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So I was thinking about rp and somehow end up coming up with new classification ideas. It's entirely self-indulgent but since I spent hours on it for some reason I figure might as well spend another hours put this up so it's not entirely wasted and I can see what people think of it!


- One dragon can be in more than one class!

- Dragon that moved class in be in red, unless it's entirely new class

- Blue is for the dragon that appear again in another class. So that black means they only appear in one class

- This is less of an attempt to 'fix it' and more and attempt to explore and experiment and like i said, self-indulgent.


So this is what I came up with:


Strike class: A class dedicate to dragons specialized in their speedy elusive flight and fighting style that include a quick powerful shot-like attack (AN: also intented for this class to be more open and less elite, I know Rumblehorn is not fast but they strengthup shooting missile and that's pretty strike to me) Symbol: Night fury

- Night/Light fury, Triple stryke, Skrill, Snow wraith, Flightmare, Rumblehorn, Small shadow, Silver phantom,  Sand wraith, Wind striker, Windwalker,  Dramillion

Tidal class: Like the old one, a class that's all about dragon that live in the ocean or having a water related power. Symbol: Scauldron

- Thunderdrum, Scauldron, Seashocker, Tideglider, Windwalker, Krayfin, Submarriper, Ripwrecker, Shellfire, Shockjaw, Sliquifier, Purple death

Stroker class: Most dragon already shot fire so the fire aspect of this new classification has to be more intense. Simply shooting fire wouldn't do it. but cover in one or having a flamethower, powerful oil base flame will do. Symbol: Nightmare

- Fireworm, Monsteroues nightmare, Typhoonmerang, Red death, Terrible terror, Singetail, Modruffler, Silver phantom, FlamewhipperStormcutter, Timberjack, Eruptodon, Dramillion, Gobsucker, Buffalord

Bolder class: Dragon in this class have to relate to rock in some way, either firepower, diet, dwelling or cover in one. Symbol: Gronckle

- Whispering/Screaming death, Quaken, Eruptodon, Sentinel, Shovelhelm, Snafflefang, Hotburple, Gronckle, Thunderpete, Foreverwing, Sand buster, Sand wraith, Sweet death, Carvern crasher

Sharp Class: Dragons with edge and sharp quality (AN: I honestly have no idea what to do with Eggbiter and Scuttleclaw so I just fit them back in) Symbol: Nadder

- Deadly Nadder, Razorwhip, speed stinger, hackatoo, timberjack, shivertooth, devilish devish, grim gnasher, thornridge, wind striker, eggbiter, scuttleclaw, Triple stryke, Thunderpete

Trickster class: Originally a mystery class but cut down to dragon that trickstery instead of just mysterious to vikings. Symbol: Changewing

- Death/Slither song, Changewing, Carvern crasher, Zippleback, Dramillion, Sweet death, Sandbuster, Snaptrapper, Smokebreath, Silkspinner, Small shadow, Night terror, Flamewhipper, Sand wraith

Glacier class: A dragon with winter theme, live in cold habitat or have an ice breath. Symbol: Groncicle

- Bewilderbeast, Groncicle, Shivertooth, Windgnasher, Snow wraith, Wooly howl, Pricklebroggle

Swarmster class: A habitat centric class for dragon that loves wet humid green land or water that's not ocean. (AN: Kinda weird one here and to be honest some are just put in here because there's no other class. Some are subspecies and headcanon) Symbol: Raincutter

- Raincutter, Mudraker, Grapple grounder, Thunderclaw

Chemist/Poison class: A dragon specialized in paralizer sting, venom and poisons. (AN: no Scauldron and Fireworm because those two are too fire and watery in quality that would be slightly out of places) Symbol: Slitherwing

- Triple stryke, Speed stinger, Slitherwing, Flightmare, Threadtail, Flamewhipper, Razorwhip, Buffalord

Tank/armor class: A Dragon with armor, armor light scale or simple just big sturdy build that can took hit and have lot of strength and stamina. Symbol: Armorwing

- Bonesknapper, Armorwing, Swordstealer, Triple stryke, Shellfire, Razorwhip, Rumblehorn, Thunderclaw, Thunderdrum, Thunderpete,  Shadow wing, Quaken, Eruptodon, Sentinel, Snafflefang, Gronckle, Screaming death, Wooly howl, Windgnasher, gobsucker, buffalord, hotburple

Healer/Supporter class: A dragon specialized in healing, not necessary physically but also a mental support or physically support in battle. Symbol: Prickleboggle

- Pricklebroggle, Buffalord, Hobblegrunt, Snifflehunch, Thornridge

Intellect Class: A class reserved for dragons with intellect, abstract thinking and best quality fit for being leader(AN: I was really reluctant adding this class since there're only two dragon and both already have classes but I just couldn't help it. As of now Stormcutter is only in storker for its flamethrower fire which is not their most iconic quality and I don't see them being in Sharp class either, sure the claws are sharp but they're famous for using it to picklocks which is pretty intellectial to me) Symbol: Stormcutter

- Stormcutter, Sentinel


Feel free to comment! Suggesting new name (because honestly some are pretty on the nose), symbols, agreeing disgreeing on what dragon should be in what class, increse/decrease classes and so on.


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