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Fidget Runi Bird
Joined: 06/26/2014 I am pretty new here on SoD and would really like to be active in the forums and make some httyd friends but i have no idea what im doing. Ive never really joined any kind of online community before (I use technology as well as fish climb trees). I have got a few questions I would love love love to be answered. 


  • Can you jump in a role play at anytime? (I have always been interested in the concept it role playing but not sure how it works)
  • What exactly is the purpose of joining a clan? Perks?
  • Any good ways to get yourself out there to make friends?

I know these questions sound so stupid (mabye i am lol) but i would really appreciate any help i can get...

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i can only awnser

i can only awnser the last question so just go find some people or a person and then talk and try to be nice as you speak




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Fidget Runi Bird
Joined: 06/26/2014

Thank you so much for your advice! much appreciated!

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Your good!

Hey don't worry about it. We are all friends around here and you have nothing to worry about. 


p.s. You can join a role play at any time as long as you introduce your Viking (appearance, personality) dragon and any sub characters. 


p.p.s a clan has no perks. It is just the people you hang out with. Lots of times clans are a bunch of friends or the best of the best. So no perks just a cool thing to be a part of. 


And finally, welcome! I'm jake and if you ever need help or anything like that just send me a pm.


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Unnskyld meg barmaid, er jeg redd du har brakt meg feil avkom! Jeg bestilte en ekstra stor gutt med tykke armer, ekstra guts og ære på siden. dette her, er dette en snakker fiskebein!


Fidget Runi Bird
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Thanks Jake!

Thank you so so so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! Be warned i may take you up on that offer if i have another question. haha!

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The Flammingarrow
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Hey there welcome to SOD and

Hey there welcome to SOD and the SOD Forum.

There's nothing to be nervous about here.

If you are unsure about anything,help is just around the corner.

I'm not sure about your first question because I haven't role-played in SOD before :P

Being a part of clan makes you feel like you're a part of something, other than just being lonely. It makes you feel like you aren't being left out.

Good ways to make friends is to be yourself and talk alot xD





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Fidget Runi Bird
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Thank you!

Thanks so much I really appreciate the advice!

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The Flammingarrow
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♥No Problem♥



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Hello, and welcome to the

Hello, and welcome to the Forum! Roleplays can be joined at any time, just be sure to introduce your character first in the appropriate topic, or if none are available, right in your first post. Be sure to include any relevent info on your character, and stick to the first post's storyline. Read the roleplay rules first, or people are likely to get kinda cheddared at you. Feel free to contact me at any time. I've written a few fan fictions (fan fics) and would love some feedback if you can spare the time. :)


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-A Hidden Life (Sequel to Big Challenges.)

-Last and First

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-Great Ocean Gems

-A World of Discoveries

-Being Me

-The Black Cowl (Also a roleplay. PM me if you wish to join.)

-Twice the Twins, Twice the Fun

-The Dragonsblood Curse (With special thanks to Scensoredearchers) 

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-Middle (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fic)

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-A Cyber Kitty Named Wisdom (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fic)

- Gobber's Daughter 

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- Bond Between

Please comment and give feedback on them. I value your opinion.

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Fidget Runi Bird
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Thanks you!

Thanks for the answer and ill be sure to keep your fan fics in mind when looking for somthing new to read!

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Hey, and welcome :D The

Hey, and welcome :D


The purpose of clans, is to have a family like group. you can compete with them and work as a team, and build them up.


To make friends go onchat and talk. I will be your friend if you wish. (my code is 17U1R)


to add people


gp tp your friend list (to the tab that is highlighted), and type in a friend code at the bottom.


you can also see at the top, your own code.


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