New Frontier: Chapter Four: Training Time

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Chapter Four: Training Time

 After the dragon trainers finished studying the dragon they decided that it was time to get to the Great Hall for Supper because it was getting dark and Snotlout kept complaining about his stomach growling.

“Annabeth you are one of a kind, you too Cazi,” Hiccup said to them as the trainers went to the front of the Great Hall.

“So, you actually got a dragon,” Jessica said as she came up to them with her friends that had Deadly Nadders and Hideous Zipplebacks.

“Oh Jessica you’re just jealous because you don’t have the biggest dragon anymore,” Annabeth said as Anora started growling at Sapphire.

“Come on Annabeth she’s not worth it,” Cazi said as Electic started growling as well.

“Alright Cazi, come Anora,” Annabeth said as Anora growled one last time then lifted her tail and walked with Annabeth.

“Yeah walk away like the coward you are!” Jessica said as she turned around and went to her seat.

Annabeth was about to go berserk on her until the Headmaster walked in.

“Alright students now that you have your dragons I hope you know you will have to train them and care for them as well,” the Headmaster said as he sat down next to Gobber.

“Yes Headmaster we know,” the young Vikings said as they kept eating.

“Now after dinner I want you to come to the door so I will give you each a name tag and certificate that this dragon is yours and yours alone,” the Headmaster said as he took a sip of his wine.

“So Annabeth you fee…*Rawark*” Cazi started as Anora and Electic ran across their table.

*Laugh* Annabeth and Cazi giggled as they ate their pasta.

“So immature, unlike your dragons my dragon is sophisticated,” Jessica said as Sapphire sat at her feet sleeping.

“Jessica if there wasn’t any witnesses in here right now I would punch your little face in,” Annabeth said as Anora snarled at her.

Just then the curfew bell rang and the students threw their leftover foods away and went to the door to get their stuff from the Headmaster.

When Annabeth and Cazi got to the front the Headmaster he gave Cazi her certificate and name tag then said “Annabeth I don’t usually let new dragons in this school but if you can keep her under control I will let her stay.”

“Oh thank you Headmaster I will keep her under control,” Annabeth said as Anora landed on her shoulder and they left for the dorms.

Once they got to their dorms Anora saw a bed and landed and curled up on Annabeth’s bed.

“Do you know if there are any rules for letting your dragon sleep in your beds?” Cazi asked as she climbed in.

“No I don’t think so,” Annabeth said as Anora moved over for her.

“Okay Electic up,” Cazi said as Electic circled and lied down and went to sleep.

“Hey don’t let Jessica get to you she just likes to get you angry,” Cazi yawned.

“I know but I just can’t help it,” Annabeth said as Anora purred and went to sleep.

Early the next morning Cazi had woken up seeing Annabeth washing Anora’s scales.

“Hey Annabeth giving Anora a bath,” Cazi said as she sat up.

“Yeah, since she was injured I decided it was best to clean her up,” Annabeth replied as Anora splashed her.

“Yeah yeah I know you’re almost finished…now you can go,” Annabeth said as Anora got out and shook her scales off.

“Hey you want me to clean Electic before I dump the water out?” Annabeth asked as she put Anora’s name tag on her.

“Are you crazy he’s a Skrill are you trying to electrocute yourself?”  Cazi exclaimed as Electic hid under the covers.

“*giggle* Cazi I think you forgot that my sister has a Skrill and I was the one who always got stuck washing him,” Annabeth giggled as dried her hands.

“Well then sure you can wash him, Electic bath time *Rawark!*” Cazi started as Electic ran but was caught and given to Annabeth.

“Easy boy it’s going to be over soon,” Annabeth said as she rubbed Electic’s nose.

Electic then calmed and let Annabeth wash him.

Five minutes later Annabeth had finished bathing Electic.

“See now was that so bad?” Annabeth said as she dumped the water out the window.

Electic grumbled as he shook himself off and sat down, Anora just looked at him and started laughing.

Just then a horn was blown.

