Nightlight Photo Edits

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So As I said above I would like to do some photoedits. I don't really have anything else to say so here are the rules.


  • Each person can have only up two different pictures
  • I work best in black and white and small amounts of other colors (look at my exambles below)
  • I will not be changing whole body colors as that takes me a really long time
  • You can use these pictures whereever you want as long as you credit me
  • If to many requests are made then I may have to take a break and pause for a while
  • Please tell me if there is a apecific picture you want edited
  • I can edit pictures of only night and light furys
  • When I give you a picture feel free to ask me to fix nything you feel isn't right 

I think thats it feel free to request now.



Welcome to my Signature


Still a work in progress

Lilly, my fearsome siggy gaurdian!

Edited by Me


About Me

 You will probably be seeing me round here and there. In game my name is Sasumian and I am the lader of the clan Firey Forever (which you might notice at the bottom rank of clans). My name Kailuadragons was just there from my email so does anyone know if you can change it. You might have noticed Kailua, which is because I live in Hawai'i but am in no way Hawai'ian. I can draw furys and rainwings (such a variety right, I'm working on it) and do smaller scale photo edits. With my great range of skill I will do some art for people which is really why I wanted to join. I also forgot to say I am a huge fan of Dart and I love cats. I have two cats Magnum and Matlock (both from old detective shows). I do not like the name Matlock as I did not chose it so I call him by his previous name Goldie. I am also a faithful Christian and my dad is a pastor. I am the oldest of my siblings. I think that is it, fell free to ask me anything. It is great to finally be here. ( I started trying to join in mid January and after two months of technical dificulties I was finally able to register... then I had to wait another month for aproval wich I only got yesterday. Talk about patience.)


My Dragons

Virona-Adult Female Sand Wraith-Level 30

Stormrutter-Adult Female Deadly Nadder-Level 21

Rocklen-Adult Male? Gronkle-Level 14

Phantom-Adult Monstrous Nightmare-Level 13

Icecube-Adult Male Groncicle-Level 14

Jolia-Adult Female Armorwing-Level 13

Spade-Adult Female Shovelhelm-Level 12

Levi-Adult Male Shovelhelm-Level 12

Feo-Adult Male Smitten Hobgobbler-Level 12

Windshower-Titan Female Razorwhip-Level 21

Inonia-Adult Female Deathsong-Level 14

Ash-Adult Female? Singetail-Level 13

Anola(supposed to be Enola)-Adult Female Deathly Galeslash-Level 13

Hellbender-Adult Male Eruptodon-Level 12

Eos-Adult Female Dramillion-Level 11

Gecko-Adult Female Flame Whipper-Level 16

Magnum-Adult Male Triple Stryke-Level 13

Caesar-Adult Elder Sentinel-Level 11

Deseret-Adult Female Deathgripper-Level 10

Hide & Seek-Adult Male Hideous Zippleback-Level 10

Socks-Titan Female Skrill-Level 38

Feather-Adult Female Sormcutter-Level 10

Abyss-Adult Female? Thunderdrum-Level 12

Obsidian-Teen Male Hotburple-Level 8

Methane-Teen Male Flightmare-Level 5

My OCs

currently all made by me


    Bases made by Speedyleaf 

Bases made by Peregrinecella

Base made by YoFreashBean


My protective Celestiat, Forest, made by Penguin of Flame 


Some Edits I've Made











After all that art and picture it looks like you've come to the end of my siggy!




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Can I save a spot here? I’m a bit disorganized right now, but I’d really like an edit, they look amazing!


Welcome to my signiture! Ok. I know what you are thinking. What kind of name is A lapse?? So, long story short my name got messed up and now I cant change it. But..welcome to my Siggy!


This is my OC dragon, Nightcloud


And here is my shrine to all things Strike class!

!Strike gif and need help | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon  Games


These super cool banners were made by Dragonriders Fury! Thank you! :)

These pixel dragons were made by the amazing 

chameishida!Thanks so much! (Also, i did not request all of these just went through the thread)
Now, here are some pics I edited:









Here are my dragons in sod: 

Flightmare- Light Fury (that's her name)

Monstrous nightmare- stormfly (funny story when I started, I didn’t realize I was hatching a Nightmare!)

