New Frontier: Chapter 11: The Mysterious Tunnels and the Not so Mysterious Vikings

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New Frontier
Chapter 11: The Mysterious Tunnels and the Not so Mysterious Vikings
Once Annabeth and the others got to Astrid's class Astrid made an announcement: "We have a new Viking in the class, if you would Isabella," Astrid announced.
"Hi my name is Isabella Rossellini and this is my Razorwhip Iron Tail,” Isabella introduced herself.
“Alright then Isabella you can sit anywhere you like,” Astrid said as she handed out notebooks and styluses to everyone but her “I hope you guys studied for this test because this will be going home with you on Thorsgiving break.”
Isabella sat next to Serena who moved her chair to the right and Sphinx moved to the right of her desk.
“You guys know the rules and Isabella you will be taking this test tomorrow morning,” Astrid said as the others told their dragons to move to the side of their desk and take a nap “I suggest getting your notes from Annabeth, Serena, Merida, Melanie, or Asvord since they are the best at notes.”
After about an hour Annabeth and Merida both got up and turned in their tests.
“Alright you can either relax or read a book until everyone’s done,” Astrid said as Annabeth rubbed Anora and told her to come back to her seat.
After everyone was done taking the test the bell rang for lunch and Annabeth’s group met at the Great Hall of History for lunch.
“Alright, Frozen Fire I can’t find anything to help us find out how they got the box of Frozen Fires,” Annabeth said as Anora lay down next to Maxine that was sleeping.
“Maybe it was a decoration that we thought that was nothing at the time,” Jarl suggested.
“No it wouldn’t be because the Headmaster wouldn’t put the most valuable thing in Viking history in plain sight there’s got to be some passageway that led them to the box,” Cazi said as she kept reading a book on Frozen ice looking for clues as to why the hooded man wanted the box so much.
“Yeah but what, what could lead them there we all know that Josh and Rebecca let the man in here unscathed…” Jessica started as Fredrick lied down accidentally on Sapphires tail.
Sapphire then roared and hit Anora’s leg which made her roar and placed her leg on a stone that was loose and a secret tunnel was descending downwards and candles were lit.
“Whoa,” Isabella said as they all looked towards the tunnel.
The rest of the dragons woke up and went to their respected riders in case they got into trouble.
“Well would you look at that Fredrick did something useful for a change,” Asvord quipped as she punched Jarl’s shoulder.
“Ha-ha, very funny,” Jarl said as he petted Fredrick.
Annabeth started to walk down the passageway until she stepped on a trip wire accidentally and an axe started flying her way.
Sapphire quickly grabbed her out of the axe’s way and it landed on the next wall.
“Okay, traps why would I think that this would be easy,” Annabeth said as Sapphire let her down.
"Thanks, Sapphire," Annabeth thanked "Alright keep your eyes peeled for anything and don't step on trip wires." Annabeth said as Anora bent down so Annabeth could get on.
Jarl was the last one in and when he finally entered the tunnel closed behind them.
"Wow it's really dark in here," Elsa said as Meatballs was by her side.
"Anora, a low burn please," Annabeth said as Anora opened her mouth but kept the fire in "Good job, look at all these symbols." 
"Spiker would you," Asvord asked as Spiker roared to the other dragons that could breath fire to do so too "Thanks."
"Look here, it says: 'Only a true Viking can solve this riddle and Find the keys to open the box of Frozen Fires ~BtB' I guess BtB stands for Bork the Bold," Annabeth said as she finished reading the wall.
"But the hooded man has the box but he's not a true Viking," Cazi said as Electic walked closer to her.
"Not even close to it," Jessica said as Sapphire was walking on the side of the walls.
"It said 'riddle' what riddle is it talking about," Jarl asked as Fredrick was standing next to him.
Anora then saw something and nudged Annabeth in that direction.
"That's got to be where the box was, to bad he didn't read this because he can't get in it without the keys," Miranda said as she saw the podium with nothing on it.
