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Hey guys I  will post my suggestion in a lil but I'm busy rn but plz tell me ur expansion suggestions like for a new hybrid or places u would want to have in game, like....idk lol




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One of the events showed groundbreaking lore that Stormheart was very likely responsible for the majority of SOD's sudden hybrid appearances. I really want an expansion going into that. 

Wingmaiden's island, Outcast island, Berserker island and even the Defenders island are all islands we still haven't seen yet in-game. Any one of those would be cool to add.

I know many would disagree due to it having already been in an event but I would honistly like to see the Chimeragon show up as an important part of the expansion story. Maybe even with an expansion spesific individual as the prize if not have the expansion be the only place to get one other then the event, dragonapalooza and maybe some random store appearances like the nightlights.




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Idea 1: An Expansion based on Valka's Sanctuary, where we have to protect Krayfin and relocate it there, due to its new giant size. The dragon could be some missing from the 2 film: Windstriker, Thornridge, Snifflehunch, Windgnasher;
Idea 2: An Expansion based on looking for the origin of the Hybrids in nature, giving more focus on a conflict between Valka vs Nikora, and further exploring the hidden world interiors. The dragon could be a hybrid of "Titan Uprising" that we don't have yet: Humbanger, Brooding Boltstamper, Zipplewraith, Cylcarion, etc;
Idea 3: A "final card" in the Stormheart conflict, a battle that decides an ending worthy of this whole arc to focus on a new villain for the game. In that idea, we would explore ALL the game's maps in different battles. The dragon could be one that is still missing from the series: Shadow Wing, Sandbuster, Cavern Crasher;
Idea 4: An Expansion fully focused on meeting and tracking Alpha Dragons (Foreverwing, Bewilderbeast, Purple Death / Green Death, Shellfire) To relocate them to Hidden World where they would be safer. So, in addition to being able to see these beautiful creatures in the game, a room could be made in Hidden World just to enjoy them. The dragon could be some totally new one created by SoD, or one of the books that is much requested but not placed, such as Toxic Nightshade, Doomfang, Deadly Shadow, etc;
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The swordstealer would be a pretty good not yet added dragon to have showcase in an expansion. I know they had an armorwing but....swordstealers are cooler.

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I think the problem with the Sword Stealer is that, most likely, SoD wouldn’t give us the option to change the color of the mouth and eyes where the neon colors are, which basically everyone wanted to personalize ... Besides, the size of it in the RoB is big (probably medium-big), and probably in SoD we would have something like a Devilish Dervish ...
Sword Stealer is my top 3 in favorite dragons, but the chances of SoD adapting it in a bad way are great ...
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Those wouldn't be a problum for me personally. Particularly the size thing. There are so many dragons that are not correctly sized in this game that I just don't really mind that innacuracy. I mean, even the monstrous nightmare isn't correct. It would be easyer to count the dragons that ARE accurately sized then to count the ones that aren't.

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Those facts are still a problem for me, but I still think Sword Stealer would be a great addition to the game. I still think it would have been better for him to be added to the game than Slitherwing ...
To be honest, Slitherwing was only worth it for the hype, but inside the game it was a really bad dragon ...
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I like the slitherwing. One of its colorable places gives any color you put there a metalic shine I have yet to see on any other dragon. (Like it actually reacts to the lighting not just is textured to look like metal) Actually its color options are great in general. And its animations are nice.


Still would love to see the sword stealer but I'm not bothered by the fact that the slitherwing made it in. It's pretty good in dragon tactics and I love seeing how other people color them. I like the stripes a lot. 

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How about a slower paced expansion?

