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--- Night Light Adopts ---


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Info and Dragons

I did say I was gonna do some Nightlight Adopts, I had about twenty planned, but only got about ten out.. Although I'm only giving away nine cause I got attached to one... Sorry >.>... I will be doing more if this picks up for sure, but for now, we'll just start with nine.


So, to adopt these dragons, you'll need to give it a name, a full personality (no single word answers, give me details), and a backstory. If any of it's lacking, I'll probably not give it to you, so be descriptive. I put a lot of effort into all of these dragons so I would like them to go people who will actually use them and give them some love. Once you get them, I'll give you the sheet with the chosen name and age and so forth.


This is technically a continuation of my "Fixing the Night Lights" thread from about a year ago... So, the first looks like Dart because that's the one from a year ago and it was the second rendition I did of Dart. I did not do either Ruffrunner or Pouncer cause I got majorly distracted by fifty other things then forgot and gave up... :T


I used various lizard and snake markings to create most of these nightlight patterns. So hope you like them :)


Alright so.

On to the Night Lights



Batch Number Two Found Here




Available to be adopted


For a certain amount of time


Adopted, just getting them ready and posting


Reviewing backstory or picking between two stories.











Anything else?

Anything else?

Aight, I know this seems a tad unfair considering this is the second batch. But I'm gonna throw in some rules now...

These will come into play when the next batch is posted

1. Please be as detailed and descriptive as possible, try and put as much effort as you can into these guy's story. I put a lot of effort into these designs so I would like if you tried a lot too. Just more appreciative, otherwise there's a high chance I'll probably give the dragon to someone else if it's lacking... So, just a warning.
2. Another thing, although understandable why most night lights would be the kids of the canon nightlights (Dart, Ruffrunner, Pouncer). I didn't base any of the night lights off them or other furies, so I'm going to say no more children of these nightlights. The next batch should be independent of the canon dragons, try to branch out and get inspired by more. Not asking for a novel, just a little more than one paragraph.
3. No limit on how many you're allowed, just again, be creative, have it flow. Give others a chance to get one if you already got a few though.

5. Usual rules, you guys were good for it tho, so just gonna skim it. Be nice, no badgering, no stealing the art. Usual stuff. Uhmm.. Credit me for the art, or not, don't entirely care all that much XD Just appreciate the drago's :) 

Should be it...


Will do more nightlights in the future cause those fish ideas look like fun. Plus I didn't get to do all the options you guys gave, so I'd like to get around to all of those too :)

More nightlights in the works

Please don't Directly respond to this post

Thank you

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You are who you choose to be

These look beautiful! 
Nightlight: 1

Name: Starflight

Age: Same as Toothless in Httyd 2, so 20
Gender: Female

Personality: Starflight considers herself to be very independent, not needing companionship. However, deep down, she craves the joy of such things. Once you get to know her, you will find that she has a kind heart and is devoted to whoever she comes to trust.

Backstory: From a young age, Starflight had trouble making friends with the other dragons, even the Nighlights. Nobody really fully understands why, though some have their theories as to the reason. The most probable is the fact that, despite Starflight being a normal size for her kind, she didn't reach that until very recently, later than most of the other Nightlights, and even some of the other dragon species. Because of this, she was rejected by much of her kind, thinking she wouldn't amount to anything, her mother being one of the few who had faith in her. Even though she had her mother's love, Starflight felt that she wasn't good enough for other companions; her mother wouldn't be around forever. So, she made the heartbreaking decision to leave her home and live in solitude. 
It wasn't until years later that Starflight reached normal Nighlight size, due to a growth spurt. However, because of her past, she vowed to never return to her former home, even though she knew her mother must have been heartbroken. While living on (what she presumed to be) the deserted island she found, Starflight came into contact with a small group of Nadders, who were surprisingly very friendly to her. She was initially skeptical and distrustful, but soon came to enjoy the company of these dragons. 
Because of her friends, Starflight has now come out of her shell more than she ever had. She still misses her mother greatly, and promises that one day she will return with her new friends and see her again.

Anything else? No




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 Thank you all so much! :)


Of course, who could forget the beautiful Starflight? Despite her difficult past, she has found the companionship she had craved for so long, thanks to the help of a kindly group of Nadders. Next to her is her newest friend, Quickflash, whose difficult past mirrors Starflight's, but without the kindness of a mother. Starflight rescued her from drowning and the two became great friends. Both created and given to me by the great DyliehIdol1214! :)


Well... um... I guess that's it, for now at least. Enjoy this artwork by ze great Chameishida! :) This is a nightfury designed with a Raincutter skin.

...Ok, I lied. There's just a little more to see. Here's Ripplecloud again. Art by the great DyliehIdol1214! :)

Yay, you've reached the end (for now :D)! Enjoy my mini army of pixel dragons! Done by the great Chameishida :)



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What if I chose to be a dragon?

Awe, poor bb, hope she goes back to visit her mom soon :) 

Here you go :) 

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Thank you!

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Night Light Nr 6 please

I love nr6.



Name: Bighider

Gender: Male

Age: 20 years (as old as Denny[see backstory])

Personality: This big boy is a very playful dragon. He likes chewing on clubs and is always in in some fun. His passion is mimicing other species of dragons and even humans and doing stunts with his human friend in the sky. He loves to fly alongside his partner while he uses his flight suit, which has the same colour as his skin.


Backstory: Bighider is an offspring of Pouncer the Night Light. He is a special version of the Night Light because he also has a grey colour, something other NL's do not have. This was the reason why most Night Lights did not like him. One day, his father Pouncer took him to Berk. There, as a young teenager, Bighider saw humans for the first time. He was scared of them, until the kids wanted to play hide ande seek with him. Because he was very good at hiding because of his blend ability and the fact that he is bigger than most other Night Lights, he got the Nickname Bighider. On a summer day, he met a young boy called Denny. This boy had no friends and was always watching from his favourite cave how other kids are playing. Nontheless, this kid was a huge fan of flying and made his first flight suite at age 10. Bighider remembered this from when he wa young and approached the kid. The kid, first scared, fled deeper in the cave. Bighider follows him and shows him his flying skills. Slowly, Denny gets impresse by these stunts and approaches the dragon. The dragon, happy to see the child is not scared anymore, bonds with the kid. After putting on his flight suite, Denny and Bighider soar trought the sky and do many stunts. They see eachother skills in the skies and become best friends.

10 years later, the bondage between Denny and Bighider is that big, they can understand each other without saying something and can even "communicate" with each other. Now, they are great dragon riders. Nothing stops them from saving other dragons. Together, they rule the skies during battles.

Pouncer, who watched his son all the time, is proud of him.


Anything else: Bighider does not like fish, but prefers sheeps and chickens, just like his friend.


Long live NL's


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  • Red the Rumblehorn, Adult, rescued by DDDenny after being imprissoned by dragon hunters
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  • Scorpion the Triple Stryke, Adult, Hatcheshortly after the egg was held imprisonned by Stormheart. I have only seen his mother but Scorpion looks a lot like Sleuther,...
  • Camo the Flame Whipper, Adult, An eager dragon that first lived on Impossible Island. After the adventures with Skulder and Phlegma on the island, Camo followed us to the school. Most people taught he was a girl, but I knew he was a boy. He is very curious and wants to help everytime, even when he can't help.
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Here you go :)

Awe, a big softie. Love it 

Here you go :) 

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Makkapitew sniped my subject! (Please DNRD)

NightLight: Number 7

Name: Hvit (known to vikings as "The lunar phantom")

Age: Young adult

Gender: Male

Personality: Cautious and reclusive, but very curious and apt to bond with small groups. He also has a very protective side that he expresses from a distance. While open-minded and loving in his own way, there's good reason for his reputation of being spiteful to certain individuals that earn his disdain.

