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Mi Viking

Name: Mandy ‘The Huntress’ Afterest
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Friend Code: PM Me
Appearance: Has Brown Hair And Light Blue Eyes - Has A Red Warpaint Thats Around Her Right Eye    


Personality: Kind, Brave, Responsible, Adventurous, Smart, A bit of a jokester, Serious when the time calls for it and a thrill seeker. Mandy is a great hunter and a type of survivorist. Because she likes to spend most of her day’s in the woods, she's picked up a few skills like creating fires, building a makeshift home, Snares, makeshift bandages etc. Things to help her survive on her own. Mandy is also pretty good at tracking other animals including dragons, but even though she has all these skills she has a bit of a fear of spiders, deep down she knows that she can overcome that fear but in time. Now even though Mandy is kind, she will not let anyone intimdate her. She will defend herself and she's not afraid to fight.


Backstory: Mandy was part of a Village on Dragon's Edge before it was founded by Hiccup and the Gang. Her people were knew as Byzantines. Her Father Keiv was Chief and her Mother Laura was second in command. Mandy was one of many fighters’ to trained by her father, but sadly, her parents are dead because of an invasion done by the Dragon Hunters around Mid-night when no one was expecting it. Both villagers and parents gone forever.
She's the only Byzantine left for she was the only one that survived the invasion. She'd lived alone for about a month or so until Hiccup and his gang came along, spotting Mandy hunting nearby and of course approached her. At first she became defensive towards them, not knowing if they were foes but Hiccup took control of the situation and explained why they were here on her peoples island. He had told her but dragon's and that they meant no harm to us humans - he offered to take her on a flight on Toothless and that sealed the deal. She came to realize that dragon's weren't as bad as her village had thought.        
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hiccup took her to the School and that's where it all began...
Likes: Hunting, Exploring New Places/Islands, Fighting Dragon Hunter's, Playing With Her Beloved Dragons
     Dislikes: Bullies, Spider's, Dragon Hunter's, Pranksters
     Weapon Choice: Bow And Arrows And Her Father's Sword
(Bow is painted brown rather than gold)
Extra: Can Create Greek Fire                                                             




Name: Tigerlily
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Escapee, Hunter or Wild?: Escapee
Natural Or Experimetal?: Experimetal
DNA Mix: 50% Human - 30% Wolf - 20% Tiger
This Character Is In 'Caged' And 'Hunted' (RPs)
Appearance: Has a Wolf form but has Tiger patterns on her fur. Has light blue eyes ((See Pics Below))
Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Does jokes in the worst possible moments, Gets the job done type of Hybrid.... She's strong and brave but even though she may be brave... she can also be broken. She's protective of other's.. she never likes to leave others behind, no matter what. But the personality that stands out is that she is kind and caring... but if you push her the wrong way... well... don't expect her to stand there and take it, she will defend herself. Has a cat-like personality as well but it only triggers when theres things that cats like. 
Strengths: Herself and other's. When in a fight she relies on her Tiger DNA for flexibility and agility, those cat claws of her's are nothing to joke about... those things are sharp so don't be on the other end. Sometimes she uses her Wolf DNA for things like - Tracking... she can smell scents that are like 5 days old but one thing that she likes is her advanced hearing.
Weaknesses: Being told shes not good enough, other's that she cares about, remembering her past is something that really makes her bawl and losing her mother.
Extra: Tigerlily was born a human, she was just a normal teenage girl going to school... hanging out with friends. Her human name was - Lily Trail. Her parents are - Elizabeth Trail and Harry Trail but this is not one happy family.. her parents are divorced, reasons .... well... Harry wasn't the most sweetest huband or the most loving. Tigerlilys father is a shelfish man, ruthless and someone who will do anything for money. Because of his selfish personality, he kidnapped his daughter and sold her to a place called the Dome. He did all that just for money. That's how she got into this mess of escaping the Dome and being  hunted down by hunters with other hybrids and is no longer a human but a hybrid. Has a crush on Hawk.
Young Super Character

Name: Elizabeth Newton

Gender: Female                                                                  

                                                 Crush/BF/GF: None Yet                                                   
As The RP Progresses will your character be a Hero or a Villian?: Hero

Theme Song: No Roots - Alice Merton

This character is in 'Alienated'
Appearance(Picture if available, and if not a good description):        

Personality: She's a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you more, she'll be more talkative it doesn't take long for her to get used to someone really. Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Kind, Caring and a Jokester. She's extremely protective of her little sister Susan whos Nine years old. Elizabeth is also brave and strong but even though she's brave.. she can also be broken.
Powers: Animal Morphing And Ice Augmentation
Likes: Loves to take long walks on the beach, Watching the sunset, A game of hide and seek because of her little sister, Art, Singing and Dancing.
Dislikes: Bullies,Thieves, Pranksters and The SGO

Strengths: Multitasking, Stealth, Herself and a Planner


Being told she's not good enough, something that may happen to her family especially her little sister.                                                            

Not good at tracking.                                                               

Powers Limitions: Unable to communicate to others in a Animal form. Has a bit of a problem with controlling her Ice Powers like accidently freezing her door shut.  

Anything Else: Lives in a family of four. Her fathers name is Jake, her mothers name is Lara and of course there's Susan, Elizabeths nine year old sister. Elizabeth was born with her powers but it wasn't revealed until she turned eleven, thats when her parents were shocked to see that their daughter had the powers of Morphing into an Animal and Ice Augmentation. They knew they had to protect her from other people who may try to kill her or experiment on her. Now, once Susan was born and grew old enough.. Elizabeth showed Susan her powers, at first Susan was scared but after Elizabeth started explaining Susan found it to be cool and wished she had powers like her older sister.. though Elizabeth is hopeing her little sister doesn't.           