“I guess that’s the breakfast call, don’t forget your bow and arrows,” Cazi said as Annabeth was walking out the door.

“Toss them…thanks,” Annabeth said as she caught her bow and arrows.

When everyone got to the Great Hall they went through the buffet line and got their food.

Annabeth got scrambled eggs, hog bacon, hash browns, and yak milk.

When Annabeth and Cazi finished gathering their breakfast they sat at a two seated table and started eating.

Headmaster then announced that immediately after they finished their breakfast to go and meet their trainers for their lessons for the day.

“So Cazi how was your first day at training, I forgot to ask you,” Annabeth asked finishing the last of her eggs.

“It was alright although Electic decided to sleep during play time,” Cazi said as she finished the last of her meal.

“You ready Annabeth?” Cazi asked as she picked up Electic and threw her food out.

“Yeah, Anora come on,” Annabeth said as Anora awoke from her nap and followed Annabeth to the training grounds.

When they got to the training grounds Cazi and Annabeth went to their designated classes.

“Annabeth meet us at the Wilderness!” Cazi yelled at her.

“Alright, see you at lunch!” Annabeth yelled back as she went into the Sharp class arena.

“Aaah welcome everybody to the second day of sharp class,” Astrid said as the teen Vikings sat on the stools.

“Alright today we are teaching our dragons how to shoot a single bull’s-eye on these targets I made for today, Stormfly a demonstration please?” Astrid said as she set up a barrel with a target on it.

Stormfly then took out her spikes and hit all of the targets Astrid set up for her.

“Whoa, awesome,” the whole class said.

“Wait, but we only have baby Nadders how are they going to shoot a perfect bulls- eye like Stormfly,” Merida one of Jessica’s gossip girls asked.

“Aha, glad you asked because you’re going to show them how to do it,” Astrid said as she set two targets up for everyone.

“Ummm…how are we going to do that, we don’t have spikes?” Serena asked as she was drawing hearts on her stone desk with her daggers.

“Good question, with these,” Astrid said as she handed out bows and arrows to everyone.

“How are they going to understand that?” Melanie asked again as she put her feet up on hers and Annabeth’s table.

“Melanie Nadders are smart decisive and observant so if you hit a bulls-eye most of the time they will hit a bulls-eye, now if you could take your feet off of my side of the desk,” Annabeth said.

“Well if it’s that’s so easy why don’t you and your defective poor excuse of a dragon try it out?” Melanie said as her dragon Maxine laughed in her face.

“That’s a great idea, Astrid may I go first to demonstrate this simple task?” Annabeth asked as Anora growled at Maxine.

“Sure why not go ahead,” Astrid said as she set up her two targets.

“Anora ready girl, *Rawark*” Annabeth asked as she put one of her arrows on her bow.

Annabeth took a deep breath and shot the arrow at the target, it was a perfect shot.

The whole class gasped, they then looked at Anora.

Anora looked at the other one and shot at it, it was also a perfect shot.

“Hmph beginners luck,” Merida, Melanie, and Serena said as they crossed their arms.

“Astrid, can you set up six more please?” Annabeth asked as she put another arrow on.

“Sure,” Astrid replied as she set up six more targets.

Annabeth then shot three more targets perfect shots, that made Merida, Serena, and Melanie eyes wide open, they then looked at Anora.

Anora then shot her spikes at the targets all of them bulls-eyes.

The class stood shocked then cheered.

“Well class your turn Annabeth you and Anora have earned yourselves a break,” Astrid said as she set up targets for everyone else.

When noon came around Astrid said that it was time for lunch.

When Annabeth walked to the entrance Merida, Serena, Melanie and their dragons stood in her way.

“What now?” Annabeth groaned as she put her bow and arrows on her back.

“Oh we were just going to apologize for what we said back there but really that was awesome maybe we can hang sometime,” Melanie said picking up her Nadder.

“Umm…no thanks I don’t think that Jessica actually likes me that much, and I can’t just stop being friends with Cazi,” Annabeth said as she picked Anora up.