Backstory: (I uh, just couldn't stop. It's long.)


Hvit was born in a clutch of 5 to a male Light Fury and a female Night Fury within a nomadic, oligarchical flock that contained both species as well as their hybrids, but Light Furies were more prevelant. It wasn't his head, but his eyes that made him stand out amongst his siblings and others of his age, a trait that -despite his best efforts- would ultimately play a large role in defining him. As a Night Light, he had the advantage neither in the day nor night for sky camouflage unless flying extremely high or cloaking. As himself, he struggled in the daylight due to extreme photosensitivity. This condition left him nocturnal by choice, sleeping in thick foliage to reduce the chances of sunburn or awaking with a direct ray on his face (it happened at least twice, and he did NOT wake up happy) relying heavily on echolocation on the rare event that the situation required daytime activity. Even a full moon was not preferable, but tolerable at least.
As he grew, his sleeping schedule led to socialization with mostly Night Furies or Night-heavy Nightlights. Despite being a perfect genetic blend of both species, the nurture side of his development resulted in mostly Night Fury behavioral traits. Still, most acceptance would from other hybrids rather than the purebloods. Even the bright flashes of plasma blasts or the firey attacks of other species would generate pain and temporary blindness upon exposure. This led to him being left behind a bit often, seen as a hindrance in most combat, and the more immature young dragons often took to picking on him. This resulted in a tendency to seek companionship from older, more mature flock members
In his early adolescence, Hvit began to rigorously practice his techniques with the aid of the older Nightlights, finding great pleasure in their stories. By his mid-teenage years, his flock had taken up temporary residence on an island filled with deep caverns and thick, wooded marshlands. The resident dragons population was mostly comprised of Speed Stingers, Terrors, and Mudrackers with a few various others deep in the wilds and caves. The geography and biome of the island seemed ideal, leading the group to rest there for a bit longer than their previous "campsites"; but something was lurking.
On a particularly dark and cloudy night, Hvit flew with one of his chosen mentors -a particularly dark adult female Nightlight named Skygge- in the coverage of the thick rainclouds. Upon one fateful echolocation useage, Skygge suddenly grabbed Hvit and slowed the two of them down to a near hover. To be certain of her suspicions, Skygge descended to the ground, instructing her younger shadower to remain silent and follow closely behind her. Her tone of voice made it clear that this was no time to ask questions.
Before leaving the cover of the clouds, the two cloaked themselves for safety. Hvit kept a careful focus on the dim reflection, scent, and nearly inaudible footsteps to avoid losing his mentor. The subject of Skygge's attention was something very foreign to Hvit, located below a large and precarious bluff. There were wingless two-legged creatures without scales, and strange structures that only vaguely resembled the natural rock formations and trees he was accustomed to. Low flames were lit and contained around the place, but they didn't seem fearful. Hvit had fixated so long that he missed the quiet whisper of Skygge urging him to turn and follow her back to their flock, earning him a rather surprising smack on the shoulder to snap his attention to where it currently belonged.
Humans, they had to be. The flock had several run-ins with humans, leading to a mixed overall opinion on them. The general consensus was to avoid humans as much as possible. Once back at their current hideout, Skygge pulled the elders and dominant individuals aside and a decision was made. On this island, a clutch of Night Fury eggs had hatched. One of the newborns was rather ill, so moving was out of the question for the time being. A decision was made to remain in hiding, limiting potential contact with the resident human flock until the ailing hatchling was strong enough to survive a journey... or another event removed the worry. The wiser, more patient members of the flock reaffirmed their tellings that humans were individual creatures, and while they needed to be wary, there wasn't yet any sign that the humans would be a threat unprovoked.
Many members chose to remain hidden, sending Night Furies to hunt by night and Light Furies to hunt on the cloudier days. Of course, protective adults and rebellious youngins would venture near to the human settlement to scope out the scene. Hvit happened to be one of the latter, giving in to his teenage tendencies. Still, no contact was made by the Furies, and any accidental contact with human hunters or gatherers was scurpulously limted if it couldn't be avoided all together, under wariness and the threat of strict discipline by a particularly cranky and generally feared, but well-respected elderly Night Fury couple that the flock relied on for control of the troublesome young.
Over the next few weeks, Hvit had made a habit of visiting the bluff or flying over the settlement under the protection of his cloaking. There was so much to learn. Despite dragons present on their island, this human flock didn't seem to have any particular relation with any of them beyond being pretty avoidant and -justifiably- defensively aggressive towards the Speed Stingers that would harass them or prowl around their homes. The main human settlement sat only around a mile away from the island's coast, with a small camp set up on the shore to store boats and fishing tools. These humans seemed deeply respectful of nature, would only hunt as necessary, dispatch their prey with haste, and were even planting seeds to grow vibrant plants for places of peaceful reflection and resting.
It would be the ocean-side camp that would be the center of much controversy. During the day, a rather self-centered, troublesome, and disrespectful teenage Light-heavy Nightlight named Trassig decided he could be in and out without much trouble. His target, a large basket full of fresh fish that had been left unattended for just a short while. Unfortunately, Trassig's ability to get away cleanly was as poor as his ability to resist temptation, and the delinquent was caught. Trassig managed to get away, but not without receiving a few wounds and making the flock out to be a potential threat.
Over the next several days, adult Furies would report more and more humans searching for something unknown. Everything came to a head when a young adolescent Light Fury was spotted by a small patrolling group of the humans and aggressively harassed with stones until she fled. Her story was met with a deal of surprise. According to previous experiences and accounts, it wasn't expected that the humans would default to aggression upon simply seeing a non-Stinger dragon. On a hunch sparked by the pitiful excuse Trassig had given several days ago, the leaders turned to their favored disciplinarian couple to extract the truth.
The results of the following discussions were tighter restriction on the flock. No Fury would be allowed to leave without direct permission from the leaders themselves. The only ones given permission were mature and responsible adults, and solely for the purpose of gathering food or watching for approaching threats.
These new restrictions weighed heavily on Hvit. He had been captivated by both the natural scenery of the island and the human residents. Every moment of his freetime had been spent on this exploration, observance, and just being in peaceful places. Now he was trapped, 'caged' by his own flock in their camp, kept away from what gave him more joy than he'd ever experienced. Of course, the other youth of the flock felt the same and Trassig was treated as a pariah. The decision was also made to leave with haste. The ailing hatchling had shown substantial improvement, and many felt it was strong enough to survive a move to the nearest island. Scouts had even been sent out to find a safe island close enough to relocate to with a short flight.
The process of moving was underway. The last night spent on the island was a full moon night. One of the more spunky elders of the flock named Gledelig had been discussing with Hvit and took notice that his upset was different to that of the other young Furies. Gledelig -while retaining a lot of youthful spunk and relating with the young much better than others in his age range- was a deeply respected elder Night Fury with much wisdom. One of the more lenient leaders reluctantly agreed to Gledelig's request to go out and catch his own darn fish; but of course, the request was simply a guise.
