New Sand Wraith skins

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I know its not much of a important suggestion or anything but here is my idea. All dragons have their hero skins to be bought as well as the sand wraith. What I noticed is that the Sand Wraith lacks unlike all other dragons its tidal class paint. Also I think that there should be added the veiled spectruf (the ruby one is not really one of my favorites) - something like the golden toothless and the crystal nadder (i apologize if I said something wrong I skipped few years between my first account and my second XD). It would be cool if the claytrapper and the desert wraith skin is added too! :D So yeah.. thats my suggestion.


Heya! Since I don't have idea what to put in here im gonna share my dragons that I have.

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Here is my table with my dragons. All of them and Information that includes the name, species, class, age/stage and the level they are. I could have included the colors but I wasn't sure if they will be supported. XD


Specs of Dragons
Names Species Class Age/Stage Level 
Ashura Sand Wraith Tidal Titan 50
AmbientLight Flightmare Mystery Titan 42
Valkyrie Deathsong Mystery Titan 39
XEmpress Stormcutter Sharp Titan 28
Fluff Wooly Howl Strike Titan 25
Toothless Night Fury Strike Adult 25
Adhira Skirll Strike Titan 23
PlatinumScythe Silver Phantom Stoker Adult 23
SharpWings Timberjack Sharp Titan 23
FireStorm Monstrous Nightmare Stoker Titan 23
Shock Shockjaw Tidal Titan 22
Scorpion Triple Stryke Strike Titan 22
SteamShot Scauldron Tidal Titan 21
IronBite Armorwing Mystery Adult 21
Winter Snow Wraith Strike Titan 20
Duckling Deadly Nadder Tracker Titan 20
Shout Thunderdrum Tidal Titan 20
Grinder W.D Boulder Titan 20
Singel Singetail Stoker Adult 18
Shaman Prickleboggle Sharp Adult 18
Light Fury Light Fury Strike Adult 18
Ocean Seastormer Tidal Adult 18
Wizard Flame Whipper Stoker Adult 17
Stoneheart Elder Sentinel Boulder Adult 16
Volcano Eruptodon Boulder Adult 16
Dart Night Light Strike Adult 16
Ball Hobgobbler Mystery Adult 15
Icy Groncicle Boulder Adult 15
Platinum Razorwhip Sharp Adult 13
Himera Chimeragon Mystery Adult 13
Pouncer Night Light Strike Adult 12
Soupra Sand Wraith Tidal Adult 12
Dreamer Dramillion Mystery Adult 10
Whirlfire Typhoomerang Stoker Adult 10
RiverStream Sliquifier Tidal Teen 6
Siren Tide Glider Tidal Teen 6


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As far as I know Golden Toothless is a dragon thanks to the hack. Otherwise, I agree not only Sand wraith but others would need more skins. But surely my Sand wraith deserves some new skin.