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is dedicated to my wonderful mother, who kicked 
Bre,ast Cancer in the butt and for all those going through it
Keep Going, Never Give In, Stay Strong, Stay United!
(Special thanks to ShiroKageFox for doing this for me <3)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Credits: dogloven, Fireflash, chameishida, featheronfire, ShiroKageFox, SilverNight...
Coming Soon - Artworks From Others And Other Things




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DNR - Information Of Gill Grunter

Me and 1Flower are partner's. 1Flower creater of altering/base. Infinity adoptable idea and rough draft creater.                                          The Gill Grunter is a Tidal class dragon. This dragon swim's/fly's with a pod of 15, this dragon maybe a Tidal class dragon but its a agile and swift dragon. The size of this dragon is the same size as the Shockjaw but the wings are bigger then the Shockjaw, the size of their wings are built to fly/swim fast (I ran out of space for the wings so it doesn't look as big but it is) in and out of water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Gill Grunter are very protective of their other Grunter's, so be careful around them, they may charge if they feel threated or if you pose a threat to the pod. Gill Grunter's like to live in deep water's but when its fall they come to Hobblegrunt island to breed and hatch their young. Gill Grunter's like to eat Eels, Fish, Clams and Shrimp. Gill Grunter's can go on land and water, their feet are fin's but their built for land, their tail has a Spear-like spikes. They do have Gills on the side of their neck and near their nose.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Breed: Gill Grunter - Class: Tidal Class - Speed: 9.2 - Wing Size: Bigger Then The Shockjaw's - Venom: 0 - Body Size: Same Size As Shockjaw

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.:Do not reply to this post please:.

Revamped Gill Grunters-
Zoltan and BlueDew

* * * * *


Number 2.1

Number 2.2

Number 2.3

Number 2.4

Number 2.5

Please, do not reply directly to this post~


Dm for inquiries 

* * * * *

Yo, I'm Spy! I'm a 16 y/o girl from California! I speak English and basic French, and draw a bit. My pms, dms, whatever are always open so why not send me a message? I love talking to people! ^-^ Go have a freaking amazing day you fabulous people! <3~

* * * * *

Artwork of Spike~

Traditional drawings by the incredible grumpyforlife2, redesign sheet by myself

* * * * *


Burnt Mist my Gill Grunter. Species made by the awesome Infinity12356! You can get your own HERE!

Pearl and Orchid my Scale Wings. Species by the exciting Flowercrystal! You can get your own HERE!

Cooled Ash my Long-Nosed Fintail. Species by the great Georginia47! You can get your own HERE!

Tree's Whisper my Cave Runner. Species by the marvelous Selethesis! You can get your own HERE!

Coal my Sawback. Species by the bright Buddyfan1! You can get your own HERE!

Chip my Ridgetooth. Species by the superb Sand Wraith Girl! You can get your own HERE!

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DNR -Do Not Reply

This is the form for Custom Made Gill Grunter's:





Main Body Color:

Head Horn/Fin Color:

Leg Fins And Outside Wing Color:

Belly And Inside Wing Color:

Spot's Color, Spear Tail And Wing Horn Color:

Claw's Color:



This is the form for Random Gill Grunter's Adoptables:





Viking's Name:



Ok You May Now Request/Adopt :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

1. (Adopted) ladybrasa holding                                                                                                                                                                                          2.                                                                                                                                                                                          3.                                                                                                                                                                                          4. (Adopted) - Holding for grumpyforlife2                                                                                                                                                                                           5.                                                                                                                                                           


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Custom Made Gill Grunter Spot's: (Open)


1. WingsOfValor - Vemoni - Done






Me And 1Flower will post Random Gill Grunter's that will be up for adoption soon





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A little suggestion

A little tip for your adoptables.


The Gill Grunter resembles the Shockjaw too much they're the same size, live in deep water, both are tidal class, and they're both swift and agile.


My suggestion is try using Chameishida's dragon text generator that way the dragon resembles the Shockjaw less and has more uniqueness to it. Here's the link:


Though if you need help with the artwork at all I'd be glad to help out! Good luck with the adoption. :)




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Perhaps they are a related

Perhaps they are a related species.


Visit the Earthguard Clan Forum Thread!



~ OC HTTYD Characters and their Adopted Fan-Dragon Species ~


* VISIT: Hertha the Honey-Maid and her HoneyBumble Littl-Rus

(Honeybumble dragons created by SpaceyQueen)

and her Pygmy Dragon Rosehip

(Pygmy Dragons created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Storsik Fiskrspordr and his Shadowing Wyvern KnotFish

(Shadowing Wyverns created by Spy GIrl)

*VISIT: Bogbert Margrkind and his Swamp Scrape Quagmire

(Swamp Scrape species created by Grumpyforlife2)

*VISIT: Solfrid the Splendid and her GlowWorm Foxfire

(GlowWorm dragons created by mesaprncss)

*VISIT: Ichor the Impossible and his Septic Fury Mid-Mon

(Septic Furies are created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Marit the Mother and her Oceanic SeaSong Lyric

(Oceanic Seasong species created by Adopto66)

*VISIT: Finngeirr Margrkind and his Gill Grunter Gilly

(Gill Grunters created by Infinity12356 and drawn by 1Flower)

*VISIT: Tawnylda the Dyesmith and her Noelani Dragon WeldWing

(Noelani Dragon species created by Hootowlighbulb)

*VISIT: Wilfred the Wacko and his Scuttling Twin Stinger Zippy

(Scuttling Twin Stingers created by GrumpyForLife2)

*VISIT: Bulljorn Burlyboots and his Hopeless Deathtrail BrendleBlood

(Hopeless Deathtrails created by Snowflake12298)

*VISIT: Beita Thorstabitur and her Thorn Devil Hvasseggr

(Thorn Devil dragons created by Shataikislayer)

*VISIT: Fjara Thorstabitur and her Lullaby WaveWhisper BlueFin

(Lullaby WaveWhispers created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Blasik Fiskrspordr and his Thunderthief SeaTrick

(ThunderThief Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Scampr Scrimpskull and his Shivertooth Shivers

(Artwork by Witcherforever, for a player-sponsored Hideout Competition)

*VISIT: Molda Fungisteinn and her Cave Raider FilchFlame

(Cave Raider dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Leikny Hrindasnaer and her Icecrusher SnowMunch

(Icecrusher species created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Tarvald the Trader and his Thorny Sea Hound Arni

(Thorny Sea Hounds created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Jofast the Jokers' Help and her Field Sprinter Hornswoggle

(Field Sprinter dragons created by Valoris620)

*VISIT: Skammel the Stonesmith and his StoneScale Hunter Pumpkin

(StoneScale Hunters created by WitcherForever)

*VISIT: Birgr the Brash and his Cave Runner DappleLeaf

(Cave Runners created by Selethesis)