With some assistance from the other elders that was 'bought' with favors and offerings of food, Gledelig snuck Hvit out of camp for one last flight over the island, much to the youth's delight. Even if irritable over the bright moon, Hvit couldn't be upset for a second. The elder had even agreed to fly over the humans' settlement, if Hvit cloaked and they stayed high in the sky that was. While it was clear that this flight would leave a lasting impression on Hvit for the rest of his life, no one knew just how big of an impact it would have.
Once in hearing range of the settlement, loud crashing sounds and shouts were audible. Gledelig slowed his flight and instructed Hvit to do the same. The former expressed his concern over the wisdom of such an idea, offering to spend more time in the wilds, but once again giving way to his teenage tendencies, Hvit managed to win the elder over with a significant amount of begging, some silver-tongued expressions, and a few promises of repayment. Gledelig led the way, ready to defend the two with his life, requiring that Hvit cloak much earlier than planned.
Once in sight range of the settlement, it was clear that something was very wrong. What could only be defined as an army of new, aggressive humans were laying waste to the residents, likely choosing this night due to higher visibility. Strong human men did not discriminate on gender nor age when it came to their victims. It was nothing short of horrific. Gledelig's usual youthful and fun demeanor very rarely shifted, but at this moment, he was serious and concerned for his 'partner in crime.' This was no business of theirs and no place for a youngin. He demanded that Hvit turn around and follow him back to safety, but the youth had other plans.
Of course Hvit felt guilty about defying an elder, let alone one he personally held in such high regard, but this was injustice that resonated with him. Looking down on the peaceful island residents under seige was no diffeent that seeing dragon hunters take innocent dragons into a life of misery if not taking their lives all together. After a quick, apologetic glance back at Gledelig -one that likely wouldn't be so easily detected by him either way-, Hvit dove sharply towards the settlement. The gust of wind was enough to make the action obvious even if the perpetrator was currently nearly invisible, prompting Gledelig to chase after Hvit, using  echolocation to take note of the target's general position. Not even the most youthful and energetic attitude could take the age out of the elder's body. The distance between the two was only growing, rapidly.
In the matter of seconds, the notorious whistle of a diving Fury filled the air. A bright purple light descended towards the settlement at lightning-like speed. Finally, a massive explosion of plasma brought devastation onto a section of the invading army far enough away from the natives' settlement to ensure any damage was minimal. Hvit's motivation to train throughout recent years would prove invaluable this night. Some invading warriors were treated to further plasma blasts from an elusive black and white blur. One saw the black scales of the unknown beast as it tore him from his assault and cast him towards the ground at high speed from an altitude of no less than 30 feet. The onslaught of mysterious attacks stopped as soon as it had started with a strange roar. Those that saw the final event would go on to describe the multi-colored entity rapidly disappearing into the shadows after a dark figure ran into it.
Whatever halted the onslaught wasn't fast enough. The members of the army that remained alive and able-bodied were thoroughly overwhelmed and spooked, enough to flee with little second thought. Thoroughly confused and still full of adrenaline, the native soldiers chased their enemies, ensuring they wouldn't return.
Meanwhile, deep in the wilds of the island, Geldelig flew with Hvit in his grasp, barely able to retain a hold on the struggling young Fury. The elder approached the ground, cast Hvit down, and pinned him under his superior weight. While there was a sensation of guilt for defiance, Hvit responded to the thorough scolding with very little remorse for his actions. It was obvious that major rules had been broken, but outweighing that con was the pro of saving innocent lives. Ultimately, Geldelig understood the motives of the teenager, though he was still furious over the act that nearly gave him a heart attack out of sheer panic. In Geldelig's mind, he was deeply relieved that he pulled Hvit out of the situation alive, furious at the teenager's actions, but knowledgeable of the fact that it was himself that brought said teenager out here in the first place.
After being dragged back to the flock, Hvit answered for his actions, telling his full story with minimal guilt. Geldelig admitted his own fault, though refused to throw his fellow elder accomplices under the ship. The decision was made to leave for the planned island immediately; but Hvit just couldn't quiet that voice in his head. Hvit objected, at least on his own part.
This wasn't the first time that a member wanted to leave the flock. In fact, just this year two had left to pursue their own lives with external mates, all to bittersweet, but accepting farewells. This wouldn't even be the first time that a teenager demanded to leave. Hvit's parents and more familial siblings staunchly objected, starting a discussion among the entire flock. After a rather mature and theatrical speech from the teenager, Geldelig's descriptive recount of his significant fighting capabilities, and the testimonials of several mentors that had observed Hvit's progress and drive to better himself, the flock's leaders came to a conclusion.
It was decided that the red-eyed Fury was mature enough to understand the consequences of his discision, and skilled enough to defend himself as needed. Of course, his family was worried, but ultimately accepted the choice of their son and brother on the condition that they be allowed to visit the island occasionally. The goodbye was as bittersweet as any, not to mention the sting of losing such a young member. Hvit watched his family, his community, all he had ever had from birth fly away as the sun's light broke over the horizon. The few tears in his eyes weren't from looking at bright light, but a smile did form on his muzzle. It was rather befitting that this event occurred at dawn. An entirely new life had begun.
The first time waking up alone was a tad jarring. It felt like everything had been a dream, but reality soon set in. Still, Hvit knew deep down that this was his purpose.
The night of the most recent invasion had been prime discussion for weeks to come. The islanders had no knowledge, no previous contact, and no records of Furies. All they had were legends of the 'Unholy offspring of lightning and death itself', acquired from traders; so it wasn't surprising that no bells were ringing at the sound of this entity's diving whistle, roars, or even its plasma blast. Gossip and theories spread along with 'inflated' accounts. All that was known for certain was that in a time of great duress, barely visible, multi-colored, plasma-spitting entity showed up for the first time and drove off their enemies when all hope seemed lost. Not a single native had been targeted, and not a single native would be over the following weeks. Was it some deity? An ancient island spirit? The pet of either? To the knowledge of their culture, dragons weren't known to take it upon themselves to assist humans. Nothing was clear other than the fact that whatever this thing was, it was highly protective.
Weeks turned into months. Due to this strange entity's habit of only being active at night, its first appearance on a full moon night, and the increase in aggression on such nights, it was dubbed "The lunar phantom" No one had seen more than a black and white blur, and even those 'sightings' were extraordinarily rare. A few stories told of glowing red eyes in the darkness, but those accounts were chalked up to being just another rumor. However, another fateful night was yet to come.
There hadn't been a Speed Stinger attack on the humans in months. The final attacks had been repelled by The lunar phantom's now unmistakable purple fire explosions. An easy meal target had been lost, increasing the Stingers' necessity to hunt and overall aggression. Thankfully, the warrior natives were able to fight off any lurking packs when it was necessary to venture out of the village walls, and accompanied hunters on their missions to provide for the tribe. It wasn't quite clear just how one of their younger children was able to sneak away from supervision during a nighttime rainstorm, but the tiny footprints leading to a fallen tree just large enough to act as a ladder over the wall were very telling of, well, part of the story.
