New Frontier: Chapter 9: Uncovered Secrets

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New Frontier


Chapter 9: Uncovered Secrets


When Annabeth and Asvord arrived from lunch Astrid said that they were going to the Wilderness to learn to fly their dragons properly.


“Alright, it’s all about trust…” Astrid stated as Anora growled uneasily.


All the Nadders held their spikes up protecting their riders.


“What’s the matter Anora,” Annabeth asked as Anora came closer to her.


“Something’s close,” Astrid said as Stormfly was ready to defend Astrid.


Just then the dragons stopped growling and retracted their spikes.


“That was strange,” Asvord said as spikers spikes changed back to green.


“Well, on with the lesson: the key to riding your dragon is trust they need you to assure them that everything will be alright either in battle or a leisurely flight around the school, here, or the Lookout; try feeding them a fish,” Astrid said as she handed out Perch to everyone “No Stormfly you had your lunch.”


All the students fed their dragon the Perch, as the Nadders ate the Perch they were happy as ever.


“Now they trust you enough to let them on their backs,” Astrid said “Now is the time to make your unique hand signal that means to ride like mine is a flat hand then a ball going up, but don’t mount until I say so.”


“Okay what shall mine be hmmm…I got it hand up then hand to ground,” Annabeth said as she made her hand in a fist then down like she was feeding Anora.


Anora then lowered her head down like she wanted her to get on.


After everyone was finished, and their dragons were ready for them to mount.


“This is the part where you put your saddles on like so,” Astrid said as she strapped Stormfly’s saddle on her back.


Annabeth then carefully strapped Anora’s saddle on and made sure it was tight enough so it didn’t slide off her back.


“So after you put that on it’s time for you to get on,” Astrid said “Now they trust you enough to let you on their backs but for flying you’re going to need to gain a  little more trust but first get on your dragon.”


The class then carefully climbed on their dragons back and once they did the dragons went crazy for a while.


“Hey easy girl,” Annabeth said as she rubbed her head.


“They have never been ridden before so just carefully soothe their back with wet material that will ease them,” Astrid said as she walked around them.


Annabeth had a wet table cloth so she dabbed it on Anora’s back.


“Okay now for the moment of truth, follow me,” Astrid said as Stormfly walked towards an opening.


The Nadders carefully started walking and once they got used to it they ran after Stormfly.


“Alright stop,” Astrid said as she held up a hand that meant stop.


 The Nadders stopped and then looked down.


“That is really a steep drop,” Merida said as she looked back up.


“Yes but it’s also the best place for young dragons to fly,” Astrid said as Stormfly looked at them while hovering “Who’s wants to go first?”


Everybody was looking nervously at the step drop until Anora roared and started to run.

“Whoa easy…wha...AAAAHHH,” Annabeth screamed as Anora jumped off the cliff and were out of sight.


After a few minutes later everyone was nervous for Annabeth since she hasn’t come up yet.


“Annabeth,” Asvord called down.


*Growl* *Roar* Anora roared as she flew up with Annabeth on her back.


“What are you waiting for come on?” Annabeth screamed in excitement as Anora hovered next to Stormfly.


“Oh yeah, let’s go Spiker!” Asvord said as Spiker ran and jumped down.


A few minutes later Spiker came up with Asvord on her back.


After at least an hour the whole class learned how to fly their dragons, and was having fun in the sky doing tricks and stunts.


“Alright now that you know how to fly your dra-“Astrid started as the horn sounded for the end of the class.


“Alright then don’t forget tomorrow is a test on weaponry,” Astrid said as the class dispersed “Hey Annabeth can I speak to you for a moment?”


“Sure what is it?” Annabeth said as she landed Anora.


“Just keep it up all of you and Thorspeed,” Astrid said as Stormfly flew towards Hiccup’s place.


“Alright let’s get out of here,” Merida said as Maxine and Spiker was roaring at each other.


“Alright race you to the dorms!” Annabeth challenged them.


