, at least the creators of HTTYD didn't ship it. Besides, Punzie has EUGENE. They are a great couple too. I mean, why ruin two perfect couples??? WHY???

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Not that I'm against Hiccstrid or it's fans but...

*Quietly waits for the rabid Hiccstrid shippers to lose their crap over this*


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This forum is a huge dumpster fire tbh Idk why I'm here aside from wanting to test my patience

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Time to join in.

I'll wait too. **grabs popcorn and a lawn chair** Want some? I'm happy to share.

I always love watching potential drama.


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*Stuffs face with Doritos*

I've brought my own food, but thank you for the offer

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*sits down after my single post about ships and eats some popcorn* Let's see how this ends. 



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Mmmmm... popcorn...

Ah well, more for me! And no problem, I'm glad to share my food just not irl

**munches on popcorn**

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-Noms on lava cookies-


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I smell a hoax.


Methinks this is probably nonsense dreamed up by some pseudojournalist website newsfeed monkey or blogger to troll the superfans. I'm not sure the people who make these things would even know about about obscure crossover ships. They might just about know what the word "ship" means if they have a savvy marketing team, I guess, but from the way Dreamworks treats the content at the edges of this franchise (anything that isn't the movies) I'm guessing not.


Even if the quotation is real, it's not happening. Dreamworks was originally co-founded by a disgruntled former employee of Disney: one of its first offerings was Shrek, a movie designed to parody everything Disney in a considerably less than affectionate manner. Disney, a company well known for being fiercely protective of its own image and branding, are never going to work with Dreamworks.


So don't worry, Hiccstrid fans: you're safe either way.


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He stated the very reason why

He stated the very reason why I consider crossover ships a waste of time, but everyone needs their crack ship. :) (Mine is Tuffnut/chicken.) ;)


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Wait... So you ship Chicknut too!?




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All day long. ;)

All day long. ;)

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Nope nope nope nope nope!!!


Hicccup only belongs with two people in my book. 


Mavis and Toothless. 


And if you were wondering, I only ship Toothcup in modern AUs, or in AU where Toothless is human, because I don't support bestiality. In the normal HTTYD universe I ship Hiccup with Mavis or no one at all, and Toothless is just Hiccup's best friend. 




And yes, I hate hiccstrid. I also hate any other ships involving Hiccup besides these two. Fite me. 


~ Random

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"Hate" is a pretty strong word for a fictional relationship between two fictional characters.

This is why fans scare me. :/

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I'm not hate crazy about it, maybe a more mild word is dislike? I just don't like fanfiction/pictures/posts about many other ships involving Hiccup with some new pretty girl from some random movie without really thinking about who Hiccup might ACTUALLY like. I put up with Hiccstrid because it's cannon, but I personally believe Astrid to be too strong a character for Hiccup. She'll end up walking all over him in years to come. 

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Hiccup with a new random

Hiccup with a new random pretty GIRL? Pretty fans ship him with all the pretty people regardless of gender, age, or orientation. (We all remember Hijack.) XD


I'm a pretty staunch canon shipper myself, but my motto is, "Ship and let ship." Can't garner enough energy to dislike other people's ships. :)


Personally, I thought Hiccup was a good mental match for Astrid. She needs a guy who can think and one she can respect. But their relationship in the movies was a bit spontaneous, I grant you. Too quick a turn-around, which I think gave a lot of people your impression. I can see where you're coming from. She didn't walk all over him in the second movie, though, so I guess that's enough for me. *shrug*

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Yup, this is the reason why I steer clear from the shipping community.

People take their fake couples too seriously.

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I think some of you kids need

I think some of you kids need to take a step back and relax a little bit.


There isn't any kind of character competition going on here. Dreamworks doesn't do crossover movies within its own company nevermind with a different one. .


This is just someone involved with the film enjoying some fan creations and saying he thinks two of the characters could be compatible, were they part of the same film/universe. It says so right in the OP's quote.


This is exceedingly common with consumers and the media they consume. Calm down.


Shipping one pair of characters doesn't mean you're limited to just those two forever. You can enjoy one more than one ship with one or both of those characters at one time.


Personally I enjoy Hiccstrid. But I also very much enjoy that four-way crossover that's been created, the name of which I can't ever remember (Hiccup/Rapunzel/Jack/Merida). I think any four of those characters would work well with each other in relationships in any number of combinations. They all complement each other very well, which I suspect is why the AU is so popular and I'm assuming this is where the owner's ship idea came from.


Also, consider this: Less angry competition and love triangles, more healthy polyamory. Have your cake and eat it too, man.




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I think people take shipping too seriously, shipping's supposed to be fun, not something to have fights over.

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Mavis has a husband and

Mavis has a husband and child.. and hicstrid is canon so ;)





it seems jumpstart likes doing this to my accounts



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I can ship what I like in my own little world. :3



So in my own little world Toothcup in modern AUs will continue to be the best thing ever.

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Yeah :)

Okay, now that you revealed your ship dear IisRandom, i just mite reveal my little crazy ship :3


You ready? Good, cuz its gonna be a crazy one... Here we go:


I ship Heaggo (Heather+Viggo)















Okay, i know im crazy x3

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queen of dark fire
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Snoscles(snotlout x muscles)

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It is already a thing, my dear friend :)

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Who is Mavis? I've been

Who is Mavis? I've been catching up on Fairy Tail so the imagery in my head is a bit weird at this point.

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I think they mean the vampire chick from Hotel Transylvania, seeing that it's also a 3D animated film(s) and all

Pretty odd as she got married and had a child in the sequel; but hey whatever whatever floats ones boat hh