Panic swept over the village. The missing child was the daughter of the chief's best friend and second in command. Orders were given to sweep the area. She couldn't have gotten far after all. As the rain increased, what trail there was had been washed away. Hours had gone by since the discovery. Wracked with grief and guilt, the child's mother fled the village walls in search of her daughter against the commands of the chief himself, and her own husband.
Deep in the marshland, the trills of Speed Stingers on the hunt surrounded a shaking, crying human child. Deeply remorseful of her curious actions, the child only wanted to be home in her bed, rapidly making unintelligable promises to never wander again. She clutched her stuffed toy, crying out for the mother and father that whose ears weren't powerful enough to detect the wails across that far of a distance. There was however, one being that did hear her.
At just the right moment, an explosion of purple fire threw two concealed Speed Stingers back into the woods. With their opportunity for an easy snack rapidly fleeting, the voracious hunters charged the defenseless child only to be met by blast after blast, many of which landed directly on the Stingers with a fearsome accuracy. There were just too many, they were just too desperate for food. This child was about to experience something that no villager had ever come close to feeling: flight.
In an unprecedented act, The lunar phantom picked up the little girl and took her high into the sky. She cried out of surprise and fear, first struggling against its incredible grip; but soon clinging for dear life to its... hand? It's leg? Whatever held held her firmly to its body, preventing a lethal plummet. Two strange, squeaky roars came from what must've been its mouth. After only around a minute in the air, the mysterious phantom descended into a safer, and more dry wooded area. The phantom landed and set the child down with the upmost care to be gentle. Not a single Stinger could be heard nor seen here. Still trembling, through her tears the little girl laid eyes upon a black, scaly creature with a white head and piercing red eyes. Maybe it was the fact that the phantom had saved her, maybe it was some stage of shock, whatever the reason, she froze and her sobbing ceased. This, was The lunar phantom, up close.
The phantom stared at the child for only a moment, but it felt like time stood still. The rain stopped hitting her body when it stretched a massive black wing over her head, using it as a roof. Sounds that were familiar, but a bit hushed preceded the sounds of exploding fire high above. The cloudy, star-less night was illuminated by flashes of purple that occurred every few seconds.
It wasn't hard to miss the flashes, even for the furthest search party that had made it miles in the wrong direction to the site of the initial Stinger hunt. The lunar phantom was active, but what was it doing? Could it be warning a threat away or... signaling? With no long-distance communication, it was up to the head of each party to decide whether to abandon their search area to follow a hunch or continue their current plan of action. Several would choose the former, but none would make it before the hysterical lone searcher.
The wife of the village's second in command, and the lost child's mother beheld the bright blasts. What could only be attributed to insanity, maternal instinct, a message from a higher power, or a mixture of all options prompted her to follow the blasts. Though the woman's heart was beating out of control, it felt like it had been still for hours. Adrenaline and determination allowed her to run at a speed she never had before, praying that she would see another blast the very instant the previous explosion's light faded out.
The sound of frenzied footsteps would catch the protective creature's attention a while before that of the child's. She had been holding the scaly body in a vice-like grip for comfort and security, and somehow, she was able to tighten it when she could hear an approaching being. When this unknown visitor approached them, the blasts ceased. The wing above the child's head descended quickly but carefully to better conceal her incase this approaching creature wasn't friendly.
In the darkness occasionally illuminated by lightning bolts above, a dark silhouette was visible. When another bolt of lightning cracked through the sky, for just a moment, a bright white head and speckles were visible on this... thing... creature? A low purple light was visible before a tiny ball of purple fire shot a short distance away and burst on a long dead log with a small explosion. What little dry area the log had burned for only a few seconds before being extinguished, creating a dim light that lasted a bit longer than the lightning flashed. In that brief moment, the shaking woman beheld a white head that, in contrast with the black body, almost glowed in the low light. The piercing red eyes though, did have slitted pupils that briefly glowed with the quickly extinguishing fire and every lightning flash, and would grow slightly. Not a sound escaped her mouth, and her thoughts contained no words.
The two beings stared at each other for only seconds before the child peeked out from under The lunar phantom's protectively postured wing and began crying out. This thing obviously wasn't human, but whatever it was, it understood a message that didn't even need to be spoken in a language it probably wouldn't understand anyway. The child ran towards the woman, but was beaten by the adult's speed as the mother all but tackled her child into a desperate embrace. Both humans sobbed, clutching each other tightly. Above them, a large purple explosion illuminated the sky before a gust of wind blew against their soaked bodies and the leaves rustled greater than they had been in the wind. The lunar phantom was gone. It wasn't long before one of the search parties came across the now lone pair. One of the men threw his warm tunic over the woman while another wrapped the child in his own. Despite her shock and frenzy of emotions, the mother felt compelled to look back. In the remaining half of a second that a lightning strike's illumination faded, she caught a glimpse of those piercing red eyes glowing in the darkness, fading just as quickly as the lightning's light.
A wave of relief washed over the entire village with the safe return of both mother and child. The summoning horn echoing through the storm brought this relief to the distant search parties who were able to return home without guilt. In the morning, when a restful sleep had calmed the incredibly distress of the night, the woman spoke to her people of a being that embodied the night sky, darkness, moon, and stars. The only thing that set it apart was its pair of bright red eyes. The fact that everyone had seen those explosions of purple fire, the fact that she and her daughter had been found where they had originated from, everything fell together to suggest that this wasn't a crazed hallucination from a mother in the worst grief of her life. The wife of the second in command and her daughter had seen The lunar phantom.
In the coming days, the chief had ordered many scouting parties out into the night. The second in command would spend nearly all night wandering through the woods on clear nights with shiny trinkets and food. Their goal was to contact the phantom and express their immense gratitude to it; but it never showed itself. Several glimpses of red eyes located upon the bluff overlooking the village, with the earliest account set just before the night of the invasion and the phantom's first appearance. It was thusly decided that this would be the chosen location.
The entire village chipped in whatever they could, not knowing whether or not their guardian was watching. The fruits of their labor was a grand altar-like construction on the highest precipice of the bluff with two lanterns. Here, they placed offerings of food, gold, and other shiny trinkets. Over time, they learned that The lunar phantom would only visit if no one was present in the area, it would very rarely take anything other than meat, and every time it visited, the lanterns would be found extinguished in the morning. No one would end up seeing the phantom directly, but a few extremely lucky and careful observers would be able to catch a glint of light on its white scales or sight of its glowing eyes in the light of the lanterns, stars, or moon.
As the months became years, many more rumors, interpretations and legends were formed both on and off the island. The little girl's memories of her harrowing experience had all but faded away, but a mother never forgets.
Wild stories from the most memorable invaders as well as survivors of the armadas that would go on to attempt a pillage afterward would tell of a mysterious being that protected the island. Over time, the message grew clear. Should anyone venture to the island with ill intent, an unknown entity that controlled the power of purple fire would bring its full wrath. A threat's final sight upon this Earth before being sent to their demise would be bright eyes, glowing red with fury.