*VISIT: Diggr Margrkind and his Spike Roller SmashSnout

(Spike Rollers created by BlackPanther0211. Lineart by NightmareRebuff)

*VISIT: Qiajuk the Wanderer and her Gribtuk WolfWings

(Gribtuk Dragons created by Bavelly)

*VISIT: Ongull Oltorsk and his Sawback RidgeRump

(Sawback dragons created by Buddyfan1)

*VISIT: Gerta the Grandmother and her Armorhead Jordbaer

(Armorhead Dragons created by FloofQueen)

*VISIT: Nauma Margrkind and her WebHead dragon BoarBreath

(WebHeads created by dragon34611)

and her Signal Fire dragon FlashFlare

(Signal Fires created by donnala)

*VISIT: Bera Brawnyboots and her Mistwhirl ShadeShift

(Mistwhirl dragons created by Zitka)

*VISIT: Herbjert Svellheim and his Whirlpool dragon Naught-Eye

(Whirlpools created by DatOneTrumpet)

*VISIT: Ketiley Margrkind and her Feathered Fan Wing Tatters

(Feathered Fan Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Gaukr Gullbatr and his Singing Fin Wing Yodel

(Singing Fin Wings created by ScarfyWings)

*VISIT: Ylva Yammertung and her Solarflare Skrill Scar-Light

(Solarflare Skrills created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Snotra Snozzlestein and her Glowy Cave Lizard Candle

(Glowy Cave Lizards created by ScarfyWings)

and her Clicking Claw Scuttles

(Clicking Claw Dragons created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Barnakarl Thorstabitur and his Dwarf Death SlobberClod

(Dwarf Deaths created by Wutend Bonfire)

*VISIT: Dillweed Dullum and his Skyworm BilgeBug

(Skyworms created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Shuckr Grimgrange and his Cryaotic Popcorn

(Cryaotics created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Buggi the Beetle and his Marsh Tiger FireStripe

(Marsh Tigers are a Book species drawn by Themasterplan47)

*VISIT: Flaemingr the Fidget and his Deepfisher GlimmerGills

(Deepfishers created by Hootowllighbulb)

*VISIT: Unna Undrdaug and her Dawnknapper AmberEye

(Dawnknappers created by AndreaEaston)

*VISIT: Jackdaw Hagismalr and the Sinistrous Woodreaper SheepSnatcher

(Sinistrous Woodreapers created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Alfny Aldertoes and her Howlian PuppyScale

(Howlians created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Snorre the Still and his Nightsealer Spearrow

(Nightsealers created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Panik the Lost and her Coalskin ShadowSnow

(Coalskins created by Chameishida)

*VISIT: Rannow the Reckless and her Jewel Spinner Citrine

(Jewel Spinners created by DyliehIdol1214)

and her Wacky Jabberjaw Brambles

(Jabberjaws created by Chameishida)




This is Zitkana, the Rocky Mountain Davus Dragon. ----->

She is living here until she can have a page and

story of her own. This species was created by





<---- SharkBeard the Spectral Leviathan 

is waiting for a place to live of his

own. Spectral Leviathans are the

creation of Wutend Bonfire.





Fierce FrostFang is waiting ------------>

impatiently for his own page to

hunt on. Ice Piercers are the creation

of ScarfyWings, and can be found on

ScarfyWing's Adoption Thread.


<---------------- This shocking lady is Static,

the Ukrainian Mistus, created by MegaBoltPheonix.

Visit this thread for more information!




ScarfyWings created DashDust --------------->

the Roaming Sand Devil. He is waiting

here for a page of his own. Visit ScarfyWing's

Adoption thread!



<-------- This is StrikeFast the Storm Chaser,

created by ScarfyWings. He is waiting

here - not very patiently - for his own story.

Visit ScarfyWing's Adoption Thread to see if you

can adopt your own!



This fellow is a Perilous Pollen-Puffer,  ------------>

created by Mariella! Presently, requests

of Mariella are limited to Earthgaurd

Clan Members at the Earthgard Trading Post.






This is a Vesupa dragon, made by Bavelly.

She is waiting her for her own page.

Check out Bavelly's Vesupa Adoption Thread!




<------------ CleaverClaw the Slitherwing is a creation

of Chameisheda. She is awaiting her own story.

Visit the Slitherwing Adoption Thread!





<--------- CropCruncher is burrowing into

this siggie until he has a page of his

own to live on. Garden Diggers were

created by ScarfyWings on the adoption

thread, "Scarfy's Adoptables".




A Shelleye at left and a Boomerwing at right,

both creations of GoldenWraith!






<------------ This Muddicry is named Splat.

Muddiecries are the creations of Chameishida.

Visit her adoption thread!





This flashy guy is BriskBeak the Blazing Firemaw. 

These dragons are from the imagination of Zikta,

and rendered digitally by LissaFish.

Visit this thread to adopt one!





This grumpy Grumple Mood Dragon ---------> 

named FrogFace is a fantastic creation of

LissaFish. Grumples are discussed on the thread,

"I did a terrible thing". Check out the thread to

see if anymore are available!




<--------------- Snuglug the Neckblaze is blazing through

this siggie waiting for a page of his own.

Neckblazes are the creation of ImDerpySheylaYT

and are available for adoption on this thread.

More can be read about this species here.



<------- This is a Night Trap, a dragon created

and drawn by Belubel2014. You can

see her great fan-species here.

Also check out her request thread -

it might still be open!


BruteRoot the Dune Carver is rooting -------->

about for a permenant home. In the

meantime check out ZestyDragonWing's

request page to see if you can get your own

Dune Carver!



<---------- This Goldhem variant was

hatched from the talented mind of Chameishida. He is

holed up here until he gets his own page to

dig across. Visit Chameishida's adoption thread

to see if there are any Goldhems left!




