New update ~ flying glitches with camera lag

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I like the new update & I like the new flying effect, it gives more of a challenge to fly which is good cause I was getting a bit bored as I finished all my quests like 3 months ago... But when I'm flying and start turning 360 degrees, my dragon glitches and makes it go in the starting flying position so my dragon Is flying in a straight line! It really annoys me cause now I can't scope the landscape. Also the camera is quite slow.

& I also want to make a suggestion that would be an amazing feature if they would add it: if there is a button/key we can press and it goes into our viking's seeing perspective, so we don't see our viking, all we see is what our viking is supposedly seeing through its eyes. This feature would be amazing when flying  aswell, so it gives more of an effect that we are actually in the game !!!! XD


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