“Annabeth we’re going to let you in on a secret okay but you cannot tell anyone not even Cazi,” Serena said as she rubbed her Nadders head.

“The reason why Jessica is like this is because she was adopted and she never knew or even seen her birth parents,” Merida said as she tied up her hair.

“Oh I can’t even imagine what she’s going through,” Annabeth said.

Just then they heard Jessica call their names.

“See you after lunch alright?” Melanie said as they ran out of the arena.

“Okay,” Annabeth said as she made her way to the Wilderness to meet up with Cazi and Electic.

When Annabeth made it to the Wilderness she saw Cazi and Electic eating salmon.

“Hey Annabeth here I got you a tuna sandwich from the lunch line,” Cazi said as she tossed the tuna bag over to Annabeth.

“Thanks, lunch time Anora,” Annabeth said as she tossed Anora a salmon for lunch.

*Rawark* Anora squawked as she ate the salmon.

*Screech* it was Charcoal coming in for a landing.

“Hey boy nice of you to join us, here’s your perch for the day,” Annabeth said as Charcoal swallowed the perch whole.

Anora looked at him and Charcoal looked at her, until Charcoal gruffed at her and flew on Annabeth’s shoulder.

“Well we better get back to class,” Annabeth said as she picked up Anora as the horn has sounded for the second half of class.

“Yeah see you at the dorms,” Cazi said as they went their separate ways once again.

“Alright, now we are going to do fire target practice, but this time with axes,” Astrid had said after everyone has returned from lunch.

“Alright who wants to go first?” Astrid said setting up targets.

“I’ll go,” Annabeth said as Astrid gave her an axe.

“Okay Anora this time you’re going to blow fire alright,” Annabeth said as she did a hand gesture from her mouth to the target.

Anora squawked in response to what Annabeth had to say.

Annabeth then took the axe and threw it, but had sneezed in the process.

Annabeth’s axe had landed straight on the dot.

Anora had then opened her mouth and fired at the target, the fireball landed straight on the dot but the target had melted away with the fireball.

“Whoa that was amazing, I want a dragon like that!” a boy Viking had shouted.

“Me too,” a girl said as she petted her Nadder.

In the meantime Astrid was taking a liking to Annabeth and Anora.

“Maybe we could possibly go out and throw axes this weekend?” Astrid said to herself.

*Squawk* Stormfly squawked as she looked at Astrid.

“Okay Stormfly I’ll see if Anora can come too,” Astrid said to her dragon.

“Alright class your turn,” Astrid announced as she passed out axes and placed targets on the ground.

 After about twenty minutes they heard a bell sound, as Astrid said “Don’t be late tomorrow we will be in the wilderness making our own weapons tomorrow and we will not wait for you.”

Annabeth and Anora were being bombarded with Vikings and dragons saying how awesome they were until Astrid shooed them away.

“Hey that was some major impressive throwing and shooting today,” Astrid said as she came up to them.

“Thanks,” Annabeth said as Anora started to play with Stormfly.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Astrid said as they saw that Stormfly had put Anora on her back.

“I was just born with this my parents say that I’m the fighter out of the family,” Annabeth said as Anora had flew on her shoulder.

“Well I was just wondering…” Astrid started as they heard a voice.

“Hey Annabeth, we were just looking for you, hey Astrid,” Cazi greeted as Electic started to play with Anora.

“*Giggle* looks like she’s getting pretty comfortable around Vikings and other dragons, anyways I was wondering if  you four would like to go axe throwing on the beach this weekend?” Astrid asked as Stormfly looked at them and the baby dragons playing.

“What  really?!” Annabeth and Cazi screamed with joy.

“I’m taking that as a yes?” Astrid giggled.

“Oh sorry, but yes we would love to go with you,” Annabeth said.

“Great we’ll pick you up around noon, alright?” Astrid said as she got on Stormfly and flew off.





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Electic doesnt want a bath. EXACTLY like my dog! Good job and cant wait to see more