A new deathsong every time I log in?

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Ok, so my dragons and stables reappeared today after disappearing all on Sunday (PHEW!!!) but now I have a new problem. Every time I log in there is a popup saying I've trained a baby deathsong that gives me no option other than to name it. I have no more room in my stables because they're full of deathsongs arrrghhh!


Is there a known fix for this please?

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The problem is still ongoing?

Guess i wont be logging into game today then, i already have a Groncicle i dont want, and i'm not chancing getting another one.


I have heard the only thing you can do is to keep reloading instead of accepting the dragon, if that doesnt work then just do what i'm doing and dont log in. Hopefully the admins fix the problem today so it should be back up and running properly tomorrow...... i hope.



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Still not fixed. 

Yes, not fixed yet.


It sucks because it means I cannot play unless I want yet another Deathsong, and I already now have 4.

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4? ouch, though its not the worst dragon out of them all. 

Only thing i can suggest is that if you get the stable glitch,  dont put the glitched dragons back into your stables. It's what i did, no longer takes up stable space, but unfortunately still appears on the list of your dragons.

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Look on the bright side

Well I suppose it could be worse - at least it wasn't 4 scauldrons (my least favourite dragon)

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I dont know, i'd take a Scauldron over a Groncicle anyday, even though their not my favorite dragon either.

Their like walking ice balls!.

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Incoming Report!

As for the last 3 hours, I've been able to play the game in a normal fashion on Firefox, granted that I cleared my unity cache before entering, but here's what I can say for now:


- I've arrived to the Viking profile selection and my latest active dragon was sitting next to me.


- Upon entering the game the Dragon HuD was visible and if clicked on, it would display the dragon list.


- During the play through I was able to farm, level my dragons my normal means, even turned two teen dragons into adults and fought in a battle event achieving a 3rd place and being awarded Xp, UDT and a prize.


The unity as crashed a few times but at random and very apart intervals, in each of these crashes a varying quantity of files have been updated (3-6 to 23-113).


I the only thing I kept from this was the glitched Groncicle that seems to be "working" like all the other dragons, so I think the game is returning to it's "stable" state.


This is only based on what I've experienced so far, so try entering the game at your own risk.


Good luck everyone.


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Is the glitched dragon still

Is the glitched dragon still taking up stable space for you? At least you only have 1 extra. I got an extra Groncicle plus 3 extra Death Songs - it happened because I didn't realize it was actually adding another Death Song every time I tried to log in even if I didn't tick it!

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It still is...

and I know how lucky I am since there was a time yesterday that every time I logged back in the game would prompt me to name the Groncicle and then when I arrived at the hatchery it would prompt me select a gender and colors, afterwards when I entered the stables, the only dragon profile available to be nested was a Toothless, I would always exit the game at that point.


So I consider myself pretty lucky to have only lost one stable slot (and only having one available slot is what probably did the charm some how), the only way this would be usefull would be if it glitched back the Armorwing I was supposed to get in the BftE expansion, wich I didn't.


Best of luck for you.

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Wow you got lucky!

I must have been playing in that exact same time frame as you except instead of Groncicles it was DeathSongs. What happened to me was as soon as I logged in I was greeted with the "congratulations you have trained a baby Deathsong" popup. The first time I clicked the tick on the popup cause it seemed like there was no other option since pressing escape didn't do anything. I named a new deathsong hoping this would fix the problem, but the next time I log in the same "congratulations you have trained a baby Deathsong" popup is still there. This time I clicked nothing and quickly go ctrl-alt-del and close SoD. I clear my unity cache and try to log in again but you guessed it....the Deathsong popup greets me again, so I go ctrl-alt-delete and force-close the app again.


I waited a few hours and try again and the popup is gone and the game seems to be working as normal BUT...I have THREE new deathsongs. One that I named, and two which have the dragon code names...Dragon-48k70q or whatever, like how it shows in your profile when the egg is still incubating.


I now have an entire new stable I just bought stuffed full of unwanted deathsongs plus a groncile :(


I think I was possibly more unlucky because I had a whole unused stable.

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I hope...

that Brynjolf can help us like he said in the other thread, so good luck!

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I PM'd Brynjolf

Thankfully the 2 coded dragons on my list that I never named dissappeared on their own when I cleared my cache again...making things MUCH less bad than I thought. That still leaves me with 2 Deathsongs and 2 Groncicles though, and I kinda only want one of each so I PM'd Brynjolf (hope that was the right thing to do to get help on this issue? Someone please set me straight if this is wrong.)


In general I just don't like doubles I want one of each dragon (well I admit I did buy two Slithersongs, but that was intentional since I couldn't for the life of me settle on a colour!)

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I just did the same...

Since Brynjolf is online, I hope the pm get's there. 


I was bit like you about the no double dragons, that was until the egg I got from my achievement of gathering sheep gave me a second Whispering Death. Then I though "well I'm Breeder at heart so... why not?"


Only just recently did I start having mixed feelings about it, since I started reading here and there that when you get your 60th dragon, the next one you hatch will delete your first or one at random. Although I also saw that it doesn't happen to everyone and because of this glitch I found myself counting my current dragons, just to realize that with this glitched Groncicle I achieved having a Flight of 50 dragons!


I didn't realize how many they where already ^_^;

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60 dragons

I have "only" around 23 dragons I think, so I'm still a while off before I run into that glitch! For now I'm just very relieved that I don't see any Dragon-dfasfalk49274's uglying up my profile and cluttering my stables.

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I got two extra Groncicles and an Armorwing. I'll keep one of the extra Groncicles and the Armorwing, but I asked an Admin to remove the second Groncicle from my stable.