No Need for Events Now

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Events have "exclusive" prizes that are often (if not always) demanding in gems and time. Gem costs add up, especially if you're playing real life money for them. Most often the coveted and most expensive prize is a dragon. Well we're seeing what the devs are doing with these event-exclusive dragons after making players work to the bone to get them. No need to participate in any more events. Wait for the dragons to appear in the store. They're actually cheaper than what you'd spend for the event and you get more out of it.


Really hope the devs realize what they've done, fewer and fewer people will have to spend extra money of dragons that will appear later and DT gear that absolutely sucks.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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*spits out tea*

Honestly, with the new trend of putting the "limited-edition" event dragons in the store, I totally agree. I felt so burnt out when the Thawfest event rolled around that I didn't even feel like putting effort into it or the rewards, but my ape brain went "look, end date, must get before gone, do yes" and I ended up trying to play every single day.


I'm no longer surprised if they pull out another cheap event instead of honest updates or expansions - what we really would like to see. If they do, then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I ain't participating.


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I don't mind participation.

I don't mind participation. Just, you don't need to work for the dragon anymore. You can take it easy. Not spend a dime. I appreciate the daily quests. 

hope they bring the gem quests back though...

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I don't know. I still enjoy doing the events even if i do never get the dragon I still try and have fun in the proccese. Yeah the stuff arn't all that cool but they arn't awful either. I only wish that for the snoggletog one I had spent more time farming, I would have gotten one of the dragons! Anyway, I'm sorry that the joy from events have been taken away from you and I hope  you'll be able to enjoy them again soon. :) 


(If anything offends you, I'm sorry, I'm gonna put this at the end of any of these post were everyone could mad/annoyed)

(also, everytime I read the title I read it in a sassy voice and I don't know why XD)


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Everyone be sassy up in the threads! XD

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I'm so happy they did this. I can be patient. I don't need a new dragon as soon as it comes out, so heck yeah! I don't have to do the events anymore!


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  I am still upset that they might be adding the Night Lights into the store. Not to mention all the other peeps who worked so very hard. I am so sick they would do this and trick players into busting their bottom for a dragon then release it for cheap. My parents bought me so much gems and currency items for events. I won't partcipate with money. When I can get a job I'll be paying my parents back for all the money they spent. A story about Nyx and Hypnos. 3 weeks when they released the teaser for the Night Lights I worked my butt off. My computer broke but that didn't stop me from hitting battles left and right. When Nyx (Dart) was released I had 500 gems... That wouldn't make a dent even though I worked so hard for those gems. I realized I couldn't get her. So I started working for cookies and I wasn't getting nearly enough for the first deadline. So I asked my Mom for Nyx (Dart) she said no. Then my Dad asked what I wanted for Christmas and I wanted Nyx (Dart) so even with complications with buying gems I got her (12/19/2019). Then another extension was given and I wanted to get Hypnos (Ruffrunner). I worked so hard I had headaches everyday and I went to bed very late. For my late birthday present my Dad bought me more gems and I got Hypnos 3 days after my birthday (1/17/2020). You can discard this comment.


tl;dr I am sick about releasing event dragons in the store, Not going to participate in events with money, parents spent money/I want to pay them back, Story of Nyx and Hypnos plus what I went through to get them.



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Just wanted to say that's

Just wanted to say that's really respectable of you wanting to pay your parents back.


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  They went and bought me dragons I really wanted. During some hard times (divorce) so I will pay them back somehow because I want/need too.

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I have all three NLs and I went through censored and high water to get them. The NLs are one of those big ticket prizes. The challenge was demanding but fun. I got something sooooo exclusive. If the store NLs have their stats nerfed I think I'd be a little less upset. But... This is also a really bad business idea. They get a LOT of money in events. Now they won't get any. People know they'll simply release them in the store later for cheaper, and in a bundle so you can actually get MORE than just the dragon itself. 

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A wild outcast has appeared!

To be honest, I was expecting them releasing the Event Dragons after a few years because they did the same with the Hobblegrunt, the Hobblegrunt was released around 2014 and was exclusive because it only appeared for limited times, it's only 4 years afters its release, they decided to make him permanent.


I was expecting them to do the same with the exlcusive ones, have the Dreadstrider and Skrillknapper be available for a limited time in Dreadfall, Night Lights in Snoggletog and Zapplejack in Thawfest and then gone for the rest of the year, then a few years after their release, make them permanent. What took me by surprise is them releasing them this early, 5-6+ months after their release with a massive sale of a mere 800 Gems.


