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I've noticed that many wants the events of the new movie, like the Light Fury, but I want to remember that there will be no more dragons in Berk. So I have been given ideas for the game.
Originally I thought about remaking a new version of School of Dragons but from scratch and only counting on new dragons created by fans. And now I realized that instead of recycling everything; we could expand the game further, with new islands even beyond the archipelago. Maybe beyond the sanctuary of Valka (for example).
What I mean is that we could still take advantage of our departure but with more areas.
The sanctuary of Valka, the nest of the Light Fury (so to speak), and more.
In conclusion, do not deleted anything or start from scratch but expand more areas with completely new dragons made by fans, new villains ... and so we could never finish and live more adventures. I explain well?.
In short: new areas, new villains and more dragons to discover without making a new game. Take advantage of our game with even more places and quests and dragons to see.
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