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Adult Deadly Nadder - Deathlovesong
Titan Deadly Nadder - Sabika
Adult Deathsong  - Garf
Adult Armorwing - Palmicka
Adult Slithersong  - Jewelina
Adult Razorwhip - Vetrostiska
Adult Groncicle - Blue
Titan Whispering Death - Simir
Adult Smitten Hobbobbler - Khan
Adult Alpha Light fury  - Altaria
Adult Alpha Night Fury - Toothless
Adult Skrill - Viggo
Adult Eruptodon - Miak
Adult Eruptodon - Velká Ochrankine
Adult Singetail - Mala
Adult Elder Sentinel – Guardian
Titan Dramilion - Alfa
Adult Nightlights  - Dart
Adult NightLight - Pouncer
Adult Typhoomerang - Fearless
Adult Dreadstrider - Loki 
Titan Flightmare - Mischief
Titan Death Song - Melodia
Titan Skrill - Lailfaly
Titan Stormcutter - Toruk Makto
Adult Chimeragon - Shira
Titan Hideous Zippleback - Fanktus
Teen Nightlights - Ruffrunner
Teen Nightlights - Pouncer
Teen Nightlights - Dart
Adult Deathsong  - Mihrimah
Titan Deathgripper - Eimi
Adult Thunderdrum - Kowil
Adult Flame Whiper  - Grimborn
Adult Delivish Dervish - Shadou
Adult Bonestormer - Patch
Titan Woolly Howl - Sisu
Adult Slitherwing - Layllah
Titan Slitherwing - Atalay
Adult NightLight - Ruffrunner
Adult Wholly Howl - Pengu
Titan Terrible Terror- Leaf
Titan Schockjaw - Ammba
Adult Seastormer - Elsker
Titan Razorwhip - Razuler
Titan Triple Styke - Rhapsody
Titan Speed ​​Stinger - Liry
Adult Night Terror - Smidwarg
Adult Skrillknapper - Sayha
Titan Screaming Death - Freeya
Titan Timberjack - Sylvie
Adult Gronckle - Smok
Adult Fireworm Queen - Arriva
Adult Hobblegrunt - Melory 
Adult Moldruffle - Falem 
Adult Snow Wraith - Borron 
Adult CavernCrasher - Griselda
Titan Humbanger - Viserion
Adult Grapple Grouder - Rhaegala
Adult Grim Gnasher - Drogon
Adult Prickleboggle - Tempest
Adult Quaken - Selenna
Adult Thunderpede - Amiamoon
Adult Snaptrapper - Danearys
Adult Rumblehorn - Nikora
Titan Scuttleclaw - Sayfie
Adult Sliquifier - Root
Adult Deathly Galeslash - Arnie
Adult Golden dragon - Nalany
Adult Mudraker - Samaritan
Adult Changewing - Hildr
Adult Boneknapper - Jafar
Adult Shivertooth - Ataly 
Adult Snafflefang - Sammantha
Adult Raincutter - Harolld
Adult Shovelhelm - Petal
Adult Ridgesnipper - Supreme
Adult Hotburple - Machine
Adult Smothering Smokebreath - Anubis 
Adult Sweet Death - Tymeson
Adult Crimson Goregutter - Swapshira 
Titan Scauldron - Nefertity 
Adult Tide Glider - Anonymous
Adult Abomibumble - Velkhana
Adult Windwalker - Dracarys
Adult Buffalord - Taurus
Adult Fire Terror  - Darkwarg
Adult Ghastly Zapplejack - Yahweh
Titan Hobgobbler - Chaghatai
Titan Hushboggle - Aiwayaha
Adult Flightmare - Shen
Titan Sentinel - Lullaby
Adult Zipplewraith - Sprite
Adult Sand wraith - Rayna  ( Dragon of my 2nd anniversary in SoD ) 
Titan Deathsong - Haseki 
Adult Speed Stinger - Nerve
Update the list of dragons : 06/29/2022
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It wasn't really a hack, it was a glitch...
when you left the stables for the "Credits" map and tried to customize the dragon there, he gained vibrant neon colors....but that only applied to the colored Toothless like amethyst, gold, crystal...
there was another type of Golden Toothless that was composed of several models of golden saddles in the skin, this was really hack
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I still prefer Desert Wraith as a new species in the game
Sand Wraith and Desert Wraith are the same as Slithersong/Death Song or Whispering Death/Screaming Death....they are "cousin dragons/subspecies" so it would be interesting to be different species
also, it would be a great opportunity to make a more original model from the Sand Wraith idea....the Sad Wraith model is very appealing to Toothless and therefore not very original...maybe a Desert Wraith could have more originality
About the other skins, nvm... I don't really like the dragon itself so I don't think I have much to say, but it's unfair that it lacks skins that other dragons of the same class have
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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

The Ruby Sandwraith skin is litterally the sandwraith version of the other crystal skins.

I doubt they're going to add a second one of that theme spesificly because somebody doesn't like the color or something. (I could be wrong. There IS a magma AND an ash skin for the monstrous nightmare. I just wouldn't count on it)

BUT....they could easily do a desert wraith skin and stuff like that. Sweet Wraith for Frienship Festival.


Or like....for Dreadfall a Toothless or nightfury costume.

I'm thinking like. Poorly glued on ears that go over the horns and false, also glued badly fins on the tailfins.

I think that would be quite funny. A bit of humor poked at an old drama long ago.



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