A New Frontier Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: Choosing a dragon (Sort of)

Early the next morning the young Vikings heard a horn blowing and a man yelling:

“WAKE UP LAZY SACKS OF BONES! THE DRAGONS NOT GOING TO TRAIN THEMSELEVES!” the man yelled while banging the dorm doors.

“*Yawn* what time is it?” Cazi said lighting a candle.

“Dawn…” Annabeth said stretching her muscles.

“How do you know?” Cazi asked getting out of bed and putting her Skrill shirt on and the wristband Sierra gave her.

“This is how I know,” Annabeth said holding up her arm which Charcoal was biting.

“Ouch, does he always do that?” Cazi asked pulling Charcoal off her hand.

“Only when he’s woken up early like this,” Annabeth said picking up her shield and swords.

“You ready?” Cazi asked grabbing her daggers and heading to the door.

When everyone was outside the man introduced himself:

“Hi my name is Gobber the Belch and I will be taking you to the Hatchery, Hiccup will then show you how to care for your dragon.

After that was said they walked ten miles to the Hatchery, during that time the sun had came up.

“Welcome to the Hatchery, where dragons form their bond with their trainers,” Gobber announced.

Everyone was murmuring in excitement.

“Now go to the pen of the dragon you would like to train,’ Gobber said.

Everyone then went to their desired pens, the Deadly Nadder pen, the Nightmare pen, the Skrill pen, the Gronkle pen, and the zippleback pen.

Annabeth looked at the pens then she sighed and silently walked out of the Hatchery without being seen.

Cazi then walked in the Skrill pen and saw the newborn Skrills waking up and looking at her.

Suddenly four little ones tried setting her on fire until a slightly bigger one stood in front of her and roared.

The little ones then backed off and went to their corners; the big one just stared at her.

“Sierra said that they would *bite*…yep…there’s…the…bite,” Cazi said as she walked out with the Skrill on her arm.

“Gobber…I found my dragon,” Cazi said as she held up her Skrill.

“Well done lassie, now you can name him,” Gobber said checking its gender and prying him off of her arm.

“I actually have a name for him…Electic,” Cazi said as the Skrill landed on her shoulder.

Cazi then looked around in the pens looking for Annabeth but didn’t see her; she then saw footprints leaving the Hatchery.

Cazi then quietly left the Hatchery in search for Annabeth.

Annabeth was in the wilderness sitting on a log sighing while Charcoal was playing with birds.

“Hey,” a voice said walking up to her.

“Hey Cazi I see you have your Skrill,” Annabeth said still sighing.

“Yeah, what’s with you, you just walked away without training…oh it’s about the type of dragon,” Cazi said sitting next to her.

“Yes, I mean if I just get a normal dragon it means that I am just like my family normal, but I’m not normal,” Annabeth said.

“But if you don’t get a dragon you’ll be sent back home,” Cazi replied.

“I know…alright I’ll get…” Annabeth started as they heard an awful screech.

“It sounds like a dragon is in trouble,” Cazi said uncovering her ears.

“Let’s go,” Annabeth said as she got up.

“Electic sniff it out,” Cazi said as her Skrill climbed down and started to sniff where the dragon was.

Annabeth and Cazi walked about a minute until they saw a strange dragon in the middle of boars that was firing fire at them.

It then caught a glimpse of Annabeth and stared at her, Annabeth stared at it as well.

Annabeth then took out her bow and arrow and shot an arrow at the boar that was getting closer to the baby dragon.

Cazi then threw one of her dagger at a vine it then collapsed and rocks tumbled down and the boars ran into a cave.

“Alright that’s finished,” Cazi said as she got her dagger off of the rock wall.

Annabeth then went to the baby dragon and looked at it.

*Roar* the silver horned metallic dragon with barbed spikes roared.

“Easy girl I’m not going to hurt you,” Annabeth said getting closer to the dragon.

*Squawk* the dragon cooed as she walked around in a circle.

“Do you think its hurt?” Cazi asked coming beside her.

“Easy girl I’m just trying to help…ouch!” Annabeth exclaimed as the baby dragon bit her arm and stayed.

“*Gasp* Annabeth I think you just found your dragon,” Cazi said.

“Yeah…but what…type is it…I haven’t seen a dragon like this in the Book of Dragons,” Annabeth cringed in pain.

“I don’t know but its taking a liking to you, look at it,” Cazi said as the dragon was smiling at Annabeth.

“Well I found my dragon,” Annabeth smiled at her.

‘’Hey why don’t we ask that Gobber guy what breed it is?” Cazi suggested as she picked up her dragon and started walking the way they came.

“Good idea,” Annabeth said as she hid her arm in her satchel.

Ten minutes later, Annabeth and Cazi arrived as the last two Vikings finished bonding with their dragons.

“Well at least you weren’t the last one to train your dragon,” Cazi said setting Electic down.

“You got that right…ouch easy now girl,” Annabeth said.

“Alright now that you lot have a dragon we will be traveling to the Training grounds to meet your new teachers,” Gobber said as the new Viking trainers started to the Hatchery entrance.