Anything else? Hvit's favorite posession is a prismatic crystal once left as an offering, which he keeps among other posessions in his deep cavern lair. 

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Can I respond now :? XD

Whoa, I loved reading that. Love the detail and life you breathed into this dragon and his motives :) I thoroughly enjoyed designing this one, so I'm glad he's going to a good life 

Here he is :) 

Full version 

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Yeah sure, heh

Thank you! :D I greatly enjoyed building the character, and found myself writing for hours trying to make sensible mindsets and motives on all sides and make minor characters as influential as they would realistically be in their given situation. I'll admit, I got a bit redundant, but I do hope the story had enough term variety to maintain a good flow. To his dragon community, he was just another Fury but with overly sensifive eyes. To humans, he's essentially the fury of the night itself without the context of the Night Fury species, feared but also loved. I wanted to capture a more direct 3rd person story-telling tone in the first half, with the second half taking on that of a "brand new myth come true" type of account, intentionally limiting my focus on his perspective when not "on camera" and eliminating any established personification of Hvit to ephasize his mysterious and foreign impression. He's a living cultural legend before the legend is lost to the past, with the historical records marred by mistranslations, speculation, and rumors over the coming centuries.

(He totally has a high ki.ll count and only feels slightly bad at times)

(Also, I see typooooos. Such is life, xD)

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I love the detail you gave, and it flows really well together. I really hope you're able to do more with him. 
Funnily enough he kinda reminds me of Manny from Faceless Neil, and his ominous nature to the villagers actually fit that well and it's amusing. 

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I love night light 8

Nightlight: 8
Name: Snowblaze
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Snowblaze is very adventurous and loves going on long expeditions to nearby islands. He's caring and loving at the same time, always willing to help when someone needs him.
Backstory: Snowblaze was born to another light fury and Ruffrunner. However, he had orange and blue all over him, which was extremely rare. The light fury didn't exactly take a liking to Snowblaze because of that, but Ruffrunner cared about his son. He taught Snowblaze how to hunt and fight to protect himself and to never hurt other dragons unless he absolutely had to. Then when Snowblaze was 3, his mother had had enough of seeing him so she took him to a mountain outside the hidden world and left him there, barely having the skills to survive. She thought he would just starve so they could start over with a spawn that would look more like her and Ruffrunner, but Snowblaze surprised her. He spent many years on that mountain, hunting and exploring the new big world he wasn't used to. Finally he figured out the place his mother abandoned him was icestorm island. So, he found the ice caves at age 7 and started living there. It was perfect. Plenty of fish and meat, the dragons were friendly, and it was warm all day all night. Eventually he even became friends with a Groncicle name snowlight. Finally at age 14, he decided to go back and check on his parents, promising snowlight he would visit again. When he got home, Ruffrunner hugged him close and his mother was clearly shocked to see he was alive, two young night light babies at her feet. Apparently, the light fury had told Ruffrunner that a wolf had gotten a hold of him and it had taken him before she could stop it.. Snowblaze told his dad the real story and Ruffrunner was very annoyed with his mate. She had to promise never to do something like that again, or they would part ways. So Snowblaze was happy again in the hidden world, but often ducked out to go on expeditions to other islands and to visit snowlight. At age 16 he told his parents he was going back to icestorm Island but would visit them while on adventures. After saying his goodbyes, he headed out, ready for any adventure that came his way.

I think that fits everything! Thanks for doing these night light adopts again!


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Think he loves you too

Awe Snowblaze, at least he’s out exploring is still loved by his dad :) 

Here you go :D

Full Version

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Thanks a bunch

Yay! Thank you!!

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and wanting a new spooky red eyed dragon. 






Personality:Shy and often hides, especially from night furies. He often cries in his sleep missing his parents. He prefers to stay alone and is always on the move, never staying on one island for more than a few days.


Backstory:Because of his unusual patterning he as feared by his tribe, they thought he was a "cursed hatchling", a dragon that would bring bad luck or misfortune to thier home. For years he was excluded from activities in his tribe, as they beleived he would someday bring thier tribe to ruin. 


When he turned 8 he had a growth spurt, making himself about a foot taller than an average dragon his size. Lodun, the alpha, thought this was more proof he was cursed.


When he was 10 the Lodun had decided that he would be to dangerous and should be killed. His parents learned about the plot to have him killed and warned him. In order to keep him safe they told him to fly away and never return.


For years he travled the archipelago for yearfor years looking for a place to call home, where he would be accepted. Over the years he was feared by both human and dragon alike, earning the nickname "The Ghost". 


Eventually he grew to miss his parents, so he traveled back to his home island to search for them. When he returned everydragon stared at him in fear, thinking that he was dead. He searched the island, everywhere from the nesting grounds, to the forest, and even the caves. After days of searching he demanded to Lodun that he tell him what happened. Lodun said that his parents were concerned for his safety and left to search for him. He left the island one last time to find his parents. He traveled the archipeligo, convinced that they were still alive. Every day, if he was not succsesful, he would wait until nighttime and scream to the stars, "EVEN IF I DONT FIND THEM IN THIS LIFE, I'LL FIND THEM IN THE NEXT!"


(this is probably terrible)

Anything else?nope



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Titan-Adult male deadly nadder

Callisto-Adult male whispering d.eath

Pluto- Adult female armourwing

Diamond-Adult male monstrous nightmare 

Sirius-Adult female monstrous nightmare

Ganymede-Adult male monstrous nightmare

Mimas-Adult male hobgobbler

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P-nut the scarlet macaw by Dravas

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Typhoon the Aquatic Fury by Slargvarg

Flicker the Skyfire by Toothless0603

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Sorry Joy, you need more detail to get nightlight 5 

Edit: You wanna try that one again Joy?

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What do you mean by that?

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The story doesn't really match the dragon, nor is it very detailed. May you flesh out the story a bit more? If not, I'm going to have to reopen it

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Blacksand dipped the subject in chocolate and ate it...


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Backstory:  Eclipse was created and hatched in a lab(same lab where one of my other OCs were created) in an attempt to make the most powerful night light.  The scientists imagined a large dragon wing powerful, huge wings, sharp claws and teeth, and enough firepower to destroy an entire city.  Unfortunatly for them, the dragon they got was a short weakling.  One of the scientists decided to kill the dragon, but the other scientist wanted to train him.  He put his hand near the dragon's snout, but the night light fled, and sliped through a gap in the door.  He was forced to survive alone in the wild, avoiding any human contact, he even named himself Eclipse.  Eclipse still remains wild till this day, but there are rumors of people spotting him among the stars.

Anything else?  No.





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Skittles-adult male gronckle

Klad-baby male gronckle

Coldvein-teen male groncicle

Iceberg-adult male groncicle

Sparksaw-adult female whispering death

Snuggly-adult male whispering death

Ella-baby female whispering death

Pendant-baby female whipsering death

Geode-adult female snafflefang

Heartkeep-teen female eruptodon

Broski- baby male eruptodon

Noodle-adult male grapple grounder

Sunstone-teen female shovelhelm

(eruptodon in hatching)

(eruptodon was literally in hatching for over a year)


Mystery Class

Glimmer-adult female flightmare

Ice-adult female flightmare

UltraViolet-adult female flightmare

IronTail-adult male armorwing

Bandit-adult male armorwing

Pinky-adult female armorwing

AirFire-adult female armorwing

Spark and Sparx-teen male/female* zippleback

Sugar and Spice-baby female zippleback

Dude and DJ-baby male zippleback

Red and Sus-baby male zippleback

Trixy and Trickster-baby female zippleback

Sweetclaw-adult male sweet death

NonToxic-adult female slitherwing

(spot reserved for Titan the Chimeragon)

(spot reserved for Nebula the Cavern Crasher)

(spot reserved for Bits and Bobbles the Ghastly Zapplejack)


*Spark is male and Sparx is female







My little pixel dragon army were made by Chameishida!  Beware!  THEY ARE READY FOR WARR! >:D



(yes, i know its not a corner just-uhhh...)