Lady Brasa's BLUE-SCALE Stables

Selected Dragons:


Bluet the Deadly Nadder

Aster the Tide Glider

Teasel the Flightmare

Thistle the Scuttleclaw

Tigerlily the Monstrous Nightmare

Trillium the Fireworm Queen

Chicory the Hobblegrunt

Laurel the Gronckle

Henbit the Screaming Death

 Foxglove the Sand Wraith 

Salsify the Scauldron

Skullcap the Typhoomerang

 Maypop the Thunderdrum 

Nettle the Screaming Death

Honeysuckle the Changewing

                          Germander the Hideous Zippleback                        

Violet the Skrill

Periwinkle the Raincutter

Bergamot the Sweet Death

Clover the Rumblehorn

Vervain the Woolly Howl

 Hyacinth the Smothering Smokebreath  

Skullcap the Boneknapper 

Yarrow the Shivertooth

Mullein the Shockjaw

Hepatica the Snafflefang

Rue the Speed Stinger

Redbud the Groncicle

Avens the Groncicle

Mazus the Groncicle

Spurge the Moldruffle

Witchazel the Stormcutter

Jimson the Mudraker

Gaura the Hotburple

Cohosh the Grapple Grounder

Agrimony the Snow Wraith

Parsley the Sliquifier

Fern the Prickleboggle

Ironweed th

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That's another possibility just felt like pointing out the similarities. :)

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Ok that's fine. But their not

Ok that's fine. But their not the same :)

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ok, here is my form!












pearl garmadon



fallowsplash had lived in the seas beond berk all her life.  she loved when passing ships sailed by, and whenever one glided over her home, she would jump out of the water and suprise the sailors.  one day, she pranked the wrong sailors.  she had just disturbed a ship filled with dragon hunters.

the dragon hunters were startled, but soon recovered and began shooting at her with grappling hooks and arrows.  fallowsplash dodged and barrel rolled, but she knew she couldnt escape.  one of the hooks eventually caught her leg.  she roared, and tryed to fly faster.  at her roar, her family suddenly exploded from the water, roaring angerly.  


they fought the dragon hunters, shooting and trying to get close enough to free fallowsplash.

they tryed despretly, but in the end, failed.  they were shot and caged just like fallowsplash now was.  fallowsplash didnt know what would happen now.  she was dirty and hurt, and drifting farther and farther away from home.  what should she do?


a whisling sound filled the air.  the dragon hunters shouted and ran to and fro in terror.  a night fury suddenly exploded from the clouds, followed by a skrill, snow wraith, and a sand wraith.  the skrill and the snow wraith fired at the dragon hunters, while the night fury and the sand wraith swooped down with their riders to unlock the cages that held fallowsplash and her family.  


fallowsplash was overjoyed, and followed the riders while helping her younger sister who had been injured.  they eventually came to an island, where fallowsplash and her family were cared for and nursed back to help.  and to this day, they can still be found swiming around the waters of the school.




"Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end."

~Quote from A. J. Lawless






Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

though the snow falls faster, & the wind blows louder still,

i'll be there by you're side, to blow away the chill.

~Poem i made for Pearl & Snowdust 








Art  Chat   FAQs  Comics







(Pearl by my Bff Frytha <3)                  (drawing of Snowdust by DatOneTrumpet)




Winter can be unforgiving

Hard, evil, and cold.

But if you stay with me,

I promise you'll never be alone.

~Poem by me for Pearl & Snowdust





Meet my Oc's!


Pearl Garmadon


Carl Henderson




Zane Blackhaule


Ida Barnes

Water Phoenix

Henry Mcnire


Robin Goodfellow



Other Oc's





 Zane Blackhaule X Shielle                            Pearl Garmadon X Carl Henderson

(Adorable ship pictures by the talented Tosilohi)


Snowdust X Blitz

(Picture of me, Snowdust, my friend, & her Snow Wraith, Blitz taken by me)


(By me XD)



Pearl looked inside & gasped.  Sitting there in plain view, was her father's map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hands &.  She scanned it, her grip shaking h .  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

~Quote from my fanfic, The Winter Rider



I'm currently writing a fanfic called The Winter Rider.  Check it out >Here<

(Special thanks to Infinity12356 for the cover)


Short stories


               (By me)                    (By Navlyn Fury)







"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."






(Mountain Sun by 1flower)



i have WAY to many adopted dragons to put in my siggy.  because of that,

i've posted all of them here:








Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






Hackers, we are coming!












((By me))

If you believe in the real meaning  of the rainbow, put this in your siggy through the month of June!  #RememberTheRainbowReason!



And remember.....

(By Megaboltphoenix XD)





Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

(Edited Snowdust gif by AlicornBrodie)


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Congrats You Have Adopted A Gill Grunter

grumpyforlife2 you have a interesting story. Congrats you have adopted your very own Gill Grunter :)


Take good care of her ;)


((Go to the post that has the adoptables and take your adopted Gill Grunter :) ))

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thanks!  the riders in  the

thanks!  the riders in  the story are actually the main character's in my new fan fic.

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Finally working on a

Finally working on a story!


Here is the form for #1, the brown one


Name: Gilly

Gender: Female

Age: Older Juvenile - not full grown but getting close.

Viking's Name: Finngeirr Margrkind

Info/Background: WIP! Hopefully tonight, more likely tomorrow night, though.



Finished! The background story can be found here:

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Congrats You Adopted Gilly :D

I loved your story ladybrasa, really thought out. So congrats you have adopted your very own Gill Grunter


Take good care of her ;)


((Go to post that has the adoptables and take your Adopted Gill Grunter :) ))

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Thank you :) I'm getting her

Thank you :)

I'm getting her up on her page now and linking to my Siggie!

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Custom Gill Grunter

Name: Vemoni

Gender: Male

Age: (unknown)

Main body color: black

Head horn/fin color: blood red

leg fins color: blood red

outside wing color: black

belly color: blood red

inside wing color: blood red

spots color: blood red 

spear tail color: blood red

wing horn color: white

claws color: blood red


Vemoni lives in the ocean arround Berk and one day as I was fishing I noticed a fin poking through and gliding across the water. It didn't look like a shark fin but something similar to a shockjaw so I got curious and put down the fishing rod and moved the water quick and whistled so it could hear me and come to me.

The fin suddenly changed directon and came towards me and I stopped moving the water and waited there by the shore for it to reach me. It finally made its way close to the shore and poked its head out of the water and looked at me, and this was no shockjaw but it had the similar featured to one. It looked at me and I looked back as I backed up and it walked out of the water and shook off and made a yawn and flailed its wings to knock the water off itself. 

I moved closer to it and attempted to pat it but then it growled and backed up into the water again as I steped back and got startled by the growl. It looked at me more as it submerged itself back in the water and went under again. I scared it away and that might of been my only chance of seeing such a beast as rare as it was.

