New Dragon Game That Is Absolutely Stunning!

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Century: Age of Ashes was recently released on Steam


Century: Age of Ashes | Launch Trailer - YouTube


This is something worth checking out if you love dog-fighting with dragons (or just flying around in general). There are a couple of different game modes, quests to complete, and many dragons you can collect as you level up. In terms of outshines SoD by a million. Highly recomend you play this for yourself.



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unfortunately my PC would never support a game like this  X'D
I think it's a disadvantage since the game is too demanding of the system...
I also found the customization options a bit weak, and the fact that it's completely focused only on competitive multiplayer gives me a headache just thinking about the type of community we're going to join...
but, it has a lot of potential! Let's see how it works for more updates from now!
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good points

According to Century: Age of Ashes system requirments, I should not be able to run it either. Most of the things on my PC meet the requirments except for the CPU. But here I am playing it with Intel Core i3 when the minimum requirments are Intel Core i5. Idk why but it works....


I do hope they add more maps to explore so, as you said, it isn't just competitive fighting. I have not experienced any toxic behavior in multiplayer because there is no voice chat. But if it does get added........I think there will be a huge rise in reports for verbal abuse (just like any other game, of course). One complaint I do have is teammates leaving when they lose one round....which screws it up for the rest of the team because we become outnumbered and will lose the rest of the rounds. But yea, hopefully the updates will help balance it out a bit ^^

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My biggest fear is this: arriving tired from a day at work, playing games to distract myself and ending up encountering random curses from people defeating me every 2 seconds. I avoid games like that, but this new game is attracting me a lot  X'D

Maybe I'll try something to see if my PC can run it too. I just wish there were more class options and more dragon customization...from what I've read, we only customize dragons as we level up, and it can be a frustrating experience  :/

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I don't think they would let

I don't think they would let players from different teams talk to each other. They would most likely enable voice chat between teammates...which from my experience can still lead to toxic behavior. Most of the time my teammates (this is in another game) are chill..that is until you lose the game. Then there is that one person who throws a fit or cusses everyone else out because they lost. But I guess that is the risk of playing with complete strangers ;-;

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Zekrom zeeeek

My laptop didn't support this rip

But definitely want play it 

that games look a lot better then SOD




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*nyooms from hyperspace*

I personally dont like discord or steam so unfortunently its a no from me. I feel like if you join games like that theres strings attached. I prefer games who host their own downloading platform like SOD :)


Still looks really cool tho


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Sadly, can't play this. I have pretty much everything but the minimum (or required) graphics card versions. Ah well.


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Dragons: (Key: Pink names are female, and blue names are male. Bold names are titans and/or max level)

Monsterous Nightmare (Total: 5, Max levels: 2) Rivu (Starter) (50) ll Nasail (50) ll Fioled (41) ll Fellous (27) ll Roukera (18)

Scauldron (Total: 1, Max level: 1) Deniz (50)

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Deathsong (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Sigrdrifa (50) ll Nidhogg (12)

Razorwhip (Total: 1) Lagi (44)

Skrill (Total: 1) Flugurite (46)

Thunderdrum (Total: 5) Taima (39) ll Donar (18) ll Esen (15) ll Boran (15) ll Blast (6)

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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart

Don't worry, you are not the only person here who can play the game. I've been waiting ever since I first saw a YouTuber (Mr Fruit) play the game in beta a couple months back. I've been grinding since I've first heard it was out! I think I have a problem XD


That being said, I'm glad I can play a game that I know I don't suck at —especially Spoils of War. Although I do need to play more of the other game modes so that I can brush up my skills: Paitence, trial, and error. But it sure feels good to be MVP (especially since I can't win other competitive games)

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Meeting Skaldi

In the cicil war, we commonly fight dragon riders of the opposing force. But sometimes, we deal with neutral bandits which rarely have used such mounts. Occasionally, I get dispatched to different regions to help catch thieving bandits or deliver supplies to towns that got recently raided. I've met a lone Ironwing during an investigation to a small village in the Aldrün Desert. He was a wild Scorched Frontier dragon that carried a piece of armor in his mouth that helped identify which tribe of bandits that have raided.

Normal dragon training techniques I've learned at the school doesn't usually work with the dragons here, but not only did it manage to have the dragon drop the armor, but convinced the lonely dragon to help find and catch the bandits.


*Disclaimer: Basically, I quit playing SoD to play Century: Age of Ashes. This bio is completely imaginary and therefore comepletely non-canon to the lore of Century and SoD, but based on the experience I had with the gameplay in kind of a joking manner. Yes, I have created C:AoA lore with my character mixed with SoD for fun, no you cannot judge me.


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Thx for scrolling :)

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You and I have the exact same

You and I have the exact same title lol. Spoils of War is fun...until someone blows up your gold stash. I think the gamemode where I have lost the least amount of times is Gates of Fire ( I have more loses than wins TT ) 

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Fellow Peasants!

The trick I use in Spoils of War is I play as a Phantom w/ mine and the second the game starts, fly to the enemy base, throw a mine in their gold shaft and sneak out of there. If caught, I turn invisible right after throwing the mine, enter the rift and fly to the sides. If I'm lucky, I can bump into a carrier and gain 80-100 gold on my way back.

I also ignore jewels. They do grant 300 points to whoever's holding it, but since you drop them when taking damage (and you can't stash it), I find killing carriers and playing Robin Hood more effective. It's best to do it while everybody's distracted. ;)

The thing about the Vault-Breaker, I think it only spawns when a team has 1,000 more points than the other team and it's a chance for the losing team to redeem themselves. That is until the winning team with 2,000 or so points blows up the team with 310. Why beat the horse while it's down?

...Actually, I do admit that I am guilty of doing that. Only because I just want to get rid of the vault-breaker —I would happily let the enemy team re-capture the scattered gold clusters around their side of the map. My teammates however...


And ah yes: Gates of Fire. My one true weakness. I won my first time, but every other time I kept getting bombarded by Marauders and flying through the enemy Winguard's smoke, and end up losing every match. To be fair, I have the least practice in that game mode. I better learn some tricks.


I got the hang of Carnage as far as I know. So far my Win/lose ratio in this game mode is about even.

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BeingKilledByApeasantIsAnInsult LOL

Most of the time I'm not even the one carrying the flag in Gates of Fire. I just fly above whoever has the flag to cover for them. I try not to get too close as I don't want to draw attention to myself, but I do stay within shooting range. If my teammate has enemy players following them and trying to steal the flag, I will do as much damage to them as possible before one of them gets the flag. Once they have the flag, they become quicker to kill thus causing them to fly through less gates. With Spoils of War all I do is mind my own business and collect gold from the carriers( I have not even looked on how to explode other stashes)....I should probably do more to help sabotage the other team. I remember in one game there was literally like 5 seconds left and our stash got blown up so we lost our gold and the match. It's Carnage and Skrims that cause me to lose the most wins. Thus I don't really play them unless a quest requires me to. But hey if your down to playing my friend code is woolyhowl101#CSKM2