At the least with the Hobblegrunt, they indeed kept their promise of making them Limited-Time Exclusive for 4 years until they made him permanent, the Event-Exclusive Dragons didn't even stayed a year under a Limited-Time Exclusive state.


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50/50 Agree/Disagree

I'm split in my opinion on this, right down the middle. There are items we have not gotten in the store that you can only get during the events, exclusive things they have not and seems like they will not offer. The flightsuits and the dragons seem to be the things being wanted most, so that's the logical reason they were brought back. But if you look back at Dreadfall, there were indeed some nifty prizes you can't buy back. And if they're not here by the time the dragons are, they're not coming. So everything you won in Dreadfall up until the flightsuits may actually be exclusive. There are themed items you won't get back until this next Dreadfall. 


I agree: The hardest items will likely be brought to the store for monetary purposes. It's within their right and good for business so I hold no qualms with this. I don't see their words as lies but they definitely could have chose them better. 


I disagree: The events are not completely worthless now. If you're a completionist like I am or are a collector like I am, there is still reason to participate. Not as rigorously, that much is true, and you can probably relax after you've secured the flightsuit or the item just before it, but to stop completely is a bad idea. 


I say this because if the devs see the monetary pattern change, if they see events aren't earning them as much as they should, they WILL change it. Honestly, by complaining about how we don't want to participate in the events because we can buy the dragon later, they'll stop doing it. You're telling the admins to make sure you have to work yourself into the ground or you'll never earn a new dragon from the events. This helps no one on the forum, and will just make us all kick ourselves harder for making the mistake of underestimating the devs. Sure, they may not read the forums, but they'll notice when the money stops coming in. You can't have a game without money, at least not one like this, so if we all throw in the towel and say "I'm waiting" we might be setting outselves up for real back-breaking work and a ton of regret. 


Sorry that kind of ranted a bit, I just have a bad feeling people are going to think this is gonna be a permanent pattern, but if it's a pattern that costs them money you can bet they'll change it up at the last moment. 


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YES! Like 98% agree! I really enjoy the events and I don't want them to stop. I really do like some of the items I've gotten. Granted some were... not somthing I really wanted but a few of them ARE really cool. Thanks for finding a way to phrase this better then I.

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I agree with some of the things you mentioned but these dragons are not supposed to be easy to get. It's the work that ultimately makes it worth it. This is a real smack in the face to people who really did put in all that effort and time with the PROMISE of an event exclusive dragon. The devs literally said they were EXCLUSIVE to X event. So yes I see them as liars, this is not an event in which these dragons are exclusive. Now if they brought back the Dreadfall/Snoggletog/Thawfest/etc. events and had those dragons as the same prizes I'd be cool with that. Players would actually have to work for it. The events themselves are glitched (all the time) so that sometimes makes it even harder. I mean how is it fair that everyone else had to bust their humps but now these hard-earned dragons are just up for release? If you want to participate in the events by all means, I'm not saying to stop. I'll still participate for the quests and because I have absolutely nothing left to do in the game. But there is no longer an actual NEED for events if they're going to put the dragons up in the store anyway. I refuse to get the Dreadstrider or Skrillknapper out of respect for those who worked hard to earn them. 

And the items? Play DT enough and you'll get better ones. There's a reason these events never show you the stats of the gear...

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Don't deprive yourself of fun like that

I'm gonna get right to the point of my response; Dreadfall was their first event and it was a disaster. If everyone who couldn't get those dragons refused to buy them now, they'd be depriving themselves of something they don't realize they deserve. That's why these eggs don't bother me. You think of it as an insult, I think of it as the game realizing the event was a bust. Now, I will agree if they throw the Nightlights in before Snoggletog that's a bad move, but this is a smart choice on their part. It may be angering some people, but ultimately in this case you're holding too high a standard for yourself. If you got the dragons, especially both, during Dreadfall you were determined yes, but the main thing is luck. I came 23 hours away from failing because of lag and glitches. That would not have been my fault in the slightest, that would be completely on the devs handling the event. But, we have to remember this was their first time executing this sort of thing on the servers. Snoggletog was better but still glitchy, same goes for Thawfest. They've all got their issues, but these last two were do-able. Dreadfall was not. No one got extra medals gifted to them during Thawfest like candies were gifted during Dreadfall because everyone that wanted the Zapplejack had enough time without bugs to get it, generally speaking. They didn't need to gift players this time. The forum may not reflect that but search instagram, yotube, pinterest, and you'll find countless people not on the forums that have the dragon on more than one account. 