I sighed and picked up my pole and continued to fish and suddenly felt a tug on the line. I realed it in and seen it was the dragon and he took my caught fish but got the hook stuck in his mouth. I thought, oh dear I gotta help him, so I dropped the rod again and carefully walked up to the dragon and calmed it down by a quick little pet on the head. It was hurt by the hook and scared, I kept petting the dragon and grabbed the hook and took it out of the dragons mouth and threw it to the ground and continued to pet him.

The dragon seen what I did to help and it calmed down a little and looked up at me and made a light sorta thank u growl and nudged my shoulder as I petted it again.

I smiled and called him Vemoni and stopped petting him and picked up my pole. The dragon was nervous after what happened so it backed up into the water and dissapeared under the surface and swam off.

I didn't know if I would ever see him again but helping a dragon was the best moment of my life as I packed up the fishing stuff and smiled at the water before heading back to my hut after a long day of fishing.

Sure I seen Vemoni again durring my other fishing days and we became the best of friends and he didn't steal my fish no more, I gave him one after my fishing was done for the day. Everyday since I would meet him down at the beach and we would enjoy the day swiming and fishing and just being us.





Toothless Bouncie                                                                                                     My OC Night Fury - Demon

Permission to use by Defy                                                                                                     By: XxPhinaxX


Hello and Welcome to my Signature, please take a seat and enjoy :)

Hi, i'm WingsofValor and if you seen my whole signature, yes I like adopting dragons of every sort. If you got a dragon adoptable or dragon request that inspires me, then you will most definitly see me on your post.  If you also like adoptables then continue looking at my profile of all the awesome adoptables and dragons people made for me and let me adopt :)

I am a fan of these dragons:

Deadly nadder, monsterous nightmare, night fury, stormcutter, triple stryke, wolly howl, razor whip, flightmare, slithersong, deathsong, rumblehorn, screaming death, skrill, hideous zippleback, windwalker, boneknapper, timberjack, night terror, snow wraith, sand wraith, typhoomerang, shockjaw, speed stinger, change wing, scauldron, smothering smoke breath, hobblegrunt, eruptodon, singe tail, raincutter, green death, red death, catastropic quaken, shivertooth, grapple grounder, armourwing, sea shocker, shovel helm, devilish dervish

These are the dragons that don't inspire me much:

Gronckle, groncickle, whispering death, thunderdrum, skuttleclaw, terrible terror, mudraker, mouldruffle, fireworm queen, sliquifier, prickleboggle, thunderpede, snaptrapper, snafflefang, sweet death, hotburple, tide glider


Here's all my Adoptables and dragons people made for me :)


My OC Night Fury - Demon

             By: Defy

                By: Dragonrider34                                                                 By: LinkWolf

               By: Kimbenoso                                                              By: Gigamon

By: Blackwolfen                          By: Kimbenoso                               By: Fury of The Night

By: CandyBlast                                                                                           By: Fury ofThe Night

Adoptables and Made Dragons

Night Stinger By: Helenthedragonologist              Sapling

                                                                                Name: DWARF, the Guardian of Valor's Sighnature!

                                                                                By: Foxtrot


Prickleboggle Dragon                                                Noelani Dragon

Adopted from: grumpyforLife2 (8/25/16)                 Name: Basalisk

                                                                          From: hootowllightbulb

Razor Whip Bouncie by Defy

Gill Grunter

Name: Vemoni

Gender: Male

Made By: Infinity12356 (8/22/16)


Name: Night Moon                                                         Name: Neon Flames

Gender: Male                                                                   Gender: Male

Adopted From: Witcherforever (8/22/16)                Adopted From: Witcherforever (8/22/16)


                      Glitched Mudrakers AKA Hideous Mudcutters

Adopted From: ladybrasa (8/17/16)        Adopted From: ladybrasa (8/18/16)

Name: Forest and Autumn                        Name: Albino and Arora

Gender: Male                                             Gender: Female

Oceanic Seasong

Name: Mystery Waves

Gender: Female

By: Adopto66 (8/17/16)

Oceanic Seasong

Name: Coral Reefer

Gender: Male

By: Adopto66 (8/14/16)

Proud (Dragon) Fan Banners

Permission to use by: NarxuZen -

Night Fury: Tigloreous

Adopted From: Frytha (8/8/16)

Wolly Howl - Scout

By: HowlingWolf

The Demotic Blood

(Want one? Here's the Link):


Name: Damian

By: mesaprncss


Night Fury/Razorwhip Hybrid

Name: Vance

Adopted From: Tyrannosaur66    (5/22/16)                                                  


         Toothless By: themasterplan47

MS Dragon


My Razor Whip

By: themasterplan47


                                                          Happy Hollidays


                                                         From Jasper and I

Holliday Timberjack

Made By: the masterplan47


SOD Pins



Wolly Howl

Drawn by: HowlingWolf


Pebble Shooting Speed Demon

Name: Snow Tiger

Adopted: 12/1/15

By: xXHallaXx

Griffin Flasher Hybrid

Name: G'reth

By: mesaprncss ^.^


Stalking Raven Titan Fury  -Custom                                               Stalking Raven Titan Fury - Rare

Name: Lethal                                                                                    Name: Raven

Made by: mesaprncss                                                                      Made By: mesaprncss


Snoggletog Fury                                                                                            Snoggletog Fury

Name: Night Furious                                                                                    Name: Firestar

Made By: CALLOFTHEDEATHSONG                                                             Made By: CALLOFTHEDEATHSONG


Terrible Terror                                               Night Terror


Name: Guasepi                                             Name: Inferno

Made by: Dorina the dragon trainer                                                 Made by: Dorina the dragon trainer



                            All Made By: Dorina the Dragon Trainer

                Phantom                                                        Holliday                                          Night Blood


        Pollen Wing                                                                                                                 Pollen Wing



Name: Flame (Brother of Misty)                                                                      Name: Misty (Sister of Flame)

      Made By: MistyNight                                                                                        Made By: MistyNight

Hybrid Pokemon

Rare Wild Charzaichu

Made by: Blackwolfen


Pern Dragon                                                                                                       Custom Fire Lizzard

Name: Lukaron                                                                                                    Name: Roukon

Made By: mechfighter                                                                                       Made By: mechfighter


