Nothing to do!

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Hi! I'm Snogister, I'm at level 22 and my two dragons, one at 20, the other at 12. The tiny little problem is... WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO !!! After the whispering death quest, no one gave me a mission. So what should I do ???

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There are no other quests as

There are no other quests as of yet, but there will be. The Admins promised more quests, and hackers ruined a big surprise (Boneknappers!) so they told us what dragon they were releasing next. FOr now though, just do Alchemy Adventure, farming, racing, do Flight Club, Fireball Frenzy, and shoot firepits. Hope this helped. :)


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Not to sound ungrateful, but

Not to sound ungrateful, but you'd think they would be spending a little more time giving us more things to do before they would be giving us all these new dragon species all the time (granted, new dragons are great, but it really does not take long to do all the quests we are given).


is there really nothing more to do? The most recent quest I completed was talking to the Headmaster, who had me talk to the main characters in Berk to find out about their family lineages. He also said that I would need to remember that information for later. Yet now there's nothing to test my memory on it.


Can we at least play the old quests a second time through? I am always able to replay the part where Hiccup talks to me about how he first met Toothless and used the scientific method and everything, but I can't seem to find anything else.

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just some suggestions

Maybe you could just do some flying , racing , start a roleplay story, thunder run race , or maybe you could even make your farm super cool.

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WHat's roleplay story ???

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Fly around on your dragons,

Fly around on your dragons, Thunder Run Racing, Flight Club, Fireball Frenzy, Fish, Farm, I am out of ideas. I mainly fly on my dragons and do Thunder Run and Flight Club. You just have to wait for more quests.


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