After having several relatively fast paced expansions with a lot of action, I'd like to see another slower paced expansion be added to School of Dragons, which I'd find to be a welcome change of pace- a way to take a break from the action/conflict that's going on in the game. We have at lots of different shipwrecks and ruins in the game, and we have barely any history to go with them in the game. A new expansion or event could have us exploring more of the history of the achipeligo and interacting with more of the shipwrecks and ruins. We could revisit some places that we've visited before, such as the Icestorm Island city, but we could also explore some new ruins, or head inside wrecks/ruins that we haven't been able to explore previously, such as the Reaper. We could also uncover some new peoples that have previously lived in the archipeligo, and maybe find out if they still exist (like the Grimborn tribe), have descendant cultures (such as WoolyHowlEra's Bronze age Icestorm Islanders having split into the Defenders of the Wing and the Wingmaidens), or if they died out or dispersed (perhaps leaving some wrecks and ruins that aren't so obviously related to those of other, later cultures, or that aren't so easilly explained...) We could even have the potential to see some interactions between characters that haven't interacted before (at least in School of Dragons), such as Mala and Atali interacting with each other in the Icestorm Island city. If any new dragons (or hybrids) are introduced with this expansion/event, they could have some connection with one of those cultures or ruins (perhaps a stylised Hushboggle on a sealed door, or an ancient statue of a Sword Stealer. There could also be a new set of ancient armor or a new Dragon Tactics compatible weapon or shield that the player recieves during the expansion... say based on a dragon that we haven't seen before.) We could even explore old/dead myths about dragons that these cultures may have left behind.


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A bewilderbeast expansion

A bewilderbeast expansion with berserker island/ berserker bewilberbeast, new hidden world areas/ drago's bewilderbeast, and Valka's sanctuary/ remains of Valka's bewilderbeast. And maybe add the chimeragon as the final prize since it is part bewilberbeast..



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Froakie ate my subject THANKS FROAKIE!

I think A Expansion pack were we Procet The archipelago from ALLL THE HUNTERS And Grimmel, Stormheart, And Harold, Maybe even Drago We start at New Berk We have to talk to Hiccup we Find out that All the Hunters are Attacking Every Island in the Archpeligo We Start at Berk with Some of Grimmel Hunters. We Fight them and then we go to Dark Deep with some of Stormhearts Hunters we fight them, then we go to Dragon Island with some of Grimmels Hunters and 2 of his Deathgrippers We fight them then we go to The School and Fight All of Grimmels Hunters, we fight them with Hiccup and Toothless, Then We Go to Icestorm Island and fight all of Stormhearts Hunters, Then we go to Impossible Island And fight Grimmels Deathgrippers with The kraythin, then we go to Vanheilm and fight all of Stormhearts Nadders and Wooly howls she Captured with Grimmora With The Sentels, Then we go to Melody Island and fight Some of Grimmels Hunters and some of Stormhearts Hunters, we keep fighting Some of Stormheart and Grimmels Hunters on Armorwing Island, Mudraker Island The Training Grounds, The Lookout, Dragons Edge, Zippleback Island, Erupadon Island, Scuttleclaw Island, Glacier Island and all the other Islands Then we Go to New Berk and fight all the Hunters and The dragons they captured, With all the Dragon Riders, Then We Go to the Hidden World and Have A Big battle there With ALL THE HUNTERS and Grimmel and Stormheart and Harold we fight With All the Dragons we have we win, we Go to New Berk and We all go to a New Island That's the Hunters Base and we See Them Creating New Hybrids, We tame a Senwhipper (A Hybrid between a Sentel and a Flame whipper, Then the Pack is over! 



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Oooh, ideas!

I don't know how much attention this will get, but I love the idea of calmer expansions. What is life like in berk/new berk? Where is everyone now? I also like the idea of exploring all the islands, especially the ones that don't seem to be there (defenders of the wing island, wingmaiden island, etc) and seeing how Stormheart has affected them. 


Also, we have our journal thing which has all the science we have learned and stuff, can we have a similar idea with a rundown of all the quests we have done, and maybe access history books from a library? It's been so long since I have done the expansions I have forgotten a lot of what happened.


That all said, I definently want to finish off Stormheart. What is it she really wants? Does she want to rule the world or does she have a greater motive? Why was her heirloom in the krayfin grave and why does it have signifigance at auction island? I could go on all day. 


