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Intro: When wondering what else there is to SoD besides challenges, Flight Club, Thunder Run Racing, Fireball Frenzy, trophies, and the leveling up, plus don't forget the goal of becoming the UDT, and the ever-running-out quests, take a look at my guide. You'd be surprised at what bordem really means...It's a spark for creativity. Even during the middle of the night like I'm doing, working at 2am on this. Please enjoy, and read on!


Guide Game List to Partying Like a Dragon-Riding Viking


Hide and Seek on dragons is so fun, I just played it yesterday in the wild. Some rules state no shooting allowed, some people will let you shoot.


You can also do Fireball tag! The platform in the wild usually stands for 'base', the commons area in the School is that 'base' too for each separate area. Friendly shooting in this one to say 'you're out'. Use chat for this to say who's been tagged. You are not allowed to go outside the caldera in the School, or hide anywhere in any area - just keep moving. (But no one mentioned that you couldn't switch dragons...hehhehheh.)


You could see who can shoot the most firepits in a given amount of time. Do this while flying on the back of your dragon with NO landings.


Yes you can race your friend anywhere on foot or in the air. (If you buy the gem costing extra fuzzy boots, you will always win - I do every single time. Though I've never raced against another wearer of those boots. THAT would be interesting...maybe jumping will help or it might slow you.)


You can do a friendly fire dive and swoop aerial combat against your friend in the upper skies. More friends and action, the better! Invite them all!


You can do a fishing contest of who can catch the most salmon without their rods snapping first.


You can do a farm version of the contest, which may involve climbing the rim of the farm or the barn, growing plants against your friend and the clock to get the most in a amount of time, or back-hopping against stable animals and objects like an obstacle course race together.


You can do Ring Arounds on the platform in the wild. This involves NO CHAT, only emoticons. With your dragon you can twirl in place on the middle rock or a flaming torch perch, or you can hover and still circle endlessly, meanwhile sending out emoticons galore and fireballs at random targets (your friends) on the platform or down below. You will be getting so dizzy that you often can't tell who you fired at. The more people clustered together twirling around in the same spot above or below each other is best. 

A variation of this is to dismount and start running in a circle following the circumference of the round platform, spewing emoticons. More people circling, the better! Eventually your circle will run oblong and you will end up making an increasing oval, putting you narrowly to the rock in the middle and very close to the edge of the platform. A couple more circles and then you will fall! Keep it going until you do. Then land, hop on your dragon, and return above!


Accuracy dive-bombing is best done, well, anywhere but the ocean or your farm! You usually start at the top of a high peak, and choose a spot to land at the end of your dive, usually no longer than three Nadder's feet. If in School, try from a peak to the platform-stone-elevator that drops down to Fishlegs. If in Wild, try from a peak to the middle stone in the central platform circle. If in Berk, try Gothi's house to the middle of one of the two unlit wide circular bonfire lights on top of those poles.


Thru-the-Hooping/Crack is in the School, There are two wooden hoops on top of the School Hall. Dive through them, go around the pillars of flame but close enough to activate the fire, and dive through again, as a race between you and your friend. This is tricky if more than two are playing as the hoops are not large enough.

With the 'crack' part of the title, you can race through the top split in the School's caldera from inside, get out and turn around to soar over the peak back in, and turn around to dive to race through the bottom split of the crack. The friend who stops mid-air outside the bottom crack is the winner. Add many friends to this for a challenge!


Dare Flying is diving off of a cliff with no dragon or flight suit, waiting just until you collide with trees or other dragons, until you push your dragon's flight button at the last moment to catch you! See who is more chicken hearted or foolish enough to pull up too early or too late!


Roleplaying! How could we forget? You play yourself or a character that does actions that you cannot do right then, and other people type in chat out their part, prospamly responding to yours. It's like a live, full length story unflolding as you add to it.


Paying a visit to Credit's Island. You never know what new dangers or new treasures may await you there, so take a buddy! A human one!


Best of all, you can host a DRAGON PARTY. This is where all friends are invited, or perhaps you start on your own and become buddies with other Vikings, then you can call out to more via chat. A real party includes all mentioned above along with proper attire and proper species of dragons, according to the mood of what kind of party it will be. If it's not friends you're inviting, go dressed as a freebie! It's anyone's call as to what the other Vikings and their dragons choose to be! It also requires food and drink. Spend a few coins to buy bait to catch some salmon, grill them and your farming products out by using some imaginative roleplay, and feast! Don't forget to have a buffet of food for the dragons, either! 