My Rare Strangling Death

Name: Digimon

Made By: LivySoD




Forest Wanderer

Name: Yukon

Gender: Male

Made By: Chimchim24

Ferocious FourEyes

Name: Vapur

Made By: coolerthandragons

My Galedron

Name: Didget

Made By: Ashley40

Banded - Featherlure

Name: Shylow

Made By: Amber Leaf


Adoptable Chilling Horror                                                                          Custom Chilling Horror

Name: Eustace                                                                                               Name: Venus

Made By: Goldenfury360, Base by: NightmareRebuff       Made by: Goldenfury360. Base by: NightmareRebuff

Adopted: 11/05/15                                               

                                                                                                                    Deathsong Bouncie made by Defy

Baby Night Fury

By: Grumpy Cat Lover

Adopted: 11/03/15


Skull Screamer

Name: Forbidden Flame

Made By: Golden Scarlet




Wolly Howl                                                           Baby Night Fury

                                                                             Adopted: 11/02/15

Made By: Golden Scarlet                                       By: Livy SOD


Skull Screamer

Name: Skullaro

Made By: Golden Scarlet

 .....Happy Halloween Everyone .....


I'm A Pirate - ARGGGGGG!!!!!

Blood - Curdling Devil Dragon AKA Vampire

Name: Jack

Adopted: 10/24/15

Made by: snowflake12298

Blood - Curdling Devil Dragon AKA Vampire            Lazersight Vesperwing - House Wasp

Name: Webster                                                             Name: Bumble

Adopted: 10/23/15                                         Made by: goldenfury360 & NightmareRebuff

Made By: Snowflake12298                                          Adopted: 10/24/15


The Brakebone Dragon



Lazersight Vesperwing - Potter Wasp

Name: Zutonamore (Zuton for short)

Made by: goldenfury360 & NightmareRebuff

Adopted: 10/15/15


  Blood - Curdling Devil dragon AKA Vampire                                     Deaddrop Feverpitch

    Name: Blood Sinner                                                                            Name: Misery

     Adopted: 10/13/15                                                                          Adopted: 10/13/15

    Made By: Snowflake 12298                                                               Made By: NightmareRebuff


Made By: DuskDayBreak

Horned Flight Fury

Name: Avalanche

Drawn by: Babybrothers3, Lineart by: NightmareRebuff

Adopted: 7/30/15

Wolly Striker                                                   

Name: Skua                                                    

Made by: The Ecliptic Eight                             

Adopted: 7/26/15                              

Deathsong                                                                      Jabberjaw

Name: Scout Flyer                                                          Name:Fire Light

Made By: Stiger23                                                           Made by:The Ecliptic Eight

Adopted: 7/23/15                                                            Adopted: 7/24/15

Skrill                                                            Deathsong

Name: Zouka                                                 Name: Sky Berry

MadeBy: Izzy Sparrow                                    Made By: Stiger23

Adopted: 3/5/15                                           Adopted: 7/22/15


Typhoomerang                                            Deathsong

Made by: FuryoftheNight                             Name: Tiger Flyer

                                                               Made By: Stiger23

                                                              Adopted: 7/22/15



Sword Stealer                                                                                             Wolly Howl

Name: Crimson                                                                                    Made By: DuskDayBreak

Made By: Fury of the Night                                 

Adopted: 6/10/15


Spotted Mistwalker                                                                   Saber-Toothed Horntail

Made By: Amberleaf                                                             Made By: Fury of the night

Name: Night River                                                                   Name: Lightning

Adopted: 6/8/15                                                                     Adopted: 6/8/15


Staring Deciever Dragon

Name: Zourna

Gender: Female

Made By: Chimchim24

Aopted: 6/3/15

Scauldron Bouncie

Made By: Defy




Greater Banded Geckus                              Greater Banded Geckus

Name: Fenwick                                                                           Name: Raule

Adopted: 5/31/15                                                                       Adopted: 6/4/15

Made By: themasterplan47                                                      Made By: themasterplan47        


            Stormcutter                                                       Stormcutter

        Made by: DuskDayBreak                                                Name: Tokyo

                                                                                   By: CALLOFTHEDEATHSONG


Blink, Blink....I See You......


Deadly Nadder

Made by: Duskdaybreak







Sand Wrath, toothless & Shock Jaw                                                 

Made By: DuskDaybreak



Screaming Death

Name: Rasha

Made By: CandyBlast

Adopted: 5/30/15

Pyro                                                     Paradise                                          Torch

Made by: Zero The Ruthless                    Made by: ZeroThe Ruthless               Made By: ZeroTheRuthless

Adopted: 5/29/15                                   Adopted: 5/29/15                            Adopted: 5/31/15





Psyche Keeper Dragon

Name: Airon

Made by: KrazyKira24

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                                     Hope i did it right

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u got it right thanks

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Rare Gill Grunter's - For Limited Time Only (Both Adopted)

1. Star Pattern                                                                                                                                                                          2. Semi-Gold 

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ok, i am going to try for the gold colored one.













kylie wenderwaddle (a character from my fan fic)


BACKSTORY:  goldenswirl is the little sister of fallowsplash.  the two have always been extreamly close, and have never been seperated for more than 10 minites. goldenswirl was waiting for her sister one ordinary morning when she didnt come.  she waited and waited, but she still didnt apear.  late afternoon, goldenswirl finally heard a faint cry from above the sea.  she quickly reconized the cry of her older sister and swam as fast as she could to tell the rest of the family.


goldswirl and her family  finally arrived at where she had heard the sound, and burst out from the water, snarling and roaring in anger.  goldenswirl swished her tail angerly when she saw fallowsplash shot down and imprisoned on a dragon hunter ship.  she fought ferociusly, dodging every attack and firing with all her might in great attepts to free her sister.  but they were all in vain.  


one by one, her family members fell, untill she was the only one left.  she fought, but they eventually hit her with a posinous arrow.  the arrow was coate with pink orcal, a dangerous plant that can blind dragon.  it hit her between the eyes, and suddenly, everything was cloaked with fog and shadow.  goldenswirl roared in pain as she crashed on the dragon hunter ship.  she tryed to fight back, but she couldnt see where anything was, just the vage outlines and blobs of cages and the dragon hunters.


the dragon hunters tied her and shoved her into a cage next to some other dragons'.  and for once in her life, goldenswirl was scared.  then a whisling sound filled the air.  people shouted and explosions rang in her ears.  she heard the sound of her cage door swinging open.  she sniffed, and slowly edged out of the cage.  someone stood infront of her, not a dragon hunter, but someone else, someone she knew deep down she could trust.  


goldenswirl didnt understand, but she felt compelled to lower her head. gently, the creature infront of her placed her hand on her head.  goldenswirl roared, not a loud disruptive roar, but one almost like the purr of a cat.  the creature then poured something on goldenswirls' head that ran down into her mouth and her eyes.


goldenswirl blinked, and realized that the darkness was clearing.  though she couldnt see everything as clearly as before, she could just make out the smiling face of a brown haired, teenage girl.  the girl climbed onto her dragon and slowly lifted goldenswirl into the air.  she brought her back to the school of dragons, and even now goldenswirl still follows the brown haired girl around, hoping to repay her for what she did that day.



