Not Receiving Daily rewards.

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So I have been Playning on mobile for the past few days and each day when I log in My reward of the day does not give me anything. It just says tomorrow you will recive day 1 rewards.... Its been over 5 days... I have tried to log on using comp but it still does not give me dsaily rewards. anyone know of a fix to this?


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At the moment whenever I try

At the moment whenever I try to go on daily rewards I tap on it and nothing happens so I've been having problems also which is sad and annoying because I loved daily rewards






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I'm having exactly the same

I'm having exactly the same problem (among others). Mine has been stuck on "tomorrow" since the start of the Dreadfall event. Despit logging in everyday I have never received any Dreadfall daily rewards.


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A fix, I have not. A suggestion, however, I have.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a fix, but I would advise anyone who has this problem (I don't, thankfully) to try messaging Support or one of the Admins about it. They might be able to help you.


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No rewards

I too am having this same issue of the daily rewards not showing up. I play on an ipad with the latest upgrade iOS system. It's getting frustrating to put it mildly.  I do not recall every playing a game with this many recurring bugs.  The game also freezes when playing dragon tactics usually one or two moves from completeing the level.   I used to beta test games that had fewer issues than this.

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I have not been getting daily

I have not been getting daily rewards either since the Dreadfall update - it just says tomorrow will be day 1. makes no difference whether playing on ipad or on Windows PC - both have the same problem.