Deadly nadder- Stormfly 

Armorwing- Greyhound

Eruptodon- Lava Eater

Rocky- Gronckle

Howler- Titan Wolly Howl

Lasher- Deathgripper

Wisper- Wispering Death

Dart- Night light

Scout- Flame Whipper


I will keep you updated on my dragons!



Moving on.. here are some art and edits that various people have made for me!

This was a beautiful picture was edited by Eclipse Wraith. Thanks So Much!

This wonderful dragon was made by the AMAZING Tigerli1y! Thanks a lot! :)

This adorable art was made by FireninjaHUN! TYSM!

This Great edit was done by the one and only, Purples and pouncer! Thanks so much!:)

Nightcloud Gif

This cool gif was made by the talented AMAZIEing! Thanks :)

Nightcloud (art trade)

Thanks so much, Warmetalgarurumon for doing this super adorable art of the one and only, Nightcloud! :)


Here is yet another amazing dragon headshot by Tigerli1y! Thanks again!

Well congrats!  you are almost at the end of my signiture! Now, you just have to read through the memes! Have fun!

HTTYD Memes Book 1 - Meme 111 - Wattpad

httyd Memes & GIFs - ImgflipHTTYD Memes Book 1 - Meme 105 - WattpadPin by Isabelle Quini on How train your dragon | How train your dragon, How  to train your dragon, Httyd funny httyd

Allllllllllllllllllllllright! You have officily come to the end of my signiture! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked it! :)

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Thanks, I get it I can make it whenever you have time.

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Thanks so much, it

Thanks so much, it shouldn’t be too long, I hope. :)

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Just your friendly neighbourhood Dragon Lady

Claiming a spot!




okay, that was WAAY too enthusiastic. Sorry. Let's try that again...


I'm brilliantSammythegreat, but you can call me Sammy, Brilliant, or Liberty! (None of these are my real names. I'm not dumb.)

I'm pretty sarcastic sometimes, and i can come off a bit weird... But i have a good reason for that. You see, I have mental health issues, and trouble with my emotions. So please, please try not to talk about gory, upsetting etc. Stuff when I'm around. Please.

I can have horrible grammar, but that's not my fault, it's my tablet. I am known as 'the smart kid' in my entire school, so...

I'm obsessed with dragons.... A lot. Like, the biggest dragon fan in the universe...

I like some other things too! (Duh) I love fantasy, art, writing, singing, and... a lot of other stuff, but you don't wanna be here all day.


I have two in-game accounts, 

One has only one viking (championlunamoonthegreat)

And the other has two:



Moon, flightmare

Nightflare, deadly nadder

Whisperedsong, whispering death

Snowstorm, groncicle

Lapis lazuli, gronckle

Silverstreak, armourwing

Copper, razorwhip

Lotus, daisy, rose and oleander , snaptrapper

Ocean, thunderdrum

Shimmer, woolly howl

Supernova, singetail

Toothless, night fury

Light Fury, light fury


And Dragonempressofberk


Shadow, flightmare

NeapolitanChoc, hideous zippleback

Toothless, night fury

Light Fury, light fury

Opal, Hobgobbler

Oilslick, deathgripper


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Whenever you are ready just tell me or give me a picture of what you want.

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Claiming a spot too!!



                                                               By Hiddenn/Em   


                                         More coming soon. Currently going under a revamp.



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If any of you have time now I need a picture or description of what you want me to do because I have time, I am not doing any others right now.

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 I was taking a while to respond because I was planning on making a new OC, but never found the time.If you want to just play around and see what you come up with instead of waiting, thats fine, I'm sure whatever you make would turn out great! If you'd rather have me make an example first instead, as long as you dont mind waiting a bit, thats fine also.  If you decide to go for it, I was thinking of a light fury with different markings on her fins, around her eyes and on her wings, etc. I was going to go for colors like silver, light blue, and lavender. Either way, thanks so much for your patiance! 

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these look really cool. Can I save a spot?


I was dravas. I had a lot of school work to do so I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.