(hope this was enough, and sorry for the bad spelling :3)

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Congrats :D You adopted the

Congrats :D You adopted the Rare Semi-Gold Gill Grunter


((Go to post that has the Rare Gill Grunter and take your adopted Gill Grunter :) ))

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YAY!  i just sucessfully adopted my first rare adoptable!  thanks so much!

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Ok, since nobody else wants

Ok, since nobody else wants the rate star patterned one, I will try for it.


Name: twinkling stars







Viking name:Carl henderson


Backstory:twinkling stars is the youngest of the family. She has always been treated like a baby and is always annoyed when her two older sisters go off and do things without her. One day, she was yet again left behind. She waited for them to return. And waited. And waited. She finally heard the distant roar of her sister, goldswirl. But it wasn't a happy roar. Goldswirl burst into their cave, extreamly destressd about something. Twinkling stars growled as her sister told everyone about what had happened to fallowsplash, now imprisoned in a Dragon hunter ship. Goldswirl roared one last time for them to follow, then started to swim upward. Twinkling stars followed, ready to rescue her sister and prove she was NOT just the little baby sister.

Twinkling stars followed her sister to the surface, then burst out of the water, ready to take on whatever the Dragon hunters threw at her. She dived as they shot at her, and fired blast after blast, hoping to hit the ship. But all of her shots were poorly aimed, and sizzled in the splashing waves next to the ship. The hunters shot a twiddle of rope that wrapped itself around twinkling stars leg. Twinkling stars roared and tried to break free, but the rope was intwined with iron. She struggled, but was eventually forced onto the deck of the ship. The Dragon hunters muzzled her and stuffed into a cage next to her sisters.

One by one, the rest of her family fell, and was shoved inside the cages next to her. Goldswirl was the last to fall. Twinkling stars whimpered. Was this the end? Forced into a Dragon hunter ship being taken to who knows where? Would they ever see home again? I'm her self putt, twinkling stars didn't notice the whistling sound coming from above the clouds. Then it happened. A night fury burst from the fluffy clouds and started shooting at the ship.

The Dragon hunters ran around yelling as they tried to fight back. Four more dragons rushed out behind it. They shot ferociously at the ship. While the Dragon hunters were distacted, the night fury and snow wraith landed in the deck and unlocked all the cages. Twinkling stars roared with delight and flew out of the cage, heading towards the water. But as she did, one of the dragons was hit, and it's rider started to plummet forward the ocean. Twinkling stars halted. What should she do? Should she go back home, or rescue the rider?

after a moments hesitaion, she swooped down after the rider and caught him just before he hit the ocean.  Twinkling stars mirrowed as he yelped in suprise.  she gently lifted him up and dropped him on her back.  the rider looked at her for a moment, then reached out his hand.  Twinkling stars understood, and nuzzled her head in his head.  from that day on, twinkling stars and carl henderson have been the best for friends.



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Congrat's you adopted another

Congrat's you adopted another rare Gill Grunter :D


((Go to post that has The Rare Gill Grunter's and take your adopted Star Pattern Grunter))

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Guys remember you can adopt

Guys remember you can adopt the Gill Grunter's from 1Flower's DNR


There's 5 Gill Grunter's that are looking for a home

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these poor homeless dragons!

oh these poor homeless dragons!  ill adopt number 5 off of flower's list.  but i have schoolwork right now so i will fill it out later.

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hi!  im back for one more!

hi!  im back for one more!  (hopefully)










AGE: 40



Marylin Garmadon  (Pearl's mother)



Pumpernickle is the mother of fallowsplash, goldenswirl, and twinkling stars.  She stays home in their underwater cave most of the time, waiting for her three children to come home.  one day, fallowsplash didnt return.  goldenswirl said she was taken by dragon hunters, and pumpernickle was instantly persuaded to leave their cave.  she followed her daughter to where the dragon hunters were ancored, and fought them for the freedom of her precious daughter.  but the dragon hunters caught her and her daughters anyway, and they would have been trapped there forever, if the dragon riders hadnt showed up and freed them.  


Pumpernickle was happy to be free, but knew that she would never be able to return home with her daughters.  she and her daughters were brought to the school of dragons' but no matter what she tryed, pumpernickle couldnt fit in.  one day, pearl's mother, marylin garmadon, came to visit her daughter at the school , and pumpernickle instantly felt a connection with her.  pearl persuaded her other to finally train a dragon, and after training pumpernickle, the two flew back to marylins home back on berk.  they have been there ever since.


(sorry this story isnt as good as the others, i am writing another story at the moment and it is taking up most of my time, along with schoolwork)

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Congratulations, you've adopted another Gill Grunter!

((Go to my DNR post to get the picture))

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​Are these still open?



(Profile pic by Feenix the Fire)

AMAZINGLY AWESOME drawing of Lexa by Scalecakes!


Drawing request status - CLOSED

PM me details and a pic of your OC or anything you want drawn, and get it drawn by me.

HERE, HERE, and HERE are examples of my art.

​This is my Fluffy Sun Lover adoptable, Little Miss Starshine, by the jaw-dropping Witcherforever!

(Left) My Signature Protector adoptable, Oaken, by the amazing Witcherforever! (Right) My other signature protector, Bones, by Werewolfgirl1253! They protect my signature and everything in it, so BEWARE!

Meet my human OC's:

Freya, Lexa, Lancelot. By the AMAZING Vanilia Viking!!! These are the updated, more Viking-like versions of them. Former versions can be found below.


