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I celebrated by myself. i'm not very close to my family and my friends were busy. one was online but I couldn't visit her :(







I'm Abyss!


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My favorite Night-Light is Dart


She's so cute and loveable and smart. She never gives up on a plan even with her brothers messing about.


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The Lion King


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I'm sorry to hear that. pmq But I'm sure many would like to celebrate the new year with you, myself included! Happy New Years, buddy! May the future be brighter than an Armorwing's flame. ^^


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Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper


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"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

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Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!



Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!



Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!

A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!


As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!




Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!



Hobbleslicer, the male Tingecutter made my AndreaEaston!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!

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   Oh, Abyss... I am so sorry. I should of been online and visited you... I am sorry my friend... I am here if you want to talk... :(



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