I actually won the Zapplejack on two of my viking accounts. That is more than enough proof these events aren't as ridiculous as they seem because no, I did not pay a single cent and I had no gem quests to hoard. There was no special way I did it, I just utilized my time (which most of us have a lot of right now considering the outside world) and grinded.


But to say you're not going to buy dragons that you very well were unable to get no matter how hard you tried because of luck? Don't do that to yourself. That's not respect, that's pride, and you aren't denting your pride by admitting Dreadfall was a failure, coming from someone who has both dragons. So, if I am one of the reasons you're not buying them, let me tell you know: I WANT you to get them so you can have the dragons you deserve. Your bitterness means that you put effort into Dreadfall. It wasn't your fault, and if you don't have these dragons it would be silly of you not to get them now. The people who got them were either lucky, paid, or were using hacks during Dreadfall. They're pretty good dragons for DT; I really suggest you buy them if you want them. If it's really just this "respect" holding you back, please let it go. It's really not an issue of respect, not for these two. Like I said if they go farther than I will question it, but for the Dreadfall dragons this is the right move. 


And as for the items, I'm not talking about DT items. I just mean clothing that you can't get anywhere else, and for example the dragon-sheep you won't get again for a year. From my personal experience, I saved up cookies on Snoggletog to get that LF hat and NL shirt, snowman, ect. It doesn't have to be useful to be fun to have. The Homecoming helmet and flight suit have no benefits, but everyone loves them. It's the little things. ;3 

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I participated in Dreadfall and hit a bunch of glitches. Some of it was luck, but most of it was not. I have the NLs and the Zapplejack and I did a LOT of grinding. No one else had any gems quests to hoard either so that isn't a factor exclusive only to a few people nor was it a glitch only certain people were running into. I didn't pay a dime for any event. I didn't have a ton of gems. Dedication and time. On top of those, real life. NLs were way harder than Zapplejack let me assure you. I repeat. Nobody needs to participate in events for dragons if they can wait and get more bang for their buck, at a cheaper price no less. Events can be fun and I'm not asking anybody to stop participating, I'm just saying there's no need for an actual event since the prize is a dragon and to get said prize you either have to cough up some money or grind like crazy. Now? Alright, you want to participate, that's cool. But now nobody has to pay or grind like they do for those "exclusive" dragons. Once again I am fine if they brought those dragons back as prizes for another Dreadfall/Snoggletog/Thawfest event. But doing this is costing the devs in the end. If they thought they would be soooo generous as to reward players who never worked for those dragons (not say YOU didn't, but by now most players didn't), what does that say to the players who got the prize dragons the hard way? If you didn't participate then you really don't deserve the dragon, that's just the truth of it. If you did, and you could've made it without the glitches, then you kinda get a free pass on that since you put in the effort but were stopped by said glitches (I was there, I remember how glitched it was). I don't see the devs as generous or rewarding. They need players for income and as long as they keep enough players interested, why bother? They care about us stuffing their wallets and when you slow down to truly analyze everything, it's painfully obvious. 

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Singer do you know where my subject disappeared off to?

So true we don't have to work in the events anymore.

These events are all buggy and hard to do anyways. I really don't even bother with them anymore (except for the snoggletog one). These events also happen in the most worst times (well the dreadfall and thawfast events).

I really don't like the events.

(sorry if I made zero sense I'm very tired from not sleeping well)


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I mean I don't mind the quests, but that's probably because I also have nothing left to do (AND I MEAN NOTHING). And without gem quests there's no real reason for me to do any stable quests. Except maybe to finish training my Woolly Howl to level 50 (he's 49 and super close to 50). Aside from that though...I got nuthin'.

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Saaaame. Many times in these events, I realized I wasn't even doing the quests to get the reward tokens, but more for the EXP for my younger dragons who are struggling to grow up through Stable Quests. I really dislike the lack of content that I've been facing these last few years - kind of the main reason why I take long breaks from the game, you know?

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I get on for video ads (gems) and the occasional battle event to get more gems (I always get gold on Titan Scauldron). But aside from that...there's nothing left for me... I wish they'd implement daily quests into the game. Even if they're repetitive with no event reward or gem reward or anything, at least I have something to do.

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ya I only do the quests for

ya I only do the quests for the EXP otherwise I don't particepate in the event

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  For me there is screenshots! >:3 I do tons and tons of screenshots to the point I get "StOrAgE iS FuLl". Then I delete some stuffs and do it all over again. x'D All jokes aside I think it would be nice to have something to do. :')