New clan" Wings Of Destiny" Recruting!

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Hello everywon, my name is Eragorne leader of the new clan:



I am looking for active and competityve vikings to jointe the clan.

~Clan information: 

- Name: Wings Of Destiny

- Leader: Eragorne

- Rank: 155


 ~If you want to jointe:

- Create a forum account.

- It is necessery to have 100 trophy or more.

- Must be friendly and encourage other members.

- Player must ne active.

•Please send me " kimbenoso" a personal message 



•Please include following request:

- Viking name:

- Friend code:

- How often you're online:

- Why would you like to join?:

- Dragon(s) name and species:













My typhoomrang named Moonlight




Cold Night








Dark Mon




I draw everything you want, PM me for taking a request now! ^-^

I know where you all living ahah!

To have a map click on this link:

Things about me...!

Im a shy personne who likes to be the most of my time outside and do sports. My native language is French so it's not a surpris if i do mistakes in my words when I write in English ahahah...sigh* My favorite food it's anything in référence with pasta!!! I love reptiles, I have a gecko pet, my favorite color is the blue and the red. My favorite dragon class it's the Strike Class because I love the Skrill much then the Night Fury but both are amazing creatures. I am someone who like adventures and sometimes I dont care to take risk. Here is who I am. :)


(I am the second to the left with black hair)


Night Fury OC Blazimir