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Hello, everyone! 

I was playing School of dragons when an Idea has went into my mind when I was at berk docks. I saw alot of playing suffering and don't know what to do. 
If anyone needs help in the game, I hope this topic helps you! 

Let's get right into it!            

Launching the game: When I'm browsing youtube I see alot of people can't launch the game or load in. 
I would like to tell you to keep in mind that this game needs a good internet connection.

If you do have good internet connection: Try clearing your local cache or/and free up some space in your computer.

Starting out: If you have just started the game, you'll be given instructions on how to move & play. 

You're going to free a dragon. The dragon that you'll be given is random.. 

Here are all the available dragons that you can get: 

When freeing a dragon: (RumbleHorn - Sand Wraith - FlightMare - ShockJaw)
In hatchery: (Gronckel - Deadly nadder - Mounstros Nightmare - Hideous Zippleback)

In hatchery with membership: (Skrill-Whispring Death)

PS: If you're freeing a dragon when starting a game, you can get a glitched sand wraith (Happend with me) It's a bug. 
To get rid of it, Close the game and launch it log off and log on and hopefully it will be gone..

Earning Gems and Coins: Alot of people have been saying that this game is pay to win: I don't agree with that.

The game has offered you many ways to earn gems and coins

Some of these ways are: Battles, Dragon Tactics, Flight Club and FireBall frenzy and more.

Battles: Every two hours there's a battle to defend the training grounds. 
Fight with the strongest dragon you have.
If you run out of fire balls you can go to the areas that have lights and wait there for your shots to re-charge and go fight.
There're a total of three ranks: Bronze, Silver, and gold. 
You can get Eggs, Farm decorations, Gems or coins.

Dragon Tactics: Fight other enemies and complete quizes to unlock many chests. 
You can get coins, gems, XP and much more

Flight Club: Train flying and master riding many dragons.
Every level you complete gives you 7-15 coins.

Fireball Frenzy: Challange friends and foes. Shoot as much targets as you can. 
You can earn XP and Coins 10-30.

That's all I have for you guys for today! 

I hope I helped! :D

Have a wonderfull, safe, amazing and happy day!



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