Just then Jessica came up to them.

“Oh thor here she comes,” Cazi said while putting on a fake smile.

“Wow your dragon is smaller than my Nightmare and she’s way cuter than your Skrill…wait a minute where’s your dragon, you didn’t get one ahahahaha! Never gets old lets go Sapphire,” Jessica said.

*Growl* the baby growled as she started moving.

“Easy girl she’s gone,” Annabeth said walking down to Gobber.

“Hello lassies...wait a minute where’s your dragon…come on there’s still a lot more dragons left ov-“Gobber started.

“No Gobber I have a dragon…it’s just not the same dragon you have here,” Annabeth said.

“Well lassie let’s see then shall we?” Gobber said.

Annabeth looked at Cazi, Cazi nodded as Electic flew on her shoulder.

Annabeth then showed him her arm with the baby dragon on her arm.

“Whoa I’ve never seen a breed like her before; maybe we should ask Hiccup after he finishes teaching the Vikings that have the Skrills with Toothless…oui lassie you better head to the training grounds before you are late,” Gobber said to Cazi.

Cazi looked at Annabeth and the dragon.

“Don’t worry lass I’ll take care of them both and tell Hiccup and his friends to meet me at the Headmaster’s quarters,” Gobber said to Cazi.

“Alright,” Cazi replied as she ran out of the Hatchery.

“Now…” Gobber said as he was waiting for a name.

“Oh Annabeth,” Annabeth said as Gobber pried the dragon off of her arm.

“Annabeth…Headmaster is very weary of new dragons arriving at the school, if I help convince him to let this dragon stay can you keep it under control?” Gobber asked looking at the little dragon sleeping in her arms.

“Yes I think I can I mean she already likes me,” Annabeth said as she stroked the dragons back.

“I can see that, by the way how did you find her anyways?” Gobber asked.

“Umm…I kind of went for a stroll when everyone was choosing their dragons…and I saw her surrounded by hungry boars,” Annabeth said as the dragon started circling again.

“Well no wonder she likes you, you saved her life,” Gobber said as he opened the door to the Headmasters quarters.

“Headmaster are you in here?” Gobber said waiting at the door.

“Gobber this better be important,” the Headmaster bellowed.

“It kind of is,” Gobber said as they heard thumping and they saw him coming around the corner.

The baby dragon hid behind Annabeth’s legs.

“Yes Gobber?” Headmaster asked as he was straightening his hook.

“We…I mean…Annabeth here found a new dragon in the wilderness,” Gobber said as he nodded to Annabeth.

“Gobber I told you no new dragons, the Skrills are hard as it is,” Headmaster bellowed.

“It was only one dragon not a whole batch,” Gobber said looking at Annabeth “And in all fairness the dragon chose her.”

“Well then let me see it,” Headmaster said as he hammered his hook down.

The baby dragon looked at Annabeth nervously.

“Its okay girl he’s nice,” Annabeth comforted her.

 The baby then stepped out and looked at the Headmaster.

“Aaah, I see…I won’t say that you can keep it yet, I’ll ask Hiccup to decide that but for now sit on my couch,” the Headmaster said walking out the door.

“That means he’s going to let you keep her,” Gobber said as she sat on the chair.

Two hours later Gobber heard six different dragon calls and saw that Annabeth and the dragon asleep.

“Hey…Annabeth…Aaah!” Gobber started as the dragon growled and started to do something with her tail but screamed in the process.

Annabeth then woke up *Yawn* “What happened?” she said as she checked the dragon.

“I don’t know I was just telling you that the trainers were here, then she woke up and she tried doing something with her tail hurting her in the process,” Gobber said.

“You okay pretty girl what happened,” Annabeth asked rubbing the dragons chin.

“We we’ll figure that out when we show her to Hiccup come on,” Gobber said as they went outside.

They then saw a Deadly Nadder, a Zippleback, a Nightmare, and a fury land.

“Yes, Gobber you wanted to see us?” Hiccup said as he and Cazi got off of Toothless.

“Yes Annabeth just found something you would find interesting,” The Headmaster said as he looked at Annabeth.

Hiccup and the gang looked at her, as Hiccup walked up to her Annabeth looked nervous.

“Hi Annabeth I’m Hiccup and these are my friends Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Snotlout, we’re not going to hurt it we just want to look at it alright?” Hiccup said.

“Ok,” Annabeth said as she nodded to the dragon that was cooing sadly.

The dragon then came from behind her.

“Whoa that’s a new species all together,” Hiccup said.

“Why don’t we go to the Academy and see what this dragon can do,” Astrid said.

“Good idea Astrid,” Hiccup said as he got on Toothless.

The baby dragon was taking a shine to Stormfly.

“Hey Annabeth want to catch a ride with me?” Astrid said as she held out her hand.

“Sure,” Annabeth said as she climbed on Stormfly.

The baby cooed, Stormfly looked at her she then let her tail down.

She then lifted her on her back and they all took off.

“So Annabeth what’s her name?” Astrid said as she looked at the dragon.

“It’s got to be awesome, like death wing, or death,” Tuffnut said as Ruffnut hit him.

Everyone looked at him until Astrid said “Anyways what’s here name?”

“Well the Headmaster said he was going to let Hiccup decide if she will be able to stay or not,” Annabeth said.

“Well that means you’re going to keep her so…you can name her,” Astrid said.

“Hmmm…I was thinking about the name Anora,” Annabeth said petting the baby dragon.

“That’s a good name,” Hiccup said as they landed in the Academy.

“Okay first we’re going to see her wing and tail span,” Hiccup said as Annabeth put Anora on the table.

“Hmm…Wing span: 9 Tail: 8 interesting,” Hiccup said as he let her tail down.

“Now the eel test…*Rawark*” Astrid said as Anora hid behind Stormfly.

“Now we need to know how it can fly,” Hiccup said as he was about to get on Toothless, but Snotlout beat him to it.

“Now, dragon watch, how a real…Aaah!” Snotlout said as Hookfang took off with him leaving the arena.

“Aaah! Stupid dragon, why don’t you ever listen to…Aaah!” Snotlout screamed as Hookfang flew in a crevice and over a cliff.

“Should we help him?” Cazi asked looking at them.

“Nah this is what they do every time,” Astrid said as she laughed.

Two minutes later Snotlout landed in the arena out of breath.

“Don’t think you’ll every reach that dragon,” he gasped.

Anora started looking around and started circling.

“What’s it doing?” Ruffnut asked as she looked at it.

“Maybe she can’t fly?” Astrid said as she picked Anora up.

Just then Astrid felt a pain on her arm “Ouch! Little dragon, sharp talons,” she screamed.

“Oops sorry Astrid,” Annabeth said as she put Anora down.

“It’s alright,” Astrid replied smiling.

“It’s normal for newborns not to fly, next is the placement,” Hiccup said setting up stuff.

“What is the placement?” Cazi asked as Electic was playing with Toothless.

“He means like the classes, Sharp, Tracker, Stoker, Fear, Boulder, Tidal, or Strike class,” Astrid said as she helped with targets.

“Ok, Snotlout let’s start with you,” Hiccup said as Annabeth sat Anora in the middle.

“Alright Hookfang light up!” he shouted as Hookfang flamed up.

They then looked at Anora to see her trying to light up.

“Well she’s not in the Stoker class, Tuff, Ruff you’re up,” Hiccup said as they started fighting same with Barf and Belch.

“Are they always like this?” Cazi asked quietly.

“I’m afraid so,” Hiccup said as he told Toothless to fire at three shots

Anora looked and then blew fire, it didn’t make it.

“Well that leaves us,” Astrid said as she told Stormfly to fire spine shots.

“Stormfly spine shot!” Astrid said as Stormfly hit every one of them.

They then looked at Anora, she then swung her tail but all she did was screech and cried.

“Oh my thor is she ok?” Astrid said as they ran to her.

“Gobber said she did the same thing when he tried waking me,” Annabeth said as Anora cooed sadly.

Just then Hiccup saw something trickle down Annabeth’s arm.

“Annabeth what’s that?” he asked as they all saw it.

Annabeth then looked at her arm “I don’t know?” she said as she handed her to Astrid.

Stormfly sniffed Anora and saw the culprit, it was a baby whispering death’s spike.

*Squawk” Stormfly roared as she nudged Astrid.

“What is it girl…oh my, Hiccup she’s injured,” Astrid said as she saw the spike.

“What let me see…it’s a baby whispering death’s spike,” Hiccup said as he put Anora on the table.

“That’s why she couldn’t fly, dragons can’t fly without their wings or tails,” Hiccup said as he tried to make the dragon calm.

“So that’s why she couldn’t get away when the boars attacked, she was already injured,” Cazi said.

“Okay Annabeth I’m going to need you to keep her calm so I can pull the spike out,” Hiccup said as he held Anora down.

“Okay…I got it…hush my little dragon don’t say a word…” Annabeth started as Anora was sound asleep.

“Uggh got it!” Hiccup said as he took the spike out.

Anora then got up and walked around, she then shook her tail.

“What’s she…” Hiccup said as Anora jumped up and started flying.

“Wow, that’s one fast dragon,” Astrid said as Anora then took out spikes and threw them at the targets.

“Awesome!” the twins said as they kept fighting.

“Sharp class definitely sharp class, that’s why she took shine at Stormfly,” Hiccup said.

Anora then landed on Annabeth’s shoulder as Astrid came up to her.

“Welcome to Sharp class then Annabeth, now let’s go eat,” Astrid said





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Does no one like my story? if

Does no one like my story? if not I will stop writing it so plz reply

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This is the only chapter I've read but it's very good. Keep up the great writing! :p


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this is beyond awesome!

It was hilarious how Electic bonded with Cazi! 

But Cazi tends to be on the sarcastic side



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After I get done writing my

After I get done writing my next chapter for my story, I'll start reading yours.  I forgot you started one.  I've been busy lately and haven't had every much time to go around the forum.


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When will you post the next chapter?