(Left) Lexa in Valka's armour (red version) by the crazily talented TosiLohi! (Right) Lexa by the marvelous AllyNadderRider!

(Left) AMAZING drawing of my OC Lancelot Edorian by the fantastic Vanilia Viking! (Right) Just as amazing drawing of my main OC, Lezia Lexa Larkin by Vanilia Viking! Thanks!

(Left) And amazing headshot of Lancelot Edorian by Georginia47 (aka Geo)! (Right) Awesome drawing of Lexa in Valka's armor (red version) with her blonde hair (her original color) by ​Vanilia Viking!


(Left) By the amazing Vanilia Viking! It's amazing! (Right) Lexa and my BFF, Rhaeyne (Vanilia Viking) by Aisha Snowqueen!


(Left) Edit by the WONDERFUL Nessie! (Right) Lexa by the almost too good to be true Pixel!


(Left) Amazing drawing of Lexa in Valka's armor (red version) by Aelyras! (Right) Amazing Chrismas pic of LezLexa by Frytha!

LezLexa drawings by TosiLohi!



(Left) Amazing drawing of Lexa by the o-so-talented Fireflash! (Right) By the amazing Mangopopcorn!


My OC Lexa and my friend, Vanilia Viking by me!

LezLexa, my Viking by TosiLohi!

Lexa by Archery and Dragons!

By the amazing Vanilia Viking! She drew my beautiful Starblue for my birthday :D

Adorably cute drawing of Starblue given to me for Secret Santa by the amazing Vanilia Viking!

(Left) Starblue by the fantasticly talented Duckei! (Right) Starblue being silly  by Alicornbrodie!

Starblue by FloofQueen!

Isn't this just so cute? A birthday present from Aelyras! Thanks so much! I <3 It!


Above are adorable edits of Starblue by the ridiculously talented Georginia47!


(Left) Amazing blinkie by no other than the best blinkie maker Nessie! (Right) Cute headshot of Starblue by Nessie!



(Left) Edit of Starblue by the spectacular Archery and Dragons! (Right) Cute edit of Starblue by amazing Aelyras!

(Left) Starblue by the amazing Scar Dragon Rider! Thanks! (Right) By the amazing Archery and Dragons ^^

Amazing blinkie of Starblue by ​DatOneTrumpet​!


Both of the above drawings of Starblue by ​DatOneTrumpet​! TYSM!


(Left) Awe-inspiring gif of Starblue by Laykary! (Right) Wonderful eye edit of Starblue by the talented Ruggedturf!


Both above by Lovlytigerss! Thank you so much!


(Left) By the awesome Georginia47! Thanks! (Right) By nightfuryatom4! Thanks!

(Left) Also by Georginia47! Thanks! (Right) By the talented Laykary (aka Lake) Thanks!

Both of the above by the amazing and always kind LunarPride!!


Other OC edits & drawings:

Renzo and Lexa by the AMAZING Feenix the Fire! Thanks so much!

AMAZING Polarstar drawing by Scarfywings!

Lexa and Polarstar by me.

LezLexa and baby Polarstar by the beyond talented Vanilia Viking!

Left, Polarstar by grumpyforlife2! Thanks! Right, by dogloven!

Left, adorable drawing of my baby Woolly Howl, Leah, and right, chibi Armorwing, Hungarian, both by Vanilia Viking!

(Left) By the AMAZING Frytha! TYSM!    (Right) AMAZING drawing of Lexa's sister, Freya, but Autumn5467!



(Left) My OC, Lexa, with her NF Starblue. By me. (Right) Lexa and Starblue by the talented Georgina47! TY!

My OC, Sy (short for Sheldon Yoko) by Flowercrystal! Thanks!

Hungarian chibi by the amazing FloofQueen! Thanks!

Freaking more-than-amazing drawing of Sy by the talented, artistic Ruggedturf! TYSM!


(Left) Fleetfoot by Archery and Dragons!                 (Right) Hungarian my OC by Flowercrystal!

Hungarian, Renzo, Fleetfoot. Bases by MegaboltPhoenix!

(Left) Very cute pic of Renzo & Lexa by Laykary! (Right) Cool drawing of Hungarian by Archery and Dragons!

A happy birthday gift from Vanilia Viking, of Lexa, Lancelot, and Rhaeyne (Vanilia Viking)! TYSM!

(Left) Lancelot by Ruggedturf! Thanks! (Right) Witch Hunt by InfinityGalaxyy. Thanks ^^

In game SW, Lozeno, by Stiger23!


Proud member of...

(Banner by me)

Proud member of The Resistance! Below is my cyber dragon, Firest, by Megaboltphoenix.

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Biotech: 94% Robot

Cyber Ability: Creates walls of fire coming from any direction or all directions.

He has a video game made by Megaboltphoenix, which can be found HERE.


(Left) My Splinterhorn, Splinterhound by Flowercrystal! (Right) My Seaspike, Kebab, by Werewolfgirl1235!

(Left) Vanilia my Rocky Mountain Davus by MegaboltPhoenix! (Right) Lez the Whirlpool by DatOneTrumpet!

Coraline, my Coral Leaper by Georginia47! She's based of the movie Coraline ;)

My Ukrainian Mistus, Vericops, by Megaboltphoenix! Thanks!

My Roaming Sand Devil, Usetess, by ScarfyWings! (Info HERE)

This is Maui, my Glowy Cave Lizard by ScarfyWings! (HERE is backstory)

Meet Eaglestorm, my Feathered Fan Wing by ScarfyWings. (Backstory HERE)

​Curanian, my Singing Fin Wing, by ScarfyWings! (Bacstory HERE)

Meet Daredevil, my Shadow Hunter adoptable by ScarfyWings! (Backstory HERE)


​My Ice Piercer, Glacier, by ​ScarfyWings!​ (Backstory HERE)

​Stormfall, my Storm Chaser by ​ScarfyWings​! (Backstory HERE)

Spikes, adopted from Georginia47, base by Megaboltphoenix. Click on pic for info.

Hisense, my Sprectral Leviathan adoptable, by the amazing Wutend Bonfire!

Renzo by Nessie!

Awesome drawing of Sy by 1flower!

Starblue by the creative and talented FloofQueen!

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