never saves my level on roasting eels

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Hello.... please help!  The system never remembers my level achieved on roasting eels.  When I finish, level 9 for example, the next time I log on I´m back at the beggining again.


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Hi there ElsaDragons!I

Hi there ElsaDragons!

I suppose it has to be like this. It's the same for me!


I guess the purpose is to solve as many levels as you can in one playthrough. And when you quit - or lose because your dragon got hit by waves for 3 times - you have to start from the beginning again.


My record was level 27 ... more or less! xD Then Temeraire, my dragon, got hit by a wave at the end of a level (where your dragon cannot jump)


So I guess you should try to make as many points as you can in one playthrough.  Your levels won't be saved, but that's happening with everyone! :) It's still really fun, isn't it?

Many greetings!
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