Snow the Night Fury by Dravas



Titan the Chimeragon by Dravas









Ekkar done by Toothless0603





Stardust done by Frost Shards







These two wonderful Ikran-Hybrids are made by the fantastic Toothless0603

Frostflake by DyliehIdol1214








The Guy XD by Joy_The_Terrier



Zephyr by toothless0603


want a skyfyre like this? its my fandragon! get one here:



Nyx the Brawler Stryke by ZestyDragonWing!





Blacksand by LissaFish


Blacksand by Tigerli1y



Blacksand by WoollyHowlEra

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait wait wait wait

NightLight: 9

Name: Neofane

Age: 20

Gender: male

Personality: Neo is a nocturnal dragon, preferring to do his exploring and wandering alone with the stars. He dislikes socializing and small talk, but tolerates it mildly. He has very few close friends, and he likes it that way. Neofane is rather open-minded but likes to be productive with his time. While he doesn't like interacting with others much, he remains nice, if a bit impatient, with others. He always seems sleepy during the day due to his nightly explorations so he usually finds a peacefully quiet spot to catch a few hours of rest before returning to the normal social dragon life. He loves the thrill of adventure and new things, but is rather cautious when there's any sign of danger. He isn't considered a cowardly dragon, but he isn't known for any reckless or foolhardy behavior either. Neo can be a bit distracted at any given time, but does his best to stay focused on the task or activity at hand. 

Backstory: It's said that Neofane was born tired and only comes alive at night. Neo nearly gave his mother a heart attack when he first went off exploring at night on his own. Despite many warnings, threats, and groundings, Neo always found a way to bypass his mother. Neo grew up relatively normally aside from that. When he reached adult age and size, Neo began to leave the Hidden World often in hopes of finding new things. He wasn't disappointed. He's travelled far and wide, memorizing routes and wind patterns along the way. He finds humans to be a very interesting, laughable species that can, at times, be very frightening and dangerous. Despite their lack of natural defense, they've managed to survive in the animal world for this long, piquing Amya's curiosity. He has made it a goal of his to watch humans at any given opportunity in hopes of figuring them out. The idea of a dragon allowing a human to ride them was such a foreign, interesting idea that Neofane has determined to find a rider for himself now. However, he's learned from his hidden vantage points that not all humans have a dragon's best interest at heart. He's earned a few scars from the times he's almost gotten caught. Luckily, he was able to escape each time, taking a few fortunate escapees with him. 

Anything else? not really; has a few scars from dragon hunter weapons


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Brave boi, good luck to him in trying to figure humans out, we can barely figure ourselves out XD

Here you go :D

- Swapped for another nightlight -

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Shiny the Night Fury plasma blasted my subject. Sorry!

NightLight: 2


Name: Amur


Age: 18 


Gender: Female


Personality: Like the leopard species she's named after, Amur is quite reclusive and shy. Despite the frigid temperatures she lives in, she's quite the opposite when you get to know her! Amur is calm and sweet to those she trusts and skittish with those she's not. She's too much of a sweetheart to get into any kinds of fights.


Backstory: Amur was born to a brood of four dragons: one night fury mother and two nightlight siblings. Despite being the first to hatch, she was the runt and was often picked on by her siblings. One winter food became so scarce that her mother left her on the craggy cliffs of a mountainous island home to a skrill. The skrill, an old, gruff male with nothing better to do, decided to raise her himself instead of killing her. He taught her how to hunt, fish, fly, and fight. The two often went adventuring together, though Amur eventually wanted to reconnect with her mother, knowing that she had abandoned her out of desperation rather than enmity. The skrill, who she called Gruff despite him claiming to have no name, agreed to help her. Amur and Gruff set out and eventually found her. However, neither could get close because she was on Vanaheim. Amur's mother spotted them from the ground and flew up to meet them, hovering at the edge of the invisible barrier the sentinels guarded. Her mother told her that the day she gave her up was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Her siblings had both died the next winter and that was the last clutch of eggs she'd had because she was old. Amur's mother thanked Gruff for taking care of her, and Amur and her mother embraced before she went back to Vanaheim to live out the rest of her days. Amur ended up meeting a male night fury a few years later and had a clutch of five eggs. She, her mate, and their kids visit Papa Gruff every week!


Anything else? This was such a fun idea of an adopt event! Love reading everyone's forms! :)




Welcome to my signature!



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Drawn by the wondefully talented, XxSilver.NightxX, this is my main viking, Lightning Storm my skrill, and Einar my triple stryke. I am eternally grateful!


Drawn by the amazing Alicornbrodie. Thank you so very much!


Midnight Sun the Sinistrous Woodreaper by the talented chameishida! Thank you so much!



The Ravers roleplay cast by S-Ham. That was so thoughtful of you!


Shiny again, by the awesome nightfuryatom! Thank you!


Emerald, drawn by the super talented DyliehIdol1214!


Darkmoon, also drawn by DyliehIdol1214!



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Need Some Fire Control?

Awe that was heart warming, feel bad for the mother tho... Hope Amur's kids learn as much from Gruff as Amur did from

Here you go :)

Full Version

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Tracking will edit it later 



Hello Everyone im Zero Radioactive and Welcome to my signature!

I been SOD Forum for 3 year! 

My Favourite colour is Black, Green, Purple, Light Blue, White, Gray


My Ocs!

Thank to amazing artist who made it!

Artist Credit- NeverendingSilverstorm                      Artist Credit- Dogloven

Artist Credit-  Snudoo                                                Artist Credit- Slargvarg

Artist Credit- DrakeTheDragon5567        Artist Credit- Flitt

Artist Credit- FireFlash           Artist credit- ???(Skrill cant remember who made this if u know who plz pm me)

(pm me if u know who artist of this Skrill cant remember who made it) Artist Credit- Zikta

Artist Credit- Tigerli1y        Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro Neon!)

Base credit- wyndbain on deviantart                              Artist Credit- AndreaEaston

both were credit by ZestyDragonWing

Artist Credit RedHoodJason      Artist Credit- Dogloven

Artist Credit- Frugal

Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro Takagi n Miwako!)

Both Base were credit by AriaAngelWing on Devianart (Kogoro Is Blue/Purple and Ginzo Is Green)

Both Edit Artist Credit- WoollyHowlEra

both Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Kogoro is toothy and Ginzo is werewolf)

Both artist credit- DyliehIdol1214

All 3 Artist Credit- Tigerli1y

Artist Credit- Snudoo

Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro Ginzo n Kogoro!)



Artist Credit- Madoka Miyazono                      Nightlight's colour/pattern

Artist Credit- Toothless0603       Artist Credit- Frost Shades

Artist Credit- WoollyHowlEra

 Artist Credit- Snudoo (Blue eyes is Night n Striker Male Nightlight and Green eyes is female Nightlight Wind n Sky)

Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro nightlight! Night, Striker, Sky and Wind!)







