No emails, no messages?

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Alright. Its been over a week. I've contacted school of dragon support multiple times over several platforms from Twitter, Facebook, email, and even tried to call them (Because they do have that!)

Still. Nothing. Silence, even from Bryn whose very response was just "Contact Support"

Well I did. No one has done a single thing. The least you guys could do is tell me "Sorry, this can't be fixed" and then give me what I need to compensate for atleast a character change (A rename and a customization, and possibly the dragons that I've lost since idk if this glitch deletes your entire character or just your avatar.) Instead I've dealt with a very long silence, and now my character is likely gone. I'm never spending another penny on this game.


Unfortunately you're not gonna find any amazing pics here, sorry.

Though, there are some links to my dragons to view on pinterest. (Yes I'm on mobile, don't judge. Thanks.)