"What does it say again," Jarl asked again.
"Oh, it says: 'No two stones are alike but in this case it is...' ok that obviously doesn't make any sense...'Pull them out and a room will be revealed," Annabet read the wall.
"Ok what did that mean," Cazi asked her as she folded her arms.
"I seriously don't know how are we supposed to know what rock is the same when there's no markings on them," Annabeth said as she kept reading the wall.
Serena then leaned on the side where no light was shown, and a rock moved and rocks were coming down.
"Aaah!" Serena started as Sphinx nudged the rock back in to place.
"Oh it's over there, can't Bork be a little more obvious," Annabeth groaned as Anora shedded light for her.
There were star symbols, lightning symbols and a whole bunch of symbols.
"So, it said no two stones are alike but in this case it is," Cazi repaeted as she saw two symbols that were alike "The stars look there's one over here and one over there."
Cazi was about to pull it until Jarl held her back "Remeber what Annabeth said about traps," Jarl said as he saw the same thing.
"I suggest we pull them out at the same time that way the door will open," Jessica said as she recounted to what happened to Serena.
"That's a great idea Isabella would you mind," Annabeth said as she pointed towards the second one that was up higher.
"Got it, Iron Tail," Isabella said as Iron Tail hovered towards the second star and was about to take the rock out but waited for Anora.
"Alright now," Annabeth said as both Razorwhips pulled the rocks out.
Just then the wall started to seperate and the young Vikings saw dusty artifacts and old books.
"Wow this must be one of Bork's old hideouts when he fought dragons," Annabeth said as she looked around.
"Hey look a book on the Frozen Fire box," Asvord said as she blew the dust off of the book.
Some dust particles was near Fredrick and he was about to sneeze and when a Thunderdrum sneezes you don't want to be anywhere near them.
"Uh-oh," Asvord said as their dragons covered them with their wings.
*SNEEZE* Fredrick sneezed and when he did a book fell over and when it did the circle in the middle of the room started spinning and a podium rose up and saw a small item on it.
"Wow it's so tiny, that can't be a key," Jessica said as she examined it.
"Looks like Fred did it again," Asvord said as she rubbed his head.
"Another riddle, 'Now since you found the first key there is no going back, once you've recovered this clue find the place where the sea turns to bone, there is where you will find the next clue,' guys do you now what this means," Annabeth said as Anora came up to them.
"What," practically everyone asked one way or another.
"We've found the first clue and the first key that opens the box," Annabeth said as she quickly jotted down the riddl in her notebook and stuffed the key into her saddle bag.
"But they have the box," Cazi said as Electic shocked her just for saying that "Electic that was not funny!"
"Cazi, they may have the box but it's no good since they don't have the keys to open it," Jessica said as she stuffed the book of Frozen Fires in her saddle bag.
"Jessica isn't that stealing," Elsa said as a passage to the outside opened.
"Yes but how else are we going to know about the box," Jessica said as Sapphire lifted her up.
"Just think of it as a loan," Asvord said as she got on Spiker.
Just then the young Vikings took off for the next part of their classes.
Meanwhile in a dark and desolate place... 
"Come in," a raspy voice said as the door opened.
"Erik, the box won't open without the keys of the Moonstone," a female voice said as she and a male Viking came in the room.
"Aaargh, well try harder I'm not paying you for you lip I want that box opened," the Viking said as he pounded his hook on the table.
"Erik dear don't do that, it's not good for your health," a female Viking said as she rubbed Erik's back.
"Well then go back to the School and see if we missed something," Erik said as he sat back down.
"Alright but what about that Annabeth girl and her friends," Rebecca said as they started out.
"Don't worry about our defective sibling and her friends we will get the keys before she even gets close to solving this mystery," Sierra said as she came in with Screech and her brothers.
"Oh yes you don't have to worry about that at all..." Hebettica said as they started laughing.




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