Dragon suggestions... I am pretty happy with what there is now, but I would love to have dragons make their own characteristic sounds and such while we are riding them (especially singetails), and to be able to use all our dragons in DT. I would also love to have more minigames and ways of levelling them up, and maybe making a dragon a titan could be slightly easier? I don't spend ages on SoD, more playing in fits and starts, so I haven't collected enough titan runes for even one dragon.


In the meantime I am curious to see what the SoD team have coming next!


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I genuinely love playing School of Dragons, and I would love to see more expansions like all the rest of us. But what I would love to see more is bug fixes, improvements to the dragons' animations and ambient nioses, missing islands being added to the map, and a bit more of the history and day-to-day life in berk. If there are any of the game staff looking all the way down here, I know it isn't easy making a running a game. I've tried to do animation myself and I have gotten very frustrated by it! Thank you for the game and I look forward to what is to come.

Here's a post where I go more into detail on what I would like to see.



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Stormheart >>>>

idk what Stormheart wants but I definitely want to date her /j

SOD team please put me in the game as Stormheart girlfriend




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Oh good thing this thread

Oh good thing this thread resurface in time so that i didn't have to make another thread now that I finally have ideas;


Return to the Sanctuary

Rewards Dragons: A Choice between Thornridge, Threadtail, Windgnasher, Windstriker Thunderclaw and Snifflehunch

So Valka's Sanctuary used to be one of the most request place in game, now that it was add in with the age of the nightlights I feel that it's a little underwhelming to be honest. But it also made me think of the Hidden world and how there're serveral part of it including needing two expansion to unlock all of the areas. I think adding another expansion that expand the santuary area is not too unreasonable. As for another reason I want this expansion are the modular dragons. As you can see there're still several of them but due to their lackluster similar appearance they usually met with the lukewarm reception whenever they're add, and adding one at the time would surely took all the spot of the dragons more people want, at the same time, release them all at once need to be a special occassion. I think releasing them for the expansion exclusive at least for the earlier on count as that. Similary to the age of the nightlight at the end you're allow to pick only one. then maybe about 3-4 months afterward they will be relase all at once in the store once people grow use to it and it's no longer special anymore. With the dragon being modular making six of them shouldn't be too impossible

Storywise I like to explore more about the current bewilderbeast and clear thing up that who is it suppose to be in this universe? the surviving valka's alpha? the egg? the berserkian one or the completely new one. Maybe if Drago and his bewilderbeast appear in game for the first time that'd be super great too. Kinda like how Return to the dragon island is the call back to the first movie, this time we'll finally have the second movie equivilent of it


The Rift

Rewards Dragons: One of the Nine realms Dragon

If I remember correctly when the third movie come out SOD had a big update and a bombarment of new dragons right? Well I think Nine realms could use something like that as well. So come the Nine realm related expansion. However the timeline wouldn't work out right? It's thousand of year apart, well the story for the expansion wouldn't be about the moden human character or thunder. but just about how they discover more fricture that open up hidden world more and need to be protected and then they find the newly discover dragons there (I still belive nine realms dragon are just not yet discovered dragon and not new evolution dragon so finding one during this timeline should be possible) if we want to spice think up we could also addressing the nightlights finding their mates. Unlike the sanctuary expansion however, you don't pick a dragon. There's only one reward dragon but the dev have to decide wheter it's going to be featherhide, Mist twister, Fault ripper or Gembreaker.(or maybe two! Like call of deathsong)


The Breeder

Rewards Dragon: One of the Hybrids

I don't have this idea initailly but reading other ideas just now I agree that having the expansion fully addresssing the hybrids would be neat. I have this idea of the new fraction that breed dragon for sell and reasoning with the dragon riders that so they don't need to capture wild dragon. this should please berk right? but they become the problem when they allies themselves with the hunter for protection and the hunters start riding the powerful hybrids dragon. Like the rift, the dev have to decide what single (or double) dragon they're going to give away in this expansion, perhaps a completely new hybrids? the patch chimeragon, or not yet release in sod titan uprising dragons.


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