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I'm not huge on advertising, especially not myself, but if I were to start making YouTube videos I'm wondering how many people would be interested. I'm mainly just going to be doing theory DEBUNKING videos. So many theories yet not one channel dedicated to actually challenging them...


The invisible creatures in Birdbox? That ain't Cthulu. 

Incredibles' superpowers matching their personalities? I can disprove that.

The villain in Raya and the Last Dragon? Not who you think it is.

The story of BOTH Rio movies? A really dark lie.

WALL-E murdering the other WALL-E robots? That was never possible.

Toothless defeating the Bewilderbeast in HTTYD 2? Not for the reason you think.


And lots more, all challenging theories I've found holes in OR things that the movie leads us to believe. I see comments all the time that say, "But what if..." and it gets me thinking. So I made a channel called The Theory Buster and I'm already writing scripts, and have recorded two (my house is noisy and the mic is high quality so it picks up the background noises even through a pop filter). I do debunk these theories but I also explain what actually kinda like replacing them. 

I also want to know, assuming you're interested in what I have to say, what popular theories are you unsure of? Which parts of some movies DON'T make sense to you? And do you have theories of your own? 


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I need to actually edit the videos first so none have been uploaded yet, don't bother checking it out. :P I'm nervous enough about my voice so don't expect a face behind it too. It's not like SilverWillowWing's videos. 

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Forgot what to write here :0

Im obsessed with hearing thoeries, mysteries, theory debunking, all that sort of stuff that really gets you into it and thinking!!!

Its so thrilling hearing that stuff, i spent like a LOT of time on theory videos and they really get me excited.

Ide totally watch your channel if you made one, go for it!!





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Here you go! First video but I didn't actually mean for it to be my first video. My voice isn't pretty at all, sorry. And it's not about HTTYD but hey, nobody else made or debunked a theory on it yet so...accomplishment achieved. :P

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i watched a little for a sneak peek and now imma watch the full thing !!

ive always wanted to know what that was all about!

Your voice isnt bad btw i actually like it!

its a professional theory debunking voice!!!

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Really, you think my voice alright? Because I was cringing AS the video was being uploaded. :( I didn't realize how prominent my accent was. And dang I talk so fast and skip letters. I'm really glad you liked the video and I'm glad it sounds professional. But I feel like I at least need a new microphone. The sound quality on YouTube sucked but on my computer it wasn't bad at all. Also it was super quiet and just...idk what even happened there.

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I had no idea what you were talking about but you sounded very professional. Your voice sounds familiar- like maybe the female narrator on The Things- IDK.

Anyways- great job :)


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*Grabs popcorn*

That's it. I'm subscribing.


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Oh I love videos like this! I'm definitely gonna check it out when I can :D :D


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Aloha Lola

Ayee, I love theory-related videos!! Cryptic, you nailed it! I've been curious about Turning Red since it first came out too (you can only imagine my face of surprise when I first saw the trailer... thought I was going mad or something hahaha).


Keep it up mate, because I see a lot of potential for future theories! Subscribed <3



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