“Oh you’re on,” they all said as their dragons started towards the dorms having the time of their lives.


Late at night…


In Annabeth’s and Cazi’s dorm the door opened slightly and a female figure came in and began walking towards Annabeth until she accidentally stepped on a squeaky toy of Anora’s and Electic’s.

“Oh Thor,” the female started as she heard Anora and Electic stir but didn’t wake up “They really need to put up their toys,” the female Viking stated.


The Viking then went to Annabeth’s bed and then shook her.


Annabeth then jolted awake and then grabbed her sword and almost chopped her head off until she recognized who it was…


“Izzy! Girl your head almost got chopped off,” Annabeth said as she wiped her eyes “Never mess with an Izonian Viking they never miss, but why are you up and most importantly why are you here?”


Just then Electic and Anora woke up hearing Annabeth’s silenced scream.

Annabeth then promptly calmed them down saying that it was alright.


“I can’t talk now, for the fear of that certain someone overhearing…but meet me at the docks with the others in an hour,” Izzy started as she ran out of the dorm.


“That was strange but okay, Cazi…Cazi wake up,” Annabeth said as she got up and put her clothes on.


“*Yawn* Annabeth I’m tired let me sleep,” Cazi groaned as she turned over.


“Says the one who woke me up at the crack of dawn yesterday,” Annabeth said as she combed her head with her brush.


“Exactly the crack of dawn not in the middle of the night,” Cazi said as she slept.


“If you get up I’ll give you my eggs,” Annabeth said as she took a handful of her brown hair and put it in a ponytail.


“Alright fine, Electic get up,” Cazi said as she was putting on her clothes.


Electic grumbled as he and Anora jumped from their huts and stretched their muscles.


After getting everyone up they made their way down to the docks until Jessica said “This better be important, because I need my beauty rest.”


“Hey guys thanks for coming,” Izzy said as she and spike met them at the docks.


*Gasp* “Girl what happened to your arms,” Miranda shouted as this was the first time they saw Izzy without her ‘Flight suit’ what she likes to call it.


“I’ll get to that but I need you guys to come with me to the island where Annabeth and I met,” Isabella said as everyone was looking at each other.


“Okay but when are we going,” Jarl said as Fredrick was wiggling his tail.


Isabella then mounted Spike and was about to take off.


“Wait now,” Melanie and Elsa said as they covered their mouths.


Just then they saw a boat coming towards them.


“That’s not a fishing boat,” Jessica said.


“We need to look at the signs on that boat,” Cazi said as they ducked down.


Jarl carefully took out his looking glass that lets you see further.


“Oh Thor,” Jarl said as he took the looking glass down from his eye.


“What,” Annabeth asked as she was trying to get a better look.


“Remember the people that gave us the orientation and took us to the dorms what are their names?” Jarl said as he looked towards everyone.


“Rebecca and Josh Clearthorn why,” Cazi asked as she was getting impatient.

“Look,” Jarl said as he gave her the looking glass.


“Oh now this is the motherlode of all things Loki it is them,” Cazi said “But who is he?”


Annabeth took the looking glass and saw the man in the cape that was in the Great Hall of History.


“He was the man that was in the Great Hall with me,” Annabeth said.


“So does that mean that he was the one that stole the box,” Asvord asked.


“It’s gotta be…oh Thor he’s coming up,” Annabeth said as she hid.


“Well if we’re going to go we need to go now before we get caught,” Izzy said as Spike was about to take off.


“…Alright let’s go,” Annabeth said as she got on Anora and they all took off to the island where she met Izzy.


This mystery just got a whole lot more mysterious, why does Izzy want them to go with her to her island and are Rebecca and Josh Clearthorn the ones that let the mysterious man in and most importantly who is this mysterious man in the cape this case has gotten a whole lot hotter.





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Nice job! Can't wait for the next chapter!



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I've been meaning to get back reading your story again, and finally just said, "I'm gonna read it."

So I did, picking up with the chapter I left off with.


Still another good chapter.  You're doing a fine job.  :)


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