My oc hybird of Spinosarurs x Indominus Rex (Spinominus Rex)

and her name is Spiny Rex!

Artist Credit- Tigerli1y 



Thank you for scrolling down on my signature! here have a cute snake!

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Blue and Blacksand and Joy, you guys need some more detail in their backstories and personality to get those

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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I know there's only a few left, so I'm going to start working on some more now.
Be sure to send some designs you want to see on a nightlight. (Not your oc nightlight). I'm running out of patterns in my photo's so need some more inspiration to go off of XD

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Makkapitew sniped my subject!

Will those that were given a Nightlight be able to claim another further down the line? Your art is truly amazing, and I'd love to flesh out another character; but I don't want to take any more than my fair share if these precious fellas are in short supply.

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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Oh no, you can grab another nightlight, even from the current batch if you wish, I'd love to see what more you'd come up with

AlgidStatic's picture
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Amazing! I'm gnna wait it out and see if anyone else comes to take these guys once they're off the holding period. I'd love to see just which new ones join the party aswell. I'm so glad that I got here early, cause it's no surprise just how popular they became in such a short period of time.

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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OH for sure

Kinda feel bad I only got nine out right now... XD And ended up stealing the tenth, but he was too gorgeous to let go... >.> I'll make up for it I swear...

AlgidStatic's picture
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No worries!

Don't worry about it. The fact that you're doing this at all, let alone for no monetary fee is more than enough.

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Shiny the Night Fury plasma blasted my subject. Sorry!

Well, I'm officially going to be stalking this post then, lol. Honestly this is a great way to give out adoptable dragons. 

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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Kinda figure it would give people more reason to collect the dragon rather than just a shiny trophy dragon basically. Gives them more life and want to use :)

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The Bird Queen
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“You are who you choose to be.”

Hey Dyl, if you're still looking for ideas regarding your next group of Nightlight adoptables, I have a few ideas for some cool patterns.
African fat tailed gecko. It's simple but effective and neat patterning. I know one night light adopt already has a white stripe, but maybe another one can have one as well, this time in a different spot, I dk.


The shell of a Hawksbill sea turtle. Ok, this is a very complex and detailed design/pattern, but you can do your own interpretation of it if you want.


Sand lizard, female. I found the female pattern of this species to be quite neat.

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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Funnily enough, I actually used that very same leopard gecko's design for one of them, probably the white striped you're talking about XD


The other two look good, I might try them out

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The Bird Queen
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Oh duh, yeah, I thought it looked familiar! XD

AlgidStatic's picture
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Oooh, inspiration aid? I have a few scaly subjects in mind

The yellow-bellied slider turtle, I had one of these cool dudes as a kid. They have a touch of pattern variety, and can make for a a great muse. <3 (Turtles deserve love too!!)

The New Mexico Whiptail lizard. Fun fact: Some Whiptail species defy biology by being a female-exclusive species. They basically clone themselves and a few mutations are tacked on sometimes.


Desert Ghost
Axanthic ball pythons are great because they can come in a multitude of morphs. Each of these creative monochrome beauties are one of a kind despite displaying very little coloration outside of black and white (not gonna lie, this can easily open the door for a monochrome calico-like pattern!!).



The white-lipped python. These awesome noodles come in black and white (some browns too), AND have iridescent scales!!

You've shown intrest in blues, thus: The blue spotted tree monitor. Blue in nature, it's rare and amazing.


The desert horned lizard. As though looking like an actual dragon wasn't enough, like other horned lizards, these little guys can squirt blood from their eyes as a defensive mechanism. Hey, a dumb (but interestingly cool) idea isn't dumb if it works.


Good ol' Gila monsters, the babies are the zebras of lizards. Are they tan with black markings or black with tan markings? A biologist might be able to tell you...


Zebras? Lizards? Zebra tailed lizards! When dealing in Nightlights, can you really have too many black and white reptiles? These guys say, "Nope. Just don't forget our fabulous bellies!"



Oh Australia, you never dissapoint when it comes to animals. The Australian water dragon: Always watching, always rocking the makeup.



They say you can grow up to be anything, so these guys became butterflies. Flying lizards?! Okay you got me, they don't actually fly, but those skin flaps do allow them to glide from tree to tree. They all have such beautiful wings, it's impossible to pick an individual. They have dewlaps too because why not? If you ever considered butterfly-esque patterns, but wanted to stick to reptiles as inspiration, these little guys are your prime opportunity.

The Bird Queen's picture
The Bird Queen
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Omg, those pythons are GORGEOUS! You came up with some great ideas!

DyliehIdol1214's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 11/29/2017

Those look amazing!
I did actually use a few piebald snakes, but didn't use too many of them for this batch. Will also want to use that iridescent scaled white lipped python too.

I'll for sure use all the inspirations you guys sent, they look amazing :)

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Makkapitew sniped my subject!

You're pumping out Nightlights a lot faster than I thought you would :0
Do you have an estimated time (including zone) that you'll be posting them? I'll be at work for several hours in the afternoon-late night, but I want to be sure I check the forums in time to reserve one before they're all snatched up (I'll have to reserve in the moment and write the character sheet later when I get home).

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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I got about 3 more nightlights left and 3 more surprise things left too, so it'll probably in a few days. Maybe Monday, or tomorrow if I'm fast enough. I'll try to them at night, maybe 11 pm mountain time. Just so it's there in the morning for everyone to see 


I think you guys will like this batch a lot, lots of variety :) 

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Solveig the Fair
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*quietly waits in the shadows*

Just tracking this beautiful art.

I fell in love with the second dragon's black eyes, so deep and dark but far from empty or malicious... Despite the "scary" eyes, she had such a kind look to her. I'm glad she went to a good home!

Also, the one with three head fins has such an adorable face!



Welcome to my signature, guarded by CocoaFrost the Magic Floof! He smells like hot chocolate and loves to cuddle, but intruders should beware his icy paws!

Beautifully done by AndreaEaston!


I am Solveig the Fair! You can also call me by the names of my Vikings, if you prefer.

I’m new to the forums, so please give me some grace :)

Here’s some info about me!


Joined SoD: about a year ago

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Second Viking: Kyersti

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    Clan: Ultimate Night Riders

Third Viking: XElementalMasterX

    Main dragons: Lloyd Garmadon (male Sand Wraith [NF substitute]; starter dragon), Kai Smith (male Monstrous Nightmare)


I am a Christian. I spend most of my time writing stories, drawing, listening to music, and singing. Some of my favorite artists/bands are Skillet, TobyMac, LEDGER, Hollyn, For KING & COUNTRY, and Carman, and I also listen to movie soundtracks. The franchises I am most familiar with (and write the most fanfictions for XD) are the Avengers, Ninjago (both the movie and the TV series), and HTTYD (both movies and books). I love to read, and I also watch a lot of Disney movies.


My sweet Windwalker, Zephyr, brought to life by Sohki!

Quicksilver, drawn wonderfully by Flitt!

Former arena fighter, Sweet Dreams, and playful, innocent Stargaze, my Night Lights by AndreaEaston!

Phoenyx the Immortal, drawn amazingly by TosiLohi!

