Night Light invisibility

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So I have Pouncer, Dart and Ruffrunner and I've tested them all. What impressed me is that at at max speed they can actually hit their own fireball while flying and from what I saw in the movie they can actually become invisible. So I was wondering if much option could be added to them, maybe disappear for 30 seconds? You can mess with friends and all. It will make them more unique rather than being a usual dragon. I do this quite often by testing their speed and at what chance I can hit their own fireball and its relatively easier compared to the rest of the dragons. I would love to have it added in the game.

(Btw I still think there should be more skins for the Sand Wraith in the game. And new animation because Its starter dragon at least. Yes, its started dragon but I love it. =.=)


And what if with each 10 levels the dragon's max speed and certain stats increase with 0.1? I think it would make more sense to level up dragons beside the dragon tactics. Especially when it comes to racing.


Heya! Since I don't have idea what to put in here im gonna share my dragons that I have.

(not a clan member neither I'm aiming to become one)



New free art is out! PNG and you can customise them really easily! All I would like is a credit! :D
Here's a link to them if youre interested.!AusqKT34M-7xeWFCsH4oMkRmO94?e=MTIfrO



Here is my table with my dragons. All of them and Information that includes the name, species, class, age/stage and the level they are. I could have included the colors but I wasn't sure if they will be supported. XD



My Top 4 Dragons!

Credit goes to the amazing fellow artist Chameishida


Ashura the Titan Sand Wraith (art by me)                               They are all headshots                                                                              

Ambient the Titan Flightmare (art by me)                                                                                                                          



Specs of Dragons
Names Species Class Age/Stage Level 
Ashura Sand Wraith Tidal Titan 50
AmbientLight Flightmare Mystery Titan 50
Valkyrie Deathsong Mystery Titan 50
Fluff Wooly Howl Strike Titan 33
Toothless Night Fury Strike Adult 33
XEmpress Stormcutter Sharp Titan 28
FireStorm Monstrous Nightmare Stoker Titan 24
Scorpion Triple Stryke Strike Titan 24
Adhira Skirll Strike Titan 23
PlatinumScythe Silver Phantom Stoker Titan 26
SharpWings Timberjack Sharp Titan 23
Shock Shockjaw Tidal Titan 23
SteamShot Scauldron Tidal Titan 22
Duckling Deadly Nadder Tracker Titan 22
IronBite Armorwing Mystery Adult 21
Winter Snow Wraith Strike Titan 21
Grinder W.D Boulder Titan 21
Singel Singetail Stoker Adult 21
Shout Thunderdrum Tidal Titan 20
Ocean Seastormer Tidal Adult 20
Shaman Prickleboggle Sharp Adult 19
Light Fury Light Fury Strike Adult 19
Wizard Flame Whipper Stoker Adult 17
Stoneheart Elder Sentinel Boulder Adult 17
Icy Groncicle Boulder Adult 17
Volcano Eruptodon Boulder Adult 16
Dart Night Light Strike Adult 16
Ball Hobgobbler Mystery Adult 16
Platinum Razorwhip Sharp Adult 14
Himera Chimeragon Mystery Adult 14
Pouncer Night Light Strike Adult 14
Soupra Sand Wraith Tidal Adult 14
Dreamer Dramillion Mystery Adult 10
Whirlfire Typhoomerang Stoker Adult 10
RiverStream Sliquifier Tidal Adult 10
Siren Tide Glider Tidal Adult 10
Steadfast Dreadstrider Mystery Adult 10

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Yes I have know this for a year or two but didn't know if other people had it to. I only have dart but I love flying her for that reason although it doesn't always work in every map. It also seems to work on the sandwraith, but not that often and it doesn't look as cool.


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My Dragons

Virona-Adult Female Sand Wraith-Level 30

Stormrutter-Adult Female Deadly Nadder-Level 21

Rocklen-Adult Male? Gronkle-Level 14

Phantom-Adult Monstrous Nightmare-Level 13

Icecube-Adult Male Groncicle-Level 14

Jolia-Adult Female Armorwing-Level 13

Spade-Adult Female Shovelhelm-Level 12

Levi-Adult Male Shovelhelm-Level 12

Feo-Adult Male Smitten Hobgobbler-Level 12

Windshower-Titan Female Razorwhip-Level 21

Inonia-Adult Female Deathsong-Level 14

Ash-Adult Female? Singetail-Level 13

Anola(supposed to be Enola)-Adult Female Deathly Galeslash-Level 13

Hellbender-Adult Male Eruptodon-Level 12

Eos-Adult Female Dramillion-Level 11

Gecko-Adult Female Flame Whipper-Level 16

Magnum-Adult Male Triple Stryke-Level 13

Caesar-Adult Elder Sentinel-Level 11

Deseret-Adult Female Deathgripper-Level 10

Hide & Seek-Adult Male Hideous Zippleback-Level 10

Socks-Titan Female Skrill-Level 38

Feather-Adult Female Sormcutter-Level 10

Abyss-Adult Female? Thunderdrum-Level 12

Obsidian-Teen Male Hotburple-Level 10

Methane-Teen Male Flightmare-Level 6

Dart-Teen Female Nightlight-Level 5


All My Pixel Dragons Made By Chameishida

My OCs

currently all made by me


    Bases made by Speedyleaf 

Bases made by Peregrinecella

Base made by YoFreashBean


Made by the the talented VicZarSky!

My protective Celestiat, Forest, made by Penguin of Flame 


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subject disappeared like the deathsong armour

omigish i noticed that too!! especially in racing where you accidently fire and notice the fireball travels behind you/into you lol. Also yes that would be absolutley epiccc if SoD added a feature like that.


If full invisibility isn't an option, then some sort of visual distortion would also make sense where the NL's have some cool aura which makes the blend in(ahem invisible lol) or summ,

but the concept of invisibility would be amazing !!


  i also reckon this would be a great addition to the NL's alone since with toothless' new botch.. ahem sorry rework.. he's lookin a little to much like the NL's, and an invisibility feature to differentiate bewteen em would be hella cool!


i'm also full agreement on the sandwraith skins ✨ sand wraith n snow wraith skins when sod....


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