Now, Vikings who are tired of the way SoD is right now, 

are you still bored with the many in-games you can play?




Greetings, I am Nissiea (Niss - sea - ae - ah)Clan Leader of the Tidal Waves of Mystery. Since chat seldom allows names, such as my own, you may call me "Ness" or "Sea" for short in friendly use. In-game, I love fishing competitons and rating farms: private message me for my friend code! Sadly, my laptop platform is out of commission, so I must play on my smartphone; this makes winning Thunder Run and Fireball Frenzy more difficult.
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One-month-at-a-time Member: Yes

Trophies: 950+

Viking level: 47

Fishing level: 30/30 (full)

Farming level: 30/30 (full)

UDT stars: 3 Platinum

UDT points: 370K+


Credit of GIF goes to our Clanmate, Laykary


We are the voice in the wind that carries like a current through the foggy night over the oceanic expanse.

Founded on October 8th, 2014, Tidal Waves of Mystery strives to form a close relationship between Viking and dragon, and also a fellowship of friends to rely on in times of trouble on Berk. Any Viking is welcome - just be ready with your best fishing rod, and if you have one, your Tidal or Mystery class dragon!

Feel free to PM me, or visit our Clan page!


Rank: 363

Trophy point level: 5966

Elders: 7 : (Aleah) Dragonsaver, Akitla, Aqua Dew, dragon class master, Laykary, Glitsy, Coulor.

Allianced/affiliated Clans: Awesome Dragon Racers, rank 161, trophy points 16037, leader Ninyofire

Rival Clans: none


[In-character statement of Nissiea:]

"We are the few, proud, and odd Vikings of the archipelago who stand together in the name of teamwork and friendship towards our equals in the dragon world. I based this Clan on welcoming each of our special personal traits, which I find as a strength to connect to, not a weakness to root out in our harsh society. We are much like the elusive Mystery Class, whose characteristics were too odd to 'fit in' with more famous classes. Although, as Vikings, we've tamed the seas, the depths of the Tidal class are still unknown to even Hiccup the Hero. Together, we are the most respectable Vikings around, and belong together far more than the Outcasts. Put your differences aside and your unique flaws together and you've got something unbreakable. Come and sail with us on these Tidal Waves of Mystery."


I here give thanks to my previous and first clan, the Kingdom of Flames, rank 1088, trophy points 2014, lead by Elisif Kjellberg. Without you, there would be no standards to reach for and surpass.






Although my heart is in the waves, I must give credit for my first dragon, for beginnings are important: say hello to my Nadder! Tinselbristle was named, aptly, for his tail being as spiky as tinsel at Snoggletog, and as shiny - you know how Nadders love to preen. I remember the days when I used his sleek and wild saddles on him, as well as all of my ebony Dragon Rider's gear. Anyone recall when that suit was the best the store could have?









Help the Nadders stay in the Sharp Class! Petition Fishlegs to change them back from Tracker to their rightful Sharp designation!












Deadly Nadder, male : Tinselbristle : Level 46

Rumblehorn, female : Macestrike : Level 30

Gronckle, male : Moltenlump : Level 29

Whispering Death (quest), female : Nightgroove : Level 30

Groncicle (quest), male : Frostchip : Level 50

Razorwhip (quest), female : Airslash : Level 30


Clan Dragons

Scauldron, female : Fishsnatcher : Level 50

Thunderdrum, female : Clamormaw : Level 38

Hideous Zippleback, female : Light and Bright : Level 31

Flightmare, female : Ethergilb : Level 34

Smothering Smokebreath, female : Silverwing : Level 30

Boneknapper, female : Gentlejaw : Level 30

Deathsong (quest), female : Choralecoda : Level 30

Armorwing (quest), male : Seaxbrigandine : Level 34


Unhatched Dragon Eggs

(but only because I don't have enough stables!)


Monstrous Nightmare




Devilish Dervish

Fireworm Queen




I love Dawn of the Dragon Racers! Go here if you want to watch it like I did, courtesy to the Viking who posted it: