New Frontier: Chapter Six: Finding answers and Mysterious Visitor's

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New Frontier

Chapter Six: Finding Answers and Mysterious Visitor’s

 Two weeks after Annabeth and Cazi went throwing axes with Astrid and Stormfly they were getting to know their new friends.

Asvord Mollerson had joined Annabeth in Sharp Class with her Deadly Nadder Spiker.  However, Spiker is different than all of the other Nadders; she has green spikes however, when she is mad they turn red and when she’s happy or non-threatened it changes back to green kind of like your typical mood rock or stone whatever you want to call it.

Jarl Mollerson joined Hiccup’s class since no one knew how to train Tidal Class dragons properly.  Jarl’s Thunderdrum Fredrick has a greenish-yellowish color.  Fredrick had a broken spine where Jarl sits so if he accidently touches it Fredrick would let out a sonic boom louder than the loudest lightning strike.  Jarl and his sisters act just like Annabeth and her two brothers.

Last but not least Elsa Mollerson the youngest out of all of them is taking classes with Fishlegs.  She has a little Gronckle named Meatballs. Meatballs have a similar appearance to Meatlug but with greyish lumps however you want to say it.  Elsa is mainly quiet but will open up to anyone she could trust, she also rolls Meatballs food into the shape of a meatball since he likes his food cut up into the shape.

“Hey Annabeth I forgot to ask you what type of dragon Anora is,” Jarl said as they were finishing up their breakfast.

“I really don’t know what breed she is but she is special nonetheless,” Annabeth replied as Anora started scratching her head with her foot.

“What are they doing,” Cazi asked as Electic, Spiker, Fredrick, and Meatballs were doing the same thing.

*Squak* the little hatchlings screamed as they kept scratching their bodies.

“Oh I know what’s happening,” Hervard giggled looking at them with a sly grin.

“Hervard is there something you want,” Annabeth asked as Anora rubbed her head on Annabeth’s hand.

“Oh just wondering if you were going to finish your eggs,” Hervard said.

“Uggh here,” Annabeth said as she gave him the last of her eggs.

Just then the horn blew for the classes to start, so the students and hatchlings stood up and headed for the training grounds.

“We’ll see you at lunch,” Asvord said as she and Annabeth went towards Astrid’s classroom.

Spiker and Anora started to ‘play’ by roaring at each other and showing their spikes.

“*giggle* Anora,” Annabeth said as they entered.

Once class had started Melanie asked the question that Cazi wanted to know, “Why are our dragons itching like they landed in a pile of dragon nip?”

“Aaah good question Melanie, their going through their first shedding,” Astrid responded as Stormfly nuzzled her.

“Their first shedding as in their first stage of metamorphis,” Merida asked as her Nadder Sharpshooter scratched his head.

“Yes, and that also means that tomorrow we are going to the dragon hearth so they can shed their skin and grow after that things are going to heat up a lot because after they shed this we are going to learn how to ride them,” Astrid said to the class.

“Awesome,” the whole class said.

“Not too bad,” Serena said as Sphinx her Nadder roared.

“But weren’t they just hatched last week,” Merida asked as the whole class nodded.

“Yes that is correct, but the way the dragon grows is how much experience it has learned from its trainer and now they are ready to learn more from dragon trainers like you,” Astrid said.

“Well that is great,” Serena said as she rubbed her Nadder.

“Alright today’s lesson will be on how to take your enemy by surprise,” Astrid said as she pulled out a Viking dummy.

“Asvord, Anna why don’t you come down and be my volunteers,” Astrid said as Spiker and Anora was scratching their heads.

“Alright,” Asvord said as they walked down and stood in front of the class.

“Okay what you want to do is pretend to bank left but then bank right and slice him from behind,” Astrid said as she positioned the dummy in front of them.

Asvord banked left but banked right again and was about to slice him but Stormfly threw spikes at her.

“What?” Asvord said as she backed flip away.

“It’s called the element of surprise for a reason,” Astrid said as she kept telling Stormfly to keep shooting.

Asvord then banked right and then left again and then jumped to avoid the spikes.

Annabeth then ducked Stormfly’s spikes and threw her axe but Stormfly defected it with her spikes.

“You got to be faster than that Annabeth the enemy is not going to give up that easily,” Astrid said as she was watching her.

Annabeth was thinking about a plan of action until it hit her.

“Asvord when I say bank left bank right I have an idea,” Annabeth said to Asvord.

“Alright,” Asvord said as she kept going after the target.

Annabeth then whistled to Anora, her dragon looked up from her nap.

“When I say now fire,” Annabeth said to Anora.

“Asvord bank left,” Annabeth said to Asvord.

Asvord then nodded and banked right and tumbled from Stormfly’s spikes.

“Now,” Annabeth said to Anora.

When Asvord banked right Stormfly looked at her leaving the dummy wide open for Anora’s shot to make a hit and when Anora shot towards the dummy Stormfly didn’t have enough time to block the dummy and Anora’s shot hit perfectly on the dummy blowing it to pieces.

“That…was…awesome!” the class said as they cheered.

“Alright quiet down everyone,” Astrid said as she walked up to them.

“I have to admit that was some teamwork you two you see it takes two to complete a goal,” Astrid said “This exercise was more than to test your abilities of surprising the enemy, it’s about learning to work together as a team while on the battlefield.”

Just then the lunch bell rang for them for lunch.

“Have a great lunch and I’ll see you guys later,” Astrid said to the class.

“Annabeth I need to speak to you, do you have time?” Astrid said as Asvord and Annabeth stopped.

“Okay am I in trouble…*Rawark*” Annabeth asked as Anora tugged on her pants.

“No I just want to speak to you,” Astrid said as Annabeth picked her dragon up.

“Alright I’ll see you at the Wilderness I’ll bring Anora so she will be fed,” Asvord said to her.

“Okay Anora go with Asvord,” Annabeth said as she put her down and she went with Asvord.

“This is hard to say Annabeth but like I said we are going to the dragon hearth tomorrow,” Astrid said.

“Yeah,” Annabeth said as she looked at her.

“And I know you know that every dragon is different,” Astrid responded to her.

“Yes I know and you’re trying to say that a different dragons like Anora might not react to the fire like the regular one’s I know,” Annabeth said as she twirled her hair.

“Yes and until we find out what type of breed she is she won’t be able to grow I’m afraid, like the Thunderdrum’s and Scauldron’s grow from boiling water and Skrill’s from lightning,” Astrid said as Stormfly nuzzled her.

“So what does this mean,” Annabeth asked looking down.

“Well to be a part of School of Dragons your dragon must be able to grow to a Broad wing dragon, if not you won’t be able to stay here at the school,” Astrid said looking down sadly.

“But Astrid I can’t just abandon Anora she’s my dragon,” Annabeth defended her dragon.

“No Annabeth if we can’t find out what breed she is by tomorrow evening you won’t be allowed to stay here and you will have to go home,” Astrid said as Stormfly bent down.

“What, no I need to stay here I’ve dreamed of this place if I go home I’ll be a failure,” Annabeth said as she looked sad.

“I’m sorry Annabeth I truly am, let’s go girl,” Astrid said as Stormfly looked sadly at her and took off.

“…No…” Annabeth said as she started towards the Wilderness.

“…What no way that can’t be right,” Cazi said as she threw Electic the stick he was playing with.

“No, we’re going to help you, you’re going to stay here,” Asvord said as she took out a book.

“This is Bork’s Dragon journal if there’s any dragon you want to know about it’s in here, ok Nadder, Gronckle, Nightmare, Terror…Whispering Death…Uggh, I thought Bork had something of all the dragon breeds, I’m sorry Annabeth,” Asvord said as she closed the book.

“*sigh* that’s alright, well at least I can still keep her,” Annabeth started as she heard laughter.

“Well, well looks like someone’s going to have to catch the boat back to that Loser Island,” Jessica snarked.

“Oh just what in Loki Heaven do you want?” Annabeth said as she had no time for dealing with Jessica.

“Well we heard your conversation about you having to go home if your dragon doesn’t grow up until tomorrow afternoon,” Miranda cackled as her Nightmare looked at her sadly.

“Yeah well that’s not going to happen we will find a way to grow her up,” Jarl said as scowled at them.

“Well, don’t get your hopes up if you have it anyways *cackles*” Jessica said as she walked away.

“Hey here,” Merida whispered to Annabeth as she winked.

“What is it?” Asvord asked as she looked at it.

“It’s the key to open the Great Hall of Viking history,” Serena said as Sphinx roared at Anora.

“What we can’t go in there,” Elsa said “That’s against the rules.”

“Look do you want her to go home? Now listen when you get in go to the back and under one of the bookcases you’ll see a box,” Melanie said as she picked up her Nadder.

“Wait what is in the box?” Asvord asked as they started off.

“It’s like a whole other book about dragons it’s supposed to have a whole different set of dragons in it,” Serena said as they went after Jessica.

Annabeth then got up and smiled.

“Wait a minute I know that face, Annabeth it’s against the rules,” Jarl said as he tried to talk her out of it.

“What’s the matter Jarl are you a scaredy-cat,” Cazi quipped.

“No, it’s just I don’t want to get in trouble,” Jarl said as he looked nervous.

