A New Frontier Chapter Two

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Chapter Two: Arriving at the School

The next day, Annabeth was peacefully sleeping until she heard an awful screech.

“Aaah!” Annabeth screamed as she fell out of bed.

*Rawark* a certain terror laughed as he flew down to her.

“Very funny Charcoal,” Annabeth said as she got up and put on her new clothes that Sierra had bought her the other day.

“Hurry up Annabeth, or you’ll make us late headmaster doesn’t like late students!” Hervard said.

“Coming,” Annabeth yelled back as she finished her yak milk and hog bacon.

Annabeth picked up Charcoal who was about to eat a perch but was dragged by his tail.

*Rawark* the terror screeched.

“Ha-ha! Not funny when it happens to you,” Annabeth said as she climbed on Screeches back.

“See you after school darlings!” their mother said as they flew off.

“So guys, how long does it take to get there?” Annabeth asked over the roaring winds.

“Twenty-minutes,” Trevothor replied.

“You’re going to love this place Annabeth,” Hervard said to Annabeth.

Twenty minutes later, the four teens had arrived on campus in the nick of time.

“Hervard, Sierra, and Trevothor you’re very lucky now get going Hiccup is waiting for you,” a big Viking said.

“Headmaster this is our sister Annabeth,” Sierra introduced.

“Aaah, young Annabeth, I will show her around as the new students have also arrived, now hurry on to class you three!”  The Headmaster said.

“Yes sir, remember what dad says?” Hervard said to Annabeth.

“If it isn’t tough it’s not worth it,” Annabeth said to him.

“That’s right little squirt,” Trevothor said as he hugged her.

“Thor’s speed Anna, you’ll do great we’ll check on you tonight,” Sierra said as their dragons bent down to them and they flew off.

“That will be you one day young Annabeth, Come now to the docks with me to greet the new students,” the Headmaster said.

When they got to the docks there were at least twenty young Vikings getting off of the ship.

“Hello new students!” Headmaster bellowed.

The Vikings then stopped talking and looked at the Headmaster.

“You young Vikings should be proud of your accomplishments and because of those achievements it brought you here to the School of Dragons, Welcome!” Headmaster announced.

Just when they were walking up the staircase Charcoal darted out of Annabeth’s satchel and chased after the birds.

“Charcoal, get back here, this instant!” Annabeth ordered.

Several of the young Viking girls snickered.

“Can’t even get a terror to listen to her how pathetic,” a Viking girl with brown hair and a Nightmare shirt on.

“Cool it Jessica you know it’s only natural for terrors to chase after birds,” another Viking girl with black hair and a Skrill shirt on.

“She’s right Annabeth, terrors are loyal, troublemakers, and territorial once Charcoals done playing with the birds he’ll be back,” the Headmaster said.

They all then started to walk up the docks.

“Hey, Annabeth right,” the black haired Viking said.

“Yes Annabeth Everdeen,” Annabeth introduced.

“Cazi Olson, don’t worry about her she just thinks she’s better than everyone,” Cazi introduced.

“Thanks,” Annabeth said.

Once they got up to the doors of the School of Dragons a Nadder and a huge Nightmare flew over their heads and back.

“Josh, Rebecca! What have I told you about doing that?” Headmaster bellowed.

“Sorry about that but she challenged us to a race,” Josh said landing his Nadder.

“Everyone this is Josh and Rebecca Clearthorn they will show you to the dorms then take you all to the Great Hall for supper,” Headmaster said as he left for his office.

“Alright everyone follows us,” Rebecca said as she petted her Nightmare to follow.

“Whoa that’s a huge Nightmare, what’s his name?” Cazi asked.

“He’s a titan Nightmare a rare type of Nightmare, his name is Inferno,” Rebecca said.

“I’m getting a Nightmare, they say only the toughest Vikings could handle one of these bad boys,” Jessica said.

“You would be correct Jessica,” Josh said unlocking the dorms.

“Alright everyone two to a room no more,” Rebecca said.

Everyone then decided on who was sleeping with whom.

“So Annabeth do you want to bunk together?” Cazi asked.

“Sure, Cazi,” Annabeth replied.

They opened their door and saw two beds and two nests.

“Alright your bags will be brought to you when you all are out at supper but for now, relax,” Josh replied.

“So Cazi, what type of dragon are you gonna get?” Annabeth asked sitting on her bed.

“I was thinking about a Skrill, how about you?” Cazi asked.

“I don’t know I mean my family already has the basic ones, moms the Nadder, dads the Nightmare, my twin brothers the Zippleback, and my sister the Skrill,” Annabeth started as a terror flew into the room.

“So, why not the Gronkle?” Cazi asked.

Annabeth then had a sad face.

“My one and only grandmother died from a Gronkle attack before the alliance of Vikings and dragons, so dad said no Gronkle in his house,” Annabeth replied.

 “Oh sorry, *Sniff*” Cazi replied as Charcoal was sniffing Cazi.

“Charcoal…” Annabeth started as Charcoal kept sniffing her.

“It’s alright he’s just getting to know me,” Cazi replied as Charcoal lied down next to her.

“Alright supper is ready everyone come on,” Rebecca said as everyone came out of their rooms.

After about ten minutes later they arrived at a place with a big brown door.

   “Welcome to the Great Hall,” Josh announced.

“Wow, is this where the great chiefs ate?” Annabeth asked.

“Sort of, now dig in,” Rebecca said as the young Vikings sat at the table with their chicken dinners.

“Alright students,” Headmaster bellowed.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at him.

“I have just received word on when you will be getting your own dragons…” Headmaster started as the young Vikings was at the edge of their seats.

“The dragons will be ready for their trainers tomorrow early in the morning,” the Headmaster said at last.

“YES!” the young Vikings cheered.

Just then Annabeth felt a noogie on her head.

“How was your first day, sport?” Trevothor said sitting next to her.

“Great, now get off!” Annabeth said getting from his armpit.

“So Anna, who’s your new friend?” Sierra asked feeding Screech his salmon for his dinner.

“This is Cazi Olson, Cazi this is Sierra, Trevothor, Hervard, Screech, Misty and Fog,” Annabeth introduced both human and dragon.

Sierra, Trevothor and Hervard nodded hello while the dragons snorted a greeting while eating.

“So Sierra I have a question about the Skrill,” Cazi said as she ate her chicken.

Screech sat up in curiosity until Sierra threw a salmon at him.

“She was asking me you big head now eat your salmon, what do you want to know?” Sierra asked.

“Umm…I was planning to get a Skrill so how do you know which one is yours?” Cazi asked.

“You don’t choose it, it chooses you,” Sierra replied eating her corn.

“How do you know it’s yours?” Cazi asked drinking water.

“It will try to eat you, see this is Screeches bite mark when I first got him here you’re going to need this for your training,” Sierra said giving her, her wristbands.

“Wow thanks I’ll return it after I train him or her,” Cazi said as they all got up and put their trays up.

Just then a horn was heard.

“Well that’s curfew sounding, look Anna we’ll be with Fishlegs at Gronkle Island for a few days so we won’t be able to see the little feller until Monday keep it alive and strong until we come back alright?” Sierra said as they split up.

“Will do,” Annabeth said walking with Cazi.

“Oh hey Annabeth, remember to give it a strong name as well!” Trevothor shouted.

“Of course, good night!” Annabeth shouted as they closed their doors.





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It's good! Am looking forwards to the continuation. :p


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Hey Frytha if you want to be in it just pm me your personality and your dragons personality and you can be in chapter five and chapter one is in the links in my siggy

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Very nicely done.


Even if you don't have very many replies, your "reads" are high.


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