Needing to report this.

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Shigaraki The Vast
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This user named lightfurybrooklynnOfBerk was just suddenly telling everyone in the chat to shut up, as well as calling us "dummies" (though they spelled that incorrectly). The only thing I never caught was this user saying "YOU BETTER FEEL SORRY" or something of that. I got caught in the middle of it since I wanted to stick up for users that were just being told to suddenly shut up. I attached the screenshots and hopefully they work (you have to click on the attachment links to see them)

The first start of this debacle.736.52 KB
Second half.736.52 KB
Third and final half.741.74 KB

"This society is...despicable!"
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This person speaks like a child- it disgusts me. And I bet it was annoying to just hear them repeating the exact same thing over and over again lol. Tbh I think they should just get chat banned since they're probably too young to comprehend what exactly they did wrong.



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Shigaraki The Vast
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Snowfluff ate my subject...ugh, bad Snowfluff!

That might be what happened because I saw another user named lightfurylovesbrooklynn (or is it lightfuryslovebrooklynn?) or something. Probably their backup. But yeah it was kinda annoying to hear the same thing over and over.

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I hate this kind of players

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Shigaraki The Vast
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Snowfluff ate my subject...ugh, bad Snowfluff!

Yeah same honestly.

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Death song ate the last eel in my backpack XD

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the game now, and I also encounter this behavior in my clan. A thread about such behavior has already been created. Please create a Support SoD ticket and add screenshots of the player's behavior so he can take the necessary steps (I made a ticket about Summarhildr 2021 when the quarrels in the chat before and after the battle event were perfectly normal. After this step, the players who calmed down the drama)
I'm very sorry that there are players in the chat who have no respect for others. We do not know each other and yet we are offended without reason.

I've been thinking for a long time about how to limit quarrels / insults to the chat. And I thought ... Couldn't the chat be reset to UTD? If a player reaches a certain number of UTD, a chat would open and he could communicate with players who are non-conflicting and in the SoD, chat and relax with his favorite game without anything we encounter. This would stop players who provoke drama because they could not contribute to the chat from new accounts. It was just an idea that came to mind when I witnessed the behavior of some. Of course, there is also the possibility of not responding to the chat, but this would disadvantage new players who want advice from "professional" players (unfortunately, another word does not occur to me)

I apologize for any mistakes in the text.

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