“Jarl it’s just an in and out thing we…” Asvord started.

“No, I’m doing it by myself if anybody’s getting in trouble it’s me, I mean even if I get caught I’ll still be going home,” Annabeth said as she stood up.

“Anna-“Cazi started as she put her hand on her shoulder.

“Cazi I am not letting you get into trouble over me,” Annabeth said sternly.

“Well if you say so, but if you get caught I’m going to sick Electic on you, be careful,” Cazi said as she hugged Annabeth.

“I will,” Annabeth said as she hugged back.

After dinner and when everyone was asleep….

“Alright Annabeth it’s clear I can see you through but after you get past the dining hall you guys are on your own,” Cazi said as Annabeth put Anora in her bag.

“Thanks,” Annabeth said as she jumped down and started running towards the Great Hall Library of Viking History.

“Be careful *coos*” Cazi started as Electic rubbed his head on her hand.


“Ouch! Come on Electic,” Cazi said as Electic stood back and accidently tripped over boxes.

“He-he ‘I love my dragon’” Cazi stated sarcastically.


Annabeth had finally got to the Great Hall of Viking History.

*Coos* Anora cooed as she looked at her.

“Well it’s too late to go back right,” Annabeth said as she unlocked the door and walked in.

“Okay walk to the back and look under one of the bookcases…aha gotcha,” Annabeth said as she reached under the bookcase and pulled out the box.

“Okay here it is, Bork’s Unbelievable Discoveries,” Annabeth said as she opened it.

“The Mudraker is blind but uses echolocation to find its way around and the baby shed its skin and grows by sitting in hot mud, well that’s not you now is it?” Annabeth said as she saw Anora curled up and fell asleep.

 “Shockjaw no…Seashocker no…” Annabeth said as she was flipping through the book.

“…Hobblegrunt no…Aaagh! We are never going to find it,” Annabeth screamed as she pounded her fist on the ground and the page turned over.

“ you are Anora here you are!” Annabeth screamed slightly.

Anora woke up and looked over her shoulder.

“Looks like you have a wing span of: 8 acceleration: 7 and firepower: 6, your breed is called the Razorwhip,” Annabeth read.

“Your breed has poisonous tears, well remind me never to make you cry *giggle* you also like sea slugs yuck okay here it is, your species grows by setting you in a pile of boiling sea slug slime,” Annabeth said as she almost regurgitated her dinner.

*Rawark* Anora giggled.

“Hey well you’re going to be the one sitting in it so ha-ha,” Annabeth said as Anora stopped laughing.

“Okay so let’s see where the closest sea slug island is,” Annabeth said to Anora.

“Awesome it’s ten minutes away from here…we can go in the morning and easily get back in the afternoon, how about a little adventure just you and me?” Annabeth asked.

Anora wagged her spiked-barbed tail.

“I knew you were going to do…” Annabeth started as she heard voices.

“It’s gotta be in here somewhere check every room,” a mysterious voice said as they heard footsteps.

*growl* Anora growled.

“No Anora there’s too many of them let’s get out of here,” Annabeth said as she put the book back into its box and placed it back.

Annabeth then saw a hatch open and came up with a plan.

“Anora go,” Annabeth said as she saw Anora looking at her.

“I’ll be right out right behind you,” Annabeth said.

Anora then nodded as she flew up and out the window.

Annabeth then saw the edge of a wall and ran on the sides of it and out the window in the nick of time as a man in a hooded cape came around the corner.

“Phew that was close, now let’s go to sleep we’ve got a big day tomorrow,” Annabeth said as they started after the dorms.

However though Annabeth was thinking: “What could they have possibly wanted from that place and why was it so important?”

Anora then looked at her and nuzzled her leg.

“Well girl it looks like we have some more answers to find out and this time it’s going to be a lot harder than the hardest rock in Valhalla,” Annabeth said as they were almost at the dorms.

 Little did they know that things were going to be a lot harder than raising and training a dragon and life as they knew it would never be the same?

 The real question is will Annabeth her friends and their dragons be ready for what is about to come?





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The only thing that is a

The only thing that is a Asvord when she said

“Jarl it’s just an in and out thing we…” Asvord started.

Would have not worded it that way.  She thinks similar to how Jarl thinks, but different in a way.

Still though, Asvord does state the obivous sometimes and it could have been just an in and out thing.  But Asvord would have been the one to say, "You could ask if you could see the book... Then again they probably wouldn't let you see it.  So the only way you might be able to see what you need to see is if you just go in and look at the book.  Don't 'steal' it, just look at it.  There's not really anything with just looking at it."


Other than that, very well done.  :) 


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