Dreamsicle and Lillith, my beautiful Nightfurries, by LissaFish!

A lovely Secret Santa: Spring Edition gift from SilverAceWing!

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Excited beyond excitement

Im excited to see how this batch turns out! I might adopt another one so Snowblaze has an adventuring buddy!

Supreme Viking Champion
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Sorry, I just realized someone else wanted to adopt Nightlight 3

My apologies, I should have looked more carefully thru the thread before posting. I have now removed my request. And I will check out the next Open dragons that appear.





DyliehIdol1214's picture
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Oh no worries Coal, the night light was in waiting until the other person added more detail into their form. But I havent seen any updates to that yet, so NL 3 is technically still available. But if you wish to wait instead, you're

more than welcomed to 

Supreme Viking Champion
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Hi there . . .

Hi there . . . DyliehIdol1214


I love Nightlight 3, but to be fair, I will wait to check out the new list of adoptees, and to give the other player more time to respond. :)

Dylieh, Your work is beautiful and unique. I look forward to seeing the new NightLights. 

I will be checking back often!



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Like a Blazing Comet...Or shooting star...

Thank you for putting these beauties up for adoption, definitely don't blame you for wanting to keep one.

NightLight: 9

Name: StarStreak

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: She is curious and adventurous, willing to try anything at least once. This contributed to her interest in humans. However, she is also a little shy, relying on her camouflage if she needs to just step back and observe for a moment. (see backstory) Her trust is hard to earn, but once you have it, she sticks by you for life.

Backstory: Daughter of a Light Fury named Frost and the Dusk Fury Dart, she inherited her father’s light coloring and mother’s black markings. She stood out among her siblings for being light, so she sometimes wondered if she was adopted. After all, she had more in common with her uncle Pouncer than her mother Dart. Her natural camouflage only worked during the day and cloudy nights, and the plasma blast vanishing act was too hard to maintain. Because of this, she often felt ignored, especially when her siblings wanted to play hide and seek in the dark, where her bright colors made it painfully hard to hide. So, she would sneak away when she could camouflage in the daylight.

After hearing from momma Dart about the Homecoming happenings, she snuck off to Berk to see humans for herself at age 15. The long flight from the Hidden World was tiring, but she found the strength to hover in the light cloud cover. When night fell, she flew down to earth like a shooting star to watch the humans in their houses.

A young Viking was stargazing at the time and happened to see StarStreak’s flight. Eager to find a shooting star, but half-hoping to discover a dragon like her ancestor Hiccup, Shadow came to investigate. Instead of a star, she found StarStreak looking into her secret hut. See, Shadow was a bit of a lonely outcast as well, a child at heart with fantasies of finding dragons and an obsession with the skies.

Coming face-to-face was surprising for both of them; Star shot off to rejoin the night sky while Shadow stood in shocked silence watching Star disappear over the horizon. As Shadow lay in bed that night, she was thinking of how to bond with this incredible creature.

Meanwhile, Star settled down for the night not too far away. Her mind whirled with thoughts about her first up close encounter with a human. The one she met seemed worth observing. Quiet, without the eagerness to touch or capture her. The opposite of what her grandmother described. She resolved to return to the same spot the next day to see what would happen.

Shadow’s understanding of dragon lore led her on a quest the next day to find a dragon’s favorite food: dragon nip. Since the almost entire disappearance of dragons years ago, dragon nip was no longer cultivated, but Shadow was able to locate a sunny patch of it. Between that and a peace offering of fish, she hoped to be able to observe the beautiful Star again.

That night, Shadow looked out her hut’s window eagerly, with her gift laid out by the entrance. Hope rose in her again as she saw the now-familiar streak in the sky. The Star touched down gracefully a short distance away and simply sat and watched. Shadow barely breathed. Ever so slowly, Star crept forward to inspect the gift. The dragon nip instantly sent Star rolling in the grass. Shadow moved to creep closer, but Star took to the sky, leaving the fish behind.

They repeated this dance of sorts over the next few nights: Star coming to investigate, Shadow trying to take the next step, Star returning to the skies. Shadow tried everything: different kinds of fish, chicken, eggs, game meats. Nothing could coax the dragon’s appetite. Until, at last she came to mutton. Star gobbled it up and was eager for more.

Since then, two years ago, Shadow and Star have formed a great bond. Several close calls from StarStreak almost frying some sheep tried Shadow’s patience and Star’s trust, but Shadow was always able to advert these disasters with a little dragon nip and their close friendship. At times, StarStreak returns to the Hidden World to visit her family, but she always returns to Shadow.

Anything else? StarStreak is why they say to wish on shooting stars, because Shadow wished, and StarStreak came like a shooting star.



Hello! Welcome to my siggy!


Call me Shadow...or...Kit....Kat


Profile picture taken by yours truly


Say hello to StarStreak, my loyal companion, adopted from DyliehIdol1214!




These are some of my fa-vor-ite things...


Hobbies: Photography, Writing, Reading, dabbling in various art forms and crafts


Books: Dragons of Starlight by Bryan Davis, The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson, and much more....probably more effective to discuss favorite authors.


Music: Wide range, but all within CCM


Pixar movie: Cars 2


Disney movie: Aladdin (Live action)


Candy: Chocolate

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Meteor drago incoming

Awe, that was cute, here you go :) 


Full Version 

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AHH!! *takes cover then peeks out* Oh, Star, you scared me...

Thank you so much for the hard work you put into these dragons! (Love that extra touch of writing each dragon's name in a different font!) I really enjoyed being abe to give StarStreak her story. I may have to make this into a short story sometime. *throws it into my mish-mash of unfinished stories*

Anddd...sorry about the mentions of the "official" NLs. The new rule is unstandable, though. What you said, plus, how many kids could those three have? I promise that none of my other idea(s) involve canon NLs.

I was wondering, are your other art threads still active? I know that in your siggy it says they are, but when I checked them out, the last replies were sometime in 2021.

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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No worries about the night light kiddos, just figured there were far more night fury light fury parings to warrant for more night lights XD so :p


As for my other art threads, a few of them I'm slowly working my way through. My jewel spinner one is still active and clear so I'd finish any new requests right away. Duma's are still active, although I can't really remember who all I need to finish there :S dragons to vikings is still active, just distracted, so haven't been able to finish it yet. Modernized Vikings is still active, I'd probably finish those first before Dragon to Viking one's. My holiday ones are.. well holiday specific... so.. XD uhm... not sure what else I had.. XD So, yeah, if you request on any of them, I'll try my best to get them... I'm just.. easily distracted XD so... I'm working my way though them, so you're welcomed to request on any 

I have a... Organizing my art threads somewhere... it's titled that, it'll tell you about all my art threads and if they're active or not. Plus new ones to come later on. So if you can find it.. I can't link it cause mobile but yeah... But it's all there :) 

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Just keep flying, just keep flying, flying

*contemplates this* Certainly plausible....Hiccup and Toothless' bond was due to extreme circumstances (otherwise Toothless woulda disappeared after Hiccup freed him) possibly a quite a few night furies lurking in the shadows...despite Grimmel (He was wrong once, after all).

Perfecto! I believe I've seen it around here somewhere...

At the risk being a bother, I'd like to submit another fish design: the blue tang! I know, I know, be creative, make the dragon your own, but a night light...