Nine Realms First Impression

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Yarrr, I'm back from the savage sea criminal activity.


The title of this thread may be a little misleading since this is going to cover all 6 episodes. But I don't think my thought on it is cohenrent enough to be consider a review. So bullets points


Start off with the obvious, is the show good? so you may not have to scroll down all the way through


-Yeah, It's good/decent. Not the "Omg Super good and unexpect that warrent it existance!!" but it's not bad. I think it's on par with the feeling I got from Rider of berks in its early days.(ROB early days animation is also rough like this) Albeit ROB has a leg up in being something we're similar with with the beloved characters. As well as having more episodes to extablished itself more instead of just 6. If you watch ROB because you love the characters of Hiccup and Toothless then I'm not sure how you'd feel with this show but if you like me and watch for the 'Meet Dragon of the week!" Type adventure. Then NR does scratch a itches good! If anything you can turn your brain off and watch it casually as another show. Should it in the first place tho? eh....Will I continue watch it and looking forward to future episode? Yes.


-Allow me to bring up Rescue Riders for a bit, but this is quite different from that show. While RR made itself pretty clear that it's it own seperate thing, a bubble that can exist seperately. NR make sure you know it's connect to Httyd. A lot of theme and leitmotif being reprise, Recaping Hiccup's Adventure in the first episode. For some it is a good thing, for some it will be a bad thing. For me personally, I think this is a problem that does happen to all most any spin-off in any franchise. The show feels insecure and doesn't seem to brave enough to stand on its own yet, reference particulary everything; Hiccup and Toothless sharing food, Saying goodbye to dragons, "This is for everything else". Of course this is just the first 6 episdoe. practically a pilots. I hope when it got more episode it will start exploring its own thing.


There's only 6 episode, 2 are the pilot two parter, 3 are the character introduction of the main gang and 1 is a dragon battle climaz akin to a green death. Like last point, this seem over all like pilots and doesn't get a time to explore anything else or get to the meat of the story yet.


-The characters: Tom is a little bland but there're some endearing quality that differentiate him a little from Hiccup. I like how quick it establish who Tom is by the "Trying to tame a polar bear in the zoo" Backstory. As oppose to Hiccup who want to prove himself, Tom's just overly curious that end up constantly breaking rules and get into trouble, He also not particulary friendly or seeking out for friend, that job belong to Our astrid; Jun. Jun is a mix bag to me personally. I think she's too much like Astrid in being this courageous strong girl character but like Tom, there're quality that I like and differentiate her from Astrid too. for one she's a geek if that's the right word. She's like 'dragon!!! I have to tame them!' and like mention is the one bringing in friends more than Tom

My favourite out of the group got to e D'angelo and Alex. D'angelo you'd get an impression that he's gonna be the snotlout but he's such a sweet kid and just here to have a good time. Alex is very much definitely in some spectrum.

I also like the adults characters, and I like the healthy relationship between Tom and his mom


-Representation: Woooo this show has it all!, Autistic coded character? All POC in the main cast save for the main one? Disable Character? Canon explicite LGBT Couple!? you name it.


-The music: To me I think it's more memorable than ROB,DOB,RTTE music but that might be because NR is blasting it main theme every 5 sec, you'd know right away which is the main theme. it may get a little repetitive.


-The dragons: a section for dragon enthusiastic such as myself

Thunder: You know how I and most people feel about Thunder but I think I get use to it over time. Ironically despite the show animation not being the best, Thunder do look better in motion, a bit stiff but having seen him in different angle and sound is better than seeing him in still image in bad angle. Personality wise, I do feel he's too much like Toothless albeit a little more friendly.

Intersting enough. There's a credit storyboard/concept sketch that i really like. It does feed into my theory that in universe Thunder's suppose to looke like normal Night fury/Night light in the show it's just the product of model quality and style of the show.