New dragon animations! WHAT!

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Yep that's right Vikings. The devs changed (some)dragon animations! 

Lets start with this guy... I actually like this because it brings an unsure feeling, trust issue look to the Titan Gronckle lol the Snoggletog paint for your gronkle is CUTE!!! they have a blue tongue!!! 


Groncicle has the same animation as the Gronckle and I HATE IT!!! It was looking worse and worse with each Groncicle I took out. Frostbite was the only one that looked ok. Crimson Goregutter has the same animation now, I'm gonna miss the jumps... 


I MUST SMELL THE GRASS NOW THAT I CAN MOVE!!! They could have made a better animation for the Razorwhips but at least they finally got an animation... Grapple Grounder also has this too but the head isn't that low.


Glaedr doesn't turn his head at all when he is not sitting. It looks like he fired at something and it just froze lol Smothering Smokebreath, Woolly Howl, Singetail, Eruptodon (Gonna miss Uhh opening his mouth) Flightmare, Moldruffle, Rumblehorn, Dread Stryder (gonna miss him scratching his head) all have this animation 



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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Yes!  It's working!  The Gronckles FINALLY have new animations!  Thank you devs!


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When the icon showing dragon energy changes to green, your dragon will have the old animation. Dragons that share animations will also share the same "new happy animation".


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Yup. All dragons had recieved mood animations as of the Dreadfall 2020 update, but that doesn't mean the old animations are gone. The happy animations disappear when you mount the dragon and stay idle, or wait until their happiness meter is at green. They all also have